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  1. You have a point. I apologize if you guys here have been lumped in with the ragers. True enough there was no rage. One thing to consider is regardless of mistakes, miscommunications and any other errors Chromatic may have made in their efforts to give a community of gamers what they want, patience and contentment is in short supply in this community I feel for the developers because I am certain they are pressured into giving dates or updates because of the amount of rage that a lot of supporters have expressed. That in turn makes other supports disappointed because if those dates aren't in turn met then they are angry and dissatisfied. As I pointed out in another thread, October is still 4 months away. Initially that was the only concrete date that Chromatic released. I for one would love to see the negative and impatient attitude be replaced with the excitement and support that existed prior to all the excessive and impatient complaining seemed to dominate the comments section.
  2. Picture if you will, a world where you cannot control what happens around you. Where everything that is happening, does - not - always - happen - the - way - you - want - it - to. A world where you can only control what you do, and how you react to what is happening around you. A world where you pledged "x" amount of money on a game you were incredibly excited about being produced. A game that, from the onset, had only 2 concrete deadlines! An end to the fundraiser and An October release. At times in my humble existence on this challenging planet I have experienced moments where the temptation of raging for rewards surged threw my veins. At times I have vented at the gods because timelines that never existed where not being met in my mind. At times I have even played plants vs zombies to distract myself from the demons tormented my soul over unmet expectations. All of these weaker times in my life led to one definitive result. High blood pressure, inner turmoil, a shortened lifespan and diarrhea (This may have been due to an off burrito and not the negative energy in my life). You my friends could be experiencing all of these feeling, or none of them. The motivation is irrelevant. The only relevant truth is the inner peace you will feel when you embrace contentment and in patient contemplation accept the reality that October is, in fact, still 4 months away. You have 4 months to drink excessive amounts of beer and cranberry juice to pass the time. You have 4 months to raise the 30.00 shipping fee that is absolutely decimating your inner peace. (Try mowing a lawn. You will recover your 30 dollars, benefit from the exercise and lower your stress levels.) Above all remember the reality that the benefits of releasing negative energy and embracing the excitement you felt about supporting a game you were enthusiastic about will far outweigh any rewards or refunds you receive as a result of your anger and disappointment. Peace, Press
  3. I have watched all these various threads with amazement how quickly people went from pure excitement to distrust, to vehement rage. I invested in a product I knew might not launch till summer/fall of 2019. I was willing to drop 100.00 just for the excitement of that experience. Suddenly people are in a rage about not getting a product or key in a time frame that was never even promised to them. I for one continue to patiently wait for what I believe will be an amazing game. I will reserve my disappointment only for the off chance that after October my hopes are dashed. Peace! Press
  4. I'm having the same issues. Have been all weekend. I either can't connect and get to the town or tavern or I get in and play part of a round and it crashes.
  5. Hey guys. Been putting in lots of time lately trying to push past the wall. All my toons have stats around the 710-735 and I have only found 1 piece of 750 gear. I've been grinding all the last 5 maps steady for the last few weeks and haven't had a single piece of armor 750 drop. I've gotten lots of weapons that are in the 730-750, but no armor. I'm playing mostly solo, and am starting to wonder if 750 gear drops solo? Anyone know? Also do you need the super win of the day bonus on the #5 win to get the 750 armor. Not that that has worked for me, but does anyone know if there is a set percentage that each level increases odds etc.?
  6. Sorry strike that. I needed to hit the create button. I guess it just unlocks the character and gives me a hero slot, then I have to go back in and hit create. Odd little step, but It's all good.
  7. Well, that's frustrating. I spend all month doing dailies and the monthly and finally get 12k hero tokens. I was in a round of Forest Crossroads when I hit 12000 tokens so I hit escape and create hero. I selected the ev2 and it gobbled up my tokens but when I look at my hero deck I don't have the character. Please please tell me that you can credit me my tokens or add the ev to my deck. I was all set to start leveling and now I'm just ready to put my put the game in the recycle bin. Okay, maybe not that ready, but please resolve this. Also, are you not able to unlock heroes during a round. It let me, but maybe this is a bug that needs addressing.
  8. Crazy! Feels so good being rewarded for all that hard work :)! Thanks again Trendy for making this happen.
  9. lol - a little harsh there dude :)! Maybe some people got the title in a free deal, but a lot of us paid for the game and have hundreds of hours into it already. I saved coin a long time to buy all the 96k small spheres only days before the ascension patch. I think frustration for most players is justified. self entitled whiners? Please tell us your secret to a life of selfless gratitude and good will. :)
  10. That's quite the collection. I think we might be close rivals :)! Do you play in a band? I run a recording studio so they are pretty essential tools around here for me. Sounds cool though. You play a some instruments that I haven't dabbled in. I do have 2 flutes and a tenor sax, but more of the stringed instruments. My wife plays trombone and french horn, but I haven't even attempted those yet. 5 guitars 1 bass 3 keyboards 1 drum set 1 mandolin 2 Ukeleles 5 fiddles and last but not least a banjo :)!
  11. Sweet! Sounds like quite a lot of adventure. I grew up in B.C. and $200 can go a long ways unless you live there :)! Nothing beats those fresh B.C. peaches from the Okanagan in the summer time. Ah, now I'm feeling nostalgic. Let me know next time you head out that way and I'll hop a train with you :P!
  12. Wow, Sweet! Thanks guys. I just dropped a lot of coin on the high lvl smalls so this makes me do the dance of joy :)!
  13. Ouch, yeah this one hurt. I had just bought all the 96K small spheres for my dps and towers. Kiss 400-500k gold down the drain. It wouldn't have hurt so bad, but I just bought them about 3 days ago. Would really be nice to get some heads up about this. It's not as if they didn't know they would be wiping the spheres and we'd be losing all our gold. Bad call there.
  14. Never thought of that [[44989,users]]. Pretty sure it wont work. It does seem to be somewhat tied to the number of waves you complete, and not rounds. I'm testing that now and will post.
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