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  1. Can't say that any of this makes particular sense. I've been hoping for more "content" for a long time rather than just gear or weapon or stat revamping such as what Rift mode gave us. Rift in all it's glory was similar to a reset rendering a lot of our time and gear seriously outdated and left us having to go backwards to farm bits and pieces to get back to playing maps we were before only now the mode has made everything one build dst to deal with dark elf warriors. Every character they introduce at this point if it's not new meta is going to end up being pointlessly unusable, since we only have limited options with where rift went. A lot of people want summoner and I certainly hope that CG realize that content like new more challenging maps will be an easy balancing fix that moves everything forward while giving us a character we really love. Similar to how it would be impossible to beat certain maps without ev, Having the summoner is just another integral part of completing certain difficulty on maps. Also multiplayer is completely broken. Sure if you wanna play survival all the time solo then summoner might make maps easier, but right now even with really good stats it's impossible to play with friends. I have 5 kids that all play DDA and we can't play together in rift survival. Adding in Summoner doesn't make the game OP it would probably balance multiplayer. We've all quit playing the game because the only thing that works is playing 1 or two of the maps together and since gear farming is now locked, playing together and losing gets old really fast when you can only get a piece of gear you want by finishing wave 25. Right now the game is broken, not the summoner.
  2. True dat! My initial purchase was the 4 licenses from kickstart and we got 1 of them as the switch version. After waiting far too long I asked customer support to give us another pc key since we had been waiting so long and they switched my code to pc. Doesn't do much good for people who need or want the switch version, but something to do if you have another player in the house who could actually be using the extra account.
  3. Some very Good points I agree with @dizzydiana. I totally agree. I want to like a lot more than I actually do haha. To me still the biggest flop is the fact that you have to take a huge step backwards and discard those high end Godly sets you worked so hard for in pre Rift update. You have to stop farming Massacre and go back to farming NM and incrementally work your way back up on all the same maps. Honestly we all just did that and it's not cool to force us to do it again and then lose the value of our gear. I like @MushroomCake28 the idea you made about possibly upgrading sets to rift. One expansion of that idea would be that any rift gear you farm you can break down at a rift crystal forge and you get rift crystal. The value of the rift piece determines how much rift crystal you get from breaking it down. Then you can use those rift crystals to upgrade a piece of Regular gear to rift. Would give us some purpose and use to all the random useless rift gear we collect rather than selling it. I think rift should have been a concept that added to progression, not generate a new path of development. I have played the game with new players who are completely skipping all the normal gear and farming rift so it's not like they added depth or longevity even to the new players. It just feels like a "Thing" added to the game. Oh well, I guess we'll see what new updates and balances bring. I do hope that rift crafting becomes a thing down the road. Wont save me the headaches, but for new players it will be a huge plus.
  4. I've been putting a decent amount of time into DDA since the beta testing and release of Rift Mode. There are a few aspects of the mode that I enjoy, but overall I have to be honest and say that I think this has been several steps in the wrong direction. Farming feels pointless - A huge part of farming any map was the exciting possibility of a useful drop on any wave. Narrowing Useful drops to only specific maps on specific waves means that 99% of game play is overwhelmingly pointless with no hope of a lucky rare drop that can make any wave have good possibilities. Rift Gear makes Godly gear pointless - Playing any map and getting a good godly piece feels like a drag. What should have been an exciting moment of maybe getting the odd improvement on your Godly gear feels like "oh well I'll sell it because it's not rift". Negative and backwards game progression - After countless hours of farming precision godly gear and having really great sets in order to progress now you have to dismantle your set and good gear and equip crappy low end rift gear and then struggle all over again on the same maps we are already tired of grinding. There is nothing more frustrating that looking at your combined stats with your godly set and then putting on mediocre rift gear hoping the set bonus will get you over the next hump. It is not a forward progression that feels good. It's a frustrating leap backwards that makes everything you've done feel pointless. Gear not compatible - IMO it is a horrible mistake to not allow Godly and rift pieces to combine for set bonuses. It should not be an all or nothing thing since every rift piece is a considerable step backwards in your overall stats. It should be a progression. So if you have say a good ancient set of Godly gear and you get a good ancient Rift Chest piece you get 1/4 of the rift bonus but continue to have the "set" bonus. Or possibly a decreased set bonus but a percentage of the rift bonus increases with each set piece of rift gear you add to your set. The idea that an ancient rift piece negates your set bonus when all the pieces are ancient is nonsense and frustrating. We need content, not revamping gear - I've been revisiting the "DD1 redux" gamemode and have been absolutely loving so many things about the original that are missing from DDA. Yes DDA has implemented many improvements visually and in game play, but there is so much more emphasis on content that keeps the game moving forward. More maps, modes, pets, accessories, crafting stations, coal, gems, etc. etc. etc. We need content not continual re imagining of how gear works that keeps undermining the grinding we've already done. Multiplayer scales badly - The difficulty when adding players into survival ramps up so much it's impossible to play as a team unless everyone has insanely good gear. I love helping my kids or playing with friends but maps I can solo as soon as they join the defense fails, even if they are helping with gems or dps. Multi scaling is way off and gets insanely difficult going from solo to even dual. I'm still loving DDA and will keep grinding, but I really hope the devs make some serious changes to Rift and then start focusing on "CONTENT". Gear sets and rift pieces should be compatible. Rift drops should not be limited to specific maps and specific waves, it destroys the joy of grinding. I HATE certain maps and despise that I am being forced to play them and feel that 99% of the waves I play are pointless.
  5. From what I see in the patch notes Helmets are the hard to get item that either you get from Wave 25 survival on rift mode, or any of the level 1-3 campaign maps on wave 5. I have played massacre, hc, rift campaign maps over and over and I haven't gotten a single helmet drop. All I get is weapons. Is this a bug. It's incredibly frustrating.
