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  1. Not to be rude, but the numbers on your Hero are surprisingly high...
  2. New Complaint / Issue: Sorry for so many posts in a row, but I'm gonig to go ahead and use the same thread to point out my next complaint/issue. Now, when I sync my AFK Shop, it automatically adds ALL of the items from my Item Box to the online listing. This is infuriating because I have people asking to purchase my personal items (that are not for sale and/or are on hold for someone else). There is no function to remove the listing from the website. This literally eats up time because I have to explain to every person who adds me why "X" item is not for sale despite being listed. Ple
  3. After testing, I can provide some additional information: The website certainly does not recognize items that are in folders. Today I added some new stuff from my item box to the shop, without hitting "Update Items to DefendersStore.com," they showed up on the website. However, once I moved them into their respective folder where I wanted them, and then hit the "Update Items to DefendersStore.com," they disappeared off of my online listing. It must be something more than mere folder placement, because I have some pets in my shop that aren't in any folders, and they STILL aren't listed onl
  4. I couldn't get as low as 170, but that's pretty sweet. The spot I found perfect for dual Katana is 210. You might be able to squeeze 205, but you can't consistently squeeze 200 or lower (at least in my experience).
  5. Cap is 200,000,000 for earning mana from the vendor or missions. Cap is 2 billion mana for sales through your AFK shop. If you have more than 200,000,000 on you, you will not earn anything from vendor sales or missions (loot auto-sales between waves), but you will still earn from AFK shop sales.
  6. This is a retarded concept for a CHALLENGE Not sure if serious. :demon:
  7. I like the Barbarian, and I appreciate that there is a skill cap rather than him being a mindless hack-and-slash. The combo is difficult to pull of in battle (esp. with two Katanas, or with weapons that have different attack speeds), but it may be possible with some practice. It does become more difficult with stance switching, but again, I think with practice it could be manageable. I really like the fact that you can use two different weapons, or two similar weapons. Dual-wielding is a favorite among many gamers, and it's great to see that enter the Dungeon Defenders' world. In regard
  8. The link to my shop is: http://www.defendersstore.com/?p=shop&seller=34406
  9. Me and a buddy had this problem. Solution: Each of you need to restart Steam (not just Dungeon Defenders). Once you do, it should work fine--at least, that's what worked for me and my friend. Give it a try! While you're lurking Hitmonchan, can I get a reply to this thread: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?43957-Defender-s-Shop-not-interacting-properly-w-client-after-patch!&p=322474[[1117,hashtags]]
  10. If you try to use the new "Update all items on Defender's Store" button, which is now the only option available, it does not recognize folders or any other items listed in the shop, and it immediately wipes your shop clean of all items previously listed (pre-patch). This is problematic for a farmer like me who makes most of his mana off of the shop, and provides fast delivery of items to those interested (I get about 10 customer adds on Steam a day). I have already at least 4 messages from players who want to know why my shop went from full to empty, in the middle of my forum auctions too.
  11. I bought the complete eternia shard pack thinking the new classes would be included free, but finding out that it isnt free makes me furious. They charge $4(not on sale) for 1 class when this could of been included in the eternia shards pack. It's just another way for the team to make money. 1million people + bought DD = approx. 12.5million dollars 1million people + bought DD + new heroes = approx 18.5+ million dollars 1million people + bought DD + new heroes + warping core = approx 20.5+ million dollars 1million people + bought DD + new heroes + warping core + lost eternia shards comple
  12. I agree. What is the point of patch notes if you're not going to list all the changes? It's obvious you knew the nerfs would upset your players/community or you wouldn't have hid them as you have chosen to do. In my opinion, this is extremely poor public relations on your behalf. It is my sincerest hope that a list of complete changes will be published within the next 24 hours. If you're ashamed of a nerf or balance change, you probably shouldn't be making it. If this is the type of updates we can continue to expect to see, I won't be playing this game for much longer. I don't mind
  13. My only question is why was this posted in General and not the Patch Notes section that all the PC users check? Or better yet... why was it not posted as an announcement (on par with the weekly Digest)? I don't mind a delay... but please, use better means of circulation/announcement. This was posted 9 hours ago and I just found it.
  14. does it say anywhere that the barbarian uses squire weps? Yes, in a PodCast interview with one of the developers. About 31 minutes in; use the search function to find the PodCast.
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