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  1. I know there will likely be some unhappy players if the patch doesn't release in March. Just wanted to say in spite of the obvious disappointment at the fact that it might not be released on time, the 7 people in this house who play DDA are loving the product that you guys have put together. Covid - 19 has caused havoc in so many lives and industries and it would have been a challenge without those additional factors at play. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the update but whatever happens I know you guys are working hard to give us updates and features as quickly as you can! Cheers,
  2. I'm not sure what happened to my thread on this subject. I had reported similar problems and the thread disappeared. Me and my kids are having the same problems. It seems to be a voodoo combination of what clothes we are wearing and what leg we are standing on that determines whether we are able to join each others games. It isn't even an issue of how far into a match we are. Sometimes we can't even join in wave 1 or in the tavern. 99% of the time using the steam function to invite a friend we don't even get that option and using the "Esc" and in game + to invite function on the top right. Sometimes they never receive the invite and other times they just get kicked back to the splash screen and have to hit the play button again. Multiplayer functionality is really messed up from our experience and it is frustrating since we primarily play the game together as a family.
  3. Personally I would love to see the DD1 system restored. It was amazing. You could interact with your tavern keeper and all from the same location could create and manipulate folders like a file manager. Create and label folders. Hide some folders. Set folders as market folders where you can set prices and sell items etc. Even without the market system a system of folders and sub folders would be soooooooo Nice! The filter system is so horrible compared to what DD1 was.
  4. Just relax guys. We were told March release! What more did you want. Every second day an official note saying something like "Update is on track for March". :). It's coming!
  5. Yep for sure. As I said in my post, I did use the report function in game. I think it helps to call these hackers out here too personally. Others can keep an eye out if they show up in future matches.
  6. I would be okay with some limitations to slowdown the shortcut players, but as is the system just seems super flaky. Sometimes we can't even join on the 1st wave build phase and other times I've had 1 or more of the kids join in late game phases. It isn't really clear to me what the rules are and whatever rules there may be the results aren't consistent.
  7. I'm not sure if this has been address, but the multiplayer and friend invite functions are very unstable. 3 of my kids play DDA with myself as well and we often play together. What we find is that when we use the invite option from the escape menu (The plus sign in the top right of screen) the other player sometimes doesn't even get the invite. If they do, very often when they hit the play button to join the match they are sent back to the title screen. We've tried a lot of variables. Inviting almost never works after a match is several to many waves in on survival. Even if we wait until a build phase and no one has pressed G. The most consistent success is if we start a fresh match and before the first wave has begun we invite and join. Even that sometimes doesn't work. It's frustrating though if we've gone a few rounds in and one of my kids asks to join and they can't. The results seem to be the same whether we are on private or public. The other odd thing is even if I set my game to public, the game often doesn't show up in the list for the kids to join. I hope the multiplayer functionality really improves as the patches roll out.
  8. This kind of stuff really bothers me. I had this dude "muffin" join my game and build a harpoon tower in front of my towers. almost 170 bil dps. Seriously why play the game. You can't lose. The rest of us grind for the fun and the thrill of those rare drops that we can brag about and show off. People like this devalue the experience and at the point there is trading they screw the honest people over by marketing gear they got from hacking. I really hope Chromatic can find a way to combat these guys. I did hit report on the players name and took this screenshot, but I'm not sure what that accomplishes. I hope if you guys see these hackers in your games you do the same. Would be nice to keep this one clean. This was the first hacker I've seen so far. Are you guys seeing lots of this?
  9. I was really excited about the instruction to do a game backup and then opt in for the demon lord patch. The first time I punched in the "Ibackedupmysave" into the game beta properties I did get the option for an opt in patch, but nothing changed. I then logged out of steam and relogged in as the instructions said that would auto install the update. Went into game and never got additional content. Now when I go to the opt in beta and type in "ibackedupmysave" I don't get any options? Did they remove this option, or is this a bug?
  10. It's ticking all the right boxes for me. It's what I expected from all the communication leading up to release. The magic of DD1 with some new maps, better graphics and a lot of new content on the horizon. I would have been really nervous had they said they were going to design 4 new toons with 16 new towers. A lot of room there to lose the feel and balance of what most of us loved about DD1. Don't know how many public matches I've been in where everyone is so pumped about how this turned out. Of course things are going to improve and there is lots to look forward to. I also fully expect at some point we get some new toons like we did with DD1, (summoner, Ev, barbarian etc). No complaints here.
  11. Hi. Now that early access has started I have a couple questions. I received a single key to my kickstart page. I had ordered the 100.00 kickstart package with 4 keys. I did receive 4 keys for the beta access, but so far I have 3 kids anxiously dancing around wondering why they aren't able to play. My key worked and is currently updating the game files. When our other steam accounts try to load or use the quad key sent, they get the error that the key has already been used. Will we be getting the additional keys to our kickstart page? How long will this be. I speaking as a parent here that may not live the night if I don't get those additional keys soon :). Also previously with the hybrid keys that came with beta access, all progress was stored on the pc so we had the problem of losing or having our progress overwritten if we switched steam accounts between our pc's. Is this still an issue? With our kickstart bundle we asked for 3 pc keys and 1 switch key. We were however given 4 beta keys and I assume will be given 4 early access keys. These keys are not for switch though. Will the 4th key that is started on pc lose it's progress when we change over to switch?
  12. Found a really big issue with Separate Steam logins which I'll explain, but FIRST. This game is everything my and my kids hoped it would be. We are going nuts over it even in BETA. It has all the satisfying magic of DD:1 and many improvements. Obviously there are some bugs and things that can be improved, but we are loving it so far. Now the big issue. I am aware that Cross save is not active in BETA, but there seems to be a big issue with moving between Steam accounts and how it affects individual User characters, items and progress. I got the 100.00 kickstart with 4 beta and full release keys so I could play with my kids and because of this glitch two of my kids lost all their progress and it was really frustrating for all of us. What does seem to be an issue with Steam is that if you play on a particular PC with a particular steam account and then switch steam accounts on that same PC the account gets over written and that is a permanent overwrite. Here is the Scenario - Son 1 is playing DD:A in his personal steam account on PC 1 I am playing DD:A in my personal steam account on PC 2 Son 1 logs out of his steam account on PC1 I log into my steam account on PC 1 and all of Son 1 characters, progress and items are overwritten with my DD:A characters, progress and items. Son 1 tries logging into PC 3 and PC 4 (Which I have never logged into) with his Steam account to see if his characters, progress and items will load there but now any PC that Son 1 tries to log into has his characters, progress and items over written by my personal DD:A Characters, progress and items. Any new progress though does not seem to affect my account and our item boxes and characters are not somehow tied together other than if we switch pc's and steam accounts then all the above mentioned things get overwritten permanently Son 1 and Son 2 are devastated by losing everything and having to start over. I'm frustrated because my sons had better characters and gear than me. I'm hoping this is resolved before full release or it will be a nightmare.
  13. I'm having the same issues. Have been all weekend. I either can't connect and get to the town or tavern or I get in and play part of a round and it crashes.
  14. Hey guys. Been putting in lots of time lately trying to push past the wall. All my toons have stats around the 710-735 and I have only found 1 piece of 750 gear. I've been grinding all the last 5 maps steady for the last few weeks and haven't had a single piece of armor 750 drop. I've gotten lots of weapons that are in the 730-750, but no armor. I'm playing mostly solo, and am starting to wonder if 750 gear drops solo? Anyone know? Also do you need the super win of the day bonus on the #5 win to get the 750 armor. Not that that has worked for me, but does anyone know if there is a set percentage that each level increases odds etc.?
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