  6. Happy that you find this so impossible to relate to. Whatever you have for character and gear and for however many hundreds or thousands or hours you have into the game you may be playing on another level than most. As I said I am happy with things at this point. My initial post was disbelief after player several rounds right after the patch released. We were playing ancient mines massacre/survival and for as far as we were getting most of the drops were epic to legendary with only a few mythics and all the stats were garbage. As was, I would think anyone, even possibly you could wrap your head around that not making sense or being frustrating, but maybe that's impossible for you to comprehend. I have amended my impressions of massacre since the runs have been dropping trans gear as early on as wave 4. At the level you are playing why are you commenting on people's posts without properly reading or comprehending what is being said?
  7. So a little update after player massacre mode more! I have no clue what was going on for the first bunch of rounds we tried with such horrible drops. Today we decided to go again and we were getting trans drops from wave 4 and up and 6-8K power items by wave 10. So I don't know if something changed or if we just had a bug going for the first while, but we are enjoying the runs now and I'm sure the further we push the better things will get. I'll see how things progress now but things are running better!
  8. I love chromatic and the DD franchise. We have 4-5 licenses of pretty much every release. We waited so long for this massacre update and I'm usually really slow to criticize the game mechanics, but I don't know how else to say it but this one really blows. Biggest issue for all the players in our house is it's hard to enjoy a challenge without a reward. The progression and drop quality has been nerfed so hard core that we have absolutely no motivation to play Massacre and grind for gear when it feels like everything we farmed before is so much better and the drops after grind way harder levels is useless. The extra difficulty of massacre would have been so satisfying if we were seeing even the odd useful drop but for where we are at in progression for as far as we can get on survival, it isn't even close to as good as the nm gear we already have. Really sad that after waiting and being so excited about this big update we are so disappointed.
  9. I know there is always something people find to complain about. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU. to the Chromatic team. Seriously can't imagine the amount of work and extra effort you have gone through to make the transition and transfer tool do as much for the players as you did. I had fully expected that there was a possibility I would be starting from scratch or at the very least I'd lose my equipment. I am very thrilled with everything I was able to carry forward from legacy. Thanks for all your hard work and effort. No one is perfect and everything didn't go how you or the community expected but your transparency and efforts to make up for it are appreciated. I hope all the complaining voices don't drown out the players in the community who are grateful. Cheers,
  10. A huge part about what made DD2 suck in my opinion is, well lots of things haha, but a big part was the feel of the mobs. The mass mob thrill of DDA and the way the towers are so active against such a large mob is thrilling to me. I never found the DPS very enjoyable, Pets were useless and annoying, and the loot system sucked. The maps never felt like they were true to the spirit of Dungeon defenders. It just never felt like you were in an environment that made sense for the genre. So for me saying DD2 sucked feels very accurate!
  11. I've found Mix mode nmhc to be the best so far. Start on wave 24 for good loot drops instantly. Ancient mines is easy if you're gear isn't super great, but Encore maps like Glitter or Magus are really good if you have great gear. I was really surprised how horrible gear was on pure strategy. The fact that you can't shoot or repair during a wave eliminating the aid of DPS should mean gear quality is better but sadly it's not.
  12. hahaha I hated DD2. Seriously even if I had to put up with bugs and problems and server wipes I would still enjoy DDA more than I did DD2.
  13. I must have been at a good point before the update. I think what they did makes sense. Since they added Mixmode and massacre it makes sense that the drops will be slightly less significant in regular hc survival. I'm getting upgrades and lots of trans from Magus and just starting my runs at 24. The only thing that is a little frustrating is how few upgrades we see on high end gear now compared to before. All things considered I'm happy with things at this point, but I'm still nervous about what all we are going to lose with the Legacy tool. Have Chromatic said if we will loose all our gear or keep any of it? After so many hours into it it's gonna be frustrating working back to where I am.
  14. Found a really big issue with Separate Steam logins which I'll explain, but FIRST. This game is everything my and my kids hoped it would be. We are going nuts over it even in BETA. It has all the satisfying magic of DD:1 and many improvements. Obviously there are some bugs and things that can be improved, but we are loving it so far. Now the big issue. I am aware that Cross save is not active in BETA, but there seems to be a big issue with moving between Steam accounts and how it affects individual User characters, items and progress. I got the 100.00 kickstart with 4 beta and full release keys so I could play with my kids and because of this glitch two of my kids lost all their progress and it was really frustrating for all of us. What does seem to be an issue with Steam is that if you play on a particular PC with a particular steam account and then switch steam accounts on that same PC the account gets over written and that is a permanent overwrite. Here is the Scenario - Son 1 is playing DD:A in his personal steam account on PC 1 I am playing DD:A in my personal steam account on PC 2 Son 1 logs out of his steam account on PC1 I log into my steam account on PC 1 and all of Son 1 characters, progress and items are overwritten with my DD:A characters, progress and items. Son 1 tries logging into PC 3 and PC 4 (Which I have never logged into) with his Steam account to see if his characters, progress and items will load there but now any PC that Son 1 tries to log into has his characters, progress and items over written by my personal DD:A Characters, progress and items. Any new progress though does not seem to affect my account and our item boxes and characters are not somehow tied together other than if we switch pc's and steam accounts then all the above mentioned things get overwritten permanently Son 1 and Son 2 are devastated by losing everything and having to start over. I'm frustrated because my sons had better characters and gear than me. I'm hoping this is resolved before full release or it will be a nightmare.
  15. I'm having the same issues. Have been all weekend. I either can't connect and get to the town or tavern or I get in and play part of a round and it crashes.
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