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  1. This guy claims his items are totally legit normal drops, has 120hrs played. You guys tell me. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964123834/screenshot/506891565205830441 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964123834/screenshot/506891565205832073 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964123834/screenshot/506891565205831404 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964123834/screenshot/506891565205832995 +400 for 8 stats on every piece? No negs? his steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/antassantas/ 100% hacked, IF and thats a big IF the gear was completely upgrad
  2. I know for a fact that trendy does ban people. If you look at the leader boards there is one called Leeroy Jenkins "Ban The Hackers" Well he hacked for first place and he was actually baned, so my guess is that they are actually banning people, its just they need to be 100% sure that the person is hacking. Its not somthing you can rush, How would you feel if you got baned because you gear looks hacked but isnt?
  3. Yes im a casual player who has all the achivements and over 800 hours into the game, and made a list of end game stats for gear. I know for a fact that you played with a hacker, hade help from a hacker , or bought somthing from a hacker to get where you are. And there is no point argueing this fact. Try to claiming your gear is legit is wrong no matter how you swing it. yea you might have actually picked it up yourself but someone in the game hade somthing hacked, or used somthing hacked to get you to this point. weather you knew it was hacked or they where isnt the point.
  4. At the moment the is no way to respec your hacked armour. And yes its hacked dont even lie. 99% of people with gear like that hacked it and the other 1% had a hacker help them.
  5. The "Problem" is what it has allways been. Harpoons aims BEHIND thier target. So with smaller mobs and your harp above them it is going to miss them because its shoting over thier head behind them. This has allways been the major weakness to harpoons and i think it should stay that way. If your fix thier aiming they will be overpowered.
  6. * All Towers except Deadly Striker now do line-of-sight tracking/targeting checks, no more tracking/shooting into walls (yay for Harpoons) This doesnt Fix Harps aiming issue, they still will aim behind thier target, though that doesnt bother me beause if thier aiming was fixed they would be op. I liked the ap tower nerf, people where only useing them they where op. I do think Ele towers need a buff, the dmg is to low for the du cost. but over all ap towers are just fine. this aim great, dps is still good, the blocades strip all resistances, and DST shot through walls and have long rang
  7. This has been explained and asked many times, i honestly think people dont even bother to look on the forum. Its cost more money to patch on councles. It doesnt on PC. so pc gets more love because it doesnt cost them. My guess they will release a big patch councle side once they have done the 50 to 60 patch on pc and decided where they actually want the values. So eather player PC or wait for councle patch.
  8. MM's Are better than harps at Anti Air, and even after the next patch they still will be. Harps shot behind thier target, none of the patchs aimed to fix this, my guess its on purpose to that the harps are op. Meanwhile MM's will actually aim at thier target. All towers have thier place, and they are strongest when you combine them and use thier strengths to cover others weakness. Find the right combo of towers and any map is easy...... cept for the v-day map that one is jsut ennoying.
  9. Another thing about misty, Its mob totals are ALOT lower than any other map.
  10. Its nice to see feedback From trendy. Im Surpirsed it was jer that replyied but its still a good thing. feed back from your guys, weather its good or bad is ALWAYS welcome. Its better to hear somthing than nothing. THanks again for keeping us posted.
  11. what we really need todo is lower weapons and armour down to max 20^ cap sats at 300 max, the max dps on weapon to 1k, and lets also set the hard mana cap at 1k. I mean hackers keep abuseing this stuff we should lower this so they cant take advantage of the game any more. I dont know about you guys but im tierd of hackers doing stuff that doesnt effect me and has no impact on me enjoying the game.
  12. Some people complain about Nightmare being to easy, after this last patch here is the solution .... http://i.imgur.com/RBvsE.jpg And this is after half of them where killed. Well played trendy well played.
  13. base dmg over 2k = hacked so next time you hack gear lower the base. even starting at 2k base dmg they do like 4.2mil dps.
  14. Stats that how on that many stats is not possible and if you ever seen someone who has stats like that ask them to run you on HC NM MM Survival on misty. They cant. not even with that gear will they beable to run you through it.
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