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  1. I was thinking about tower hybrid with attacking pet. Kryat jr does well and so does 40 plus animus too. If it pet can 2 shot a ninja you are ready.
  2. Any chest in glitter misty maraggo Aquanos will provide highest drops of armor. It is a numbers game. All chests are individual in drops so it is all numbers.
  3. The secret is using a soul focuser and using the portal color purple to help pick up sharks from a distance. Place gas traps with proxy mines in front. The sharks are easy to pick up with just gas traps. Never have to fix.
  4. Im sadden by the trend of faulty or game breaking play. Customers are getting sour after another lackluster start.
  5. This is a rehash on a old one i found. The use of gas traps stops the sharks and only pushes so much back. that is what the spike is for.
  6. The guts of the inside of the ps3 have not changed much since the new slimmer model instead of the old bricks. Issues arrise from kill count not finishing, tavern returns drops, too many monsters and weapons firing causing a lag out, having a lag causing weapon(Kryat, Robot laser pet, New apprentice weapon, etc.) That is why Mistymire and Marrago still crap out on old dlc still.
  7. There are 3 Main spots to cover. Using the portals they are, Upper left - Bottom right, Upper right - Middle left, Upper middle - lower middle. orge spawns near the middle usually.
  8. I have seen the same thing you are talking about. Crystal getting hit from a super far away distance. Award breaking piece of good for nothing birds are usually the culprit.
  9. ^^ this. don't play this game on wifi, gotta plug it in, buddy. i have my internet connection plugged in, and i have 15dl 5upload speeds. internet is not the problem. This game and the ram problems are the real problem.
  10. First thing say hello to broken xp. The xp rates are clearly broken when first wave is under 10k. Second why put out broken content where I have to play the miniunum settings just to hope not to crash out. Seriously what is up with all freezes, crashes, broken hearts?
  11. Does anyone have a clue what the insane xp rates are for DLC3 Aquanos which comes out tomorrow? What is first round of insane xp worth? I heard that you can get up to 8 million on a afk char? Could this be the new power leveling?
  12. as soon as you get the xp you should restart. It happens when "Wave Complete" falls you get the xp for the round. But New DLC 3 tomorrow should be the fastest on first wave. I hope it is 300k for the first round :)
  13. If you hero boost when it is equipped it will do double damage. And your welcome.
  14. The surprise was ruined when you saw your first one.
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