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  1. I now see why people wont join. It is boring to do PvP if there is no chalenge (this is my opinion I've seen lots of ppl with 800k dmg or so and 100k+/2k health with 90% res in everything that say its fun) and its boring to do PvP if u can't touch the person winning. I guesss I'll wait until the premade classes are released to do PvP. However if anyone just randomly wants to fight feel free to chalenge me. ;)
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047913142/screenshot/596958827229691414?tab=public please let me know if i need to get their steam id as well, I just want these hackers gone.
  3. I have tried offering mana as winning rewards, making a new character and stop leveling at lvl 45, waiting long periods of time, going to open instead of ranked (some people join, but most of those that do have some mod that makes them nearly invincible). If anyone knows a way to get people to join please tell me; as I find PvP a nice and refreshing way to enjoy the game and take a break from grinding 100s of hours for gear not nearly as good as they guy who spent 5 minutes hacking his gear.
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