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  1. I demand a Screen shot of this. Not the person you originally requested, however here's a myth accessory I had found: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595843529222771366/2194A13B94A4DEF0A8AF547E7DEFDB2F4F8658AB/
  2. I actually have had good luck with Aquanos and accessories. I ran an insane HC survival with 4 characters and was getting multiple accessory drops for many waves. I actually managed to snag a mythical mask on NMHC Aqua as well around wave 21. +1 to randomness
  3. iv done a million aquanos runs (some of which were 30 wave clears) and haven't seen any above godly. 4 player group? high wave? Just found a Mythical Mask (21 ups.. mostly +20 stats no negs) on NMHC Aqua wave 21 from a monster. This was with only 1 other person in the game. Maybe just extremely rare?
  4. After watching an extra life charity stream a bit over the weekend, was thinking about some sort of egg charity drive since people are going for costumes/chickens. Possibly giving incentives for people to donate by giving out eggs with donations, and giving people a place to donate their unused eggs for a good cause. Help the community do something good. However, I don't know if this would be too close to RMT to be considered and would be frowned upon.
  5. I just started farming HC NM Spires today and was able to get a couple pieces of mostly +100 stat with 90-110+^ armor pieces so they do drop, albeit not frequently.
  6. +1 to playing with friends. It was much more enjoyable for me playing with people I know and finally breaking the barrier into clearing our first NM campaign maps.
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