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  1. Voted Secret Agent because really, 13th century Scottish warrior I don't see being THAT much different from his default skin. It'd be just like... Slap a kilt on the dude.
  2. There seems to be an epidemic of people who think they're the only customer. A few things to consider: [LIST=1] TrendyEnt has cleared over a million copies of this, so you're not the only customer; A friend lost a pet we all suspected was hacked -- it just disappeared, so if the stats were too good to be true, be grateful it's gone and you're not banned for having it (even if you lost 125M buying the damn thing); Their server isn't some massive version-controlled magic vault of power and awesome, they're an indie company. 1) Ashijin was asked to PM somebody, it isn't like he's comp
  3. I can confirm that restarting the game did not work. Ashijin and I spent a great deal of time trying to get a decent mythical genie and it is pretty terrible that it just vanishes when we finally get one.
  4. If its the east lane on Mistmire you had the problem, yes the will go up on the wagon and over. We place the far left wall half way ontop of that wagon to avoid it. Yeah, it was that lane. I'll reposition my walls there. It doesn't actually show the ogre go around the wall though, it just seems to walk right through it.
  5. I'm aware of the survival thing, but this was on normal HC NM. He didn't go around it, I was sitting there waiting for him and watched as he just walked through it. It's happened a few times already, which is why I made the thread.
  6. Just wondering if this is intended or not. They just kind of phase right on through them, seemingly about 20% of the time. I'm just getting started on NM stuff and am not yet geared enough to survive for long if an ogre just decides the walls aren't there.
  7. Have all these items sitting on my floor still... Can I like, pick them up and sell them or something? Really don't want to end up banned because somebody chose my shop to mess with.
  8. Came into my AFK shop and started spewing massive amounts of items all over the grounds. Like, making it rain. Extremely, extremely fishy stuff going on here. Steam ID: deagle -kr3w- Character: jafe http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/613847325804371451/69A74C579937C6F1D9B4794B9494348F44AA4F2E/
  9. Nope. Thanks. Still new and don't want to drop all the mana I've made into one that isn't worth it!
  10. Hello. Is this apprentice guardian worth paying 75,000,000 for? Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/613847325797028602/E77325F7CCFC70B745167BB2219A7BB837B7952F/
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