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  1. Congrats! But maybe you can have been farming in the wrong places: you should talk to these guys in full ultimate sets. They must know better. Lol so true oh and congrats xD
  2. I must have terrible luck then, only ever had 3 Ults in ~100+ NM HC (not including weapons) across Misty/Aqua/Sky and Kings - 2 usuable (1 from aqua 1 from misty)
  3. There are 2 jump pads on the ship (front and back) - I always use the back one and make the jump everytime, remember that from the jump pad, due to the amount of time you are in the air, you will get a double jump.
  4. Previous Event items like the Elemental Arm Guards will always have high value do to its "RARITY" regardless if you think they are useless or not. Not many were given out and since majority of the community holds them so highly the value of them especially the Earth and Fire Arm Guards are worth ridiculous amounts because there are very few of them left. Just because something might be useless in one's eyes does not mean this will be the same for someone else who is a collector of Rare items. Its the same concept IRL when someone who is a collector is looking for old, rare items regardless whe
  5. ^ Thank you for understanding my point ^^ @Sandbagr You are lying, 2 rockets do not kill a minion with over 3k in tower health fully upgraded on a buff beam, I have run MixMode with no Buff on minion walls and completed to wave 30 with ~ 3.2k THp, you are absolutely mistaken. The only reason minions go down are: Badly placed reflects, Ogre pile ups (so Towers concentrate on them instead of Djinn making Gold DEW/Spiders, General bad plavement, or of cause, stats not high enough :p Trying to base your reply on something you admit to have NEVER seen? and im the one being anta
  6. They're very rare, why wouldn't they be worth a lot? They have no actual use maybe? Much like Cubes and Chickens but on a much more useless scale.
  7. I got one the other day with similar stats (1st one in about 100+ that is usable), pretty sure it had a few more ^s though
  8. Ya, don't rely on what the game tells you are upgrades. They often aren't. In the same way, there are many many pieces that are upgrades that the game doesn't tell you. This is why we need a better way of telling whether or not something is an upgrade. Realistically though, if you can get to wave 20-25 of misty you should be seeing quite a few upgrades for your stats. This is kinda true untill you are in a full set of myth with more or less capped tower stat (1 and others high) since all you really go to loot is trans+ which show up easily on the minimap and is easy to check in your item bo
  9. Dont forget that each shards map has specific map weapon drops that can spawn 400+ in stats, I also had a 400 statted giraffe at the time too, so thats 1200+ just from those 2 and hero points. I think wave 20/21 would have good chance of 4 matching items with cap in at least main stat (so 468 per piece with set bonus iirc), not saying in 1 run :p So thats 3k nps. Ive had an Ult from there too, I think it was as early as wave 14, upped to 714 TA. I still find much more quality items from AQ and KG, although both require slightly higher stats to start maybe, ive seen campaign done with
  10. ^ I got up to ~2500 stats just from misty (felt an age between DLCs :p)
  11. You cant compare at all a 1 off payment game to games that rake in millions of pounds per month anything you say on the matter is mute. Did and Do are very different things. I understand the time commitment, but again, you can design your own levels and drops if you so wish on Open, ive had 12k builders on open, was it fun? Yea for a bit, was it more fun getting my ranked chars new items? yes by far. Your argument is more about the RNG nature than anything else, so how many hours have you played again? Could you make a video showing patch no. of the game and the missile reflect happen
  12. ^ Tbh id recommend a good DPS Hero over doing that, a Tower Boosting Monk will massively outdo a few 100 stat points at lower gear lvls, especially with a Seahorse.
  13. ^ maybe your forgetting the massive amount of things that have been added/changed in this game since release which is why you have been playing at least since march last year? I have no idea why ppl are expecting top quality support from a non-mmo/f2p model product over a year after its release, we are still getting more maps aswell as having full steam workshop so you can change whatever you please yourself! Anyway, Plenty of positions on KG that cause a few rockets to go under reflects.. if, and I quote, "one or two rockets get thru and take out a minion (3500 Minion health, 2 mages
  14. I dont host often, but it always bemuses me when a lvl 80smth in random godlies doesnt expect such a thing, maybe you are joining games that are too high a lvl for your gear and it took till the last wave for the host to notice, maybe you didnt talk or say hi when you joined (I Try to avoid any group that doesnt communicate and expect kicks). There is a lot of etiquette in grouping and joining games, or well there should be :p
  15. Well, Monk + A.N.Other really, could be any class dps specced and it will be absolutely fine for anything the game can throw at you. Squire in duo play as you can cycle in bloodrage while the monk does tower/hero cycle - Requires a good DPS pet + a Cat if possible (monk could however use a Genie/Djinnlet for almost unlimited boost given good enough stats). Barbarian is also fantastic in duo play, with insane Hawk Strikes (get some Glad or Saws and it can get a bit crazy) - Requires as above, but a Cat just so much better (with dps pet on the monk so its affected by Hero Boost AND the Cat
  16. ^ Giraffes are pretty much useless if you can do TD Insane HC Surv for Kobs since they cap at 400 per stat, I have never seen a perf giraffe from insane or anywhere near, even with rollovers NM is the best bet (and if you can do NM surv you can do TD Insane Surv) HC adds a quality multiplier to all drops and rewards (mixmode only affects drops and Pure STrat cannot have either MM or HC bonuses) Some maps pets (generally the ones that drop from wave 15) will have the best possible chance of stats from NM difficulty, if the pet drops from 20+ the best will still drop from NM BUT Insane wil
  17. Both. I use Jester w/genie and run around to tiles, upgrading as I go. If I don't hit the upgrade tile by 19, I usually just upgrade them myself so I can switch to summoner on wave 20. pretty much this
  18. What is memtest? And I have 8GB ram... Its a a diag tool to test bad sectors on your RAM, it has nothing to do with how much you have, more to do with how the game and system executes information.
  19. cliffs.. cliffnotes.. TL: DR Although I did read it and kinda agree in a way, but I gain much more satisfaction from gaining an item myself since all gear does now is make things easier there really isnt a need for super high end gear. Its all about bragging rights in my eyes and who can have any bragging rights when 95% of the stuff is hacked? Just make it farmable in a reasonable time or add a Tavern Keep option to 1 time change armour type.
  20. I just use tri-aura with 2 proxy on a beam at 2 crystals with everything else at S, never had a fail.. sounds like you are adding to many players and you aura stats dont quite make it ok.
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