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  1. This is exactly my problem with this game. To be fair I would never spend $15 on a single skin in any game ever, (except for CSGO, at least there I can sell them again and even buy new games with the money) but especially not one which is in Alpha and is riddled with bugs and bad gameplay elements which get ignored in favor of more overpriced skins etc. Everyone who's buying these skins and spending tons of money this early are quite literally encouraging Trendy to focus on that rather than making the game good. I don't know whether Trendy is publicly traded or private but if they're public then afaik they have a responsibility to their shareholders to do whatever earns them the most money. This means that as long as people keep buying gems they will keep producing crap to spend them on rather than the things I want. Therefore I do not spend money on gems.
  2. oh... they fixed one of the know bugs, when you join an Onslaught and cant G. So as you can see they are fixing stuff.... just give time. and.. ahhhh I think my post was for another topic xD! sorry! I'm just saying I'm not interested in paying for an unfinished product. If you are then that's fine and good for you.
  3. I'll list a few for you. Hero swap bug - two heroes get merged when swapping, this disables the hero's abilities as well. At the end of a map I sometimes can't click the tavern/replay buttons, they just don't work. Insanely annoying when farming harbinger. In the inventory tab, when setting up autocollect, there's a dropdown menu where you can select which types of items to collect. The options at the bottom can't be used because once you mouse over the bag below it selects that bag and the dropdown disappears. As I said in an earlier post, the ipwr numbers of other players in a lobby get hidden behind a scroll bar. These are just the things I could think of off the top of my head. None of them are completely gamebreaking, but they're annoying. I know that this game is in Early Access and if they were working on it that would be completely fine and expected. But instead of fixing things like this which is what you'd expect a game developer to do when the game is in early access, they're focusing their efforts on monetizing the game before it's done. This is especially insulting to me considering I already paid for early access. Basically I'm expected to pay for access to the early access and now I'm supposed to pay even more to access the other early access features? Just no. It's bull**** and I'm happy taking my money elsewhere as long as this is the case. Someone pointed out earlier that that might mean the game doesn't get finished and I'm fine with that. I'm not paying any more money for an unfinished game than I already have. I voiced my concerns about the F2P model before they even started making this game and they've just proved me right. F2P always sucks. Well, except in DOTA2, that game has the only good implementation of F2P I've seen so far.
  4. Ever heard of investors? They put money into a project and if the project goes well they receive a return on their investment. If it doesn't go well they lose their money. Well, see here's the difference between investors and customers. Investors put money in before the product is complete, customers put money in afterwards. As a customer, paying for an unfinished product without even a guarantee that it'll ever be finished seems kind of stupid.
  5. No money=No Game Maybe people would play it if they finished the game before expecting us to pay for it. I already paid for early access, now they want me to pay for heroes, bagspace, skins etc when the game doesn't even work properly yet. No thanks.
  6. I don't mind the concept of paid heroes, I just don't like how Trendy are basically developing DLC for their game when the game isn't even done. I'll come back when bugs like this (Look at the ipwr numbers, hidden behind the scroll bar) are prioritized over the next paid feature. And for the record, that particular example isn't even a big problem. A similar thing is going on with the autocollect filter dropdown, completely preventing me from using the features at the bottom. It's like they don't even test these things before they go live.
  7. Just feel like pointing out that Dota 2 is a really well designed game. DD2 is a game with a really good concept but really lacking in the whole design/development area. They call it an Alpha but really what they're doing is monetizing the *** out of it before they've even finished it. It's pretty obvious, looking at things like the new ipwr numbers being hidden behind the scroll bar, the autocollect filter dropdown having pretty much the same problem etc. New *** we can pay for always works perfectly, everything else is neglected. Wouldn't surprise me if Trendy whipped up a whole new expansion for their broken "early access" game soon. Come get it, only $49,99 or 12 years of grinding in this broken framework they call a game. These things are supposed to come out once the game is done. I played DD2 when it was just released to the public. It was ***. Had like one map. I expected nothing more, it was very clearly stated when I bought it that this was an unfinished game. I just wanted to see where they were taking it and be able to check in once in a while because I figured it'd live up to its predecessor. Right now I feel like Trendy is just conning us. Using the Early Access excuse to milk their customers dry before they go bankrupt because everyone who isn't 12 has left ages ago.
  8. I feel like it's necessary to point out that NM4 is the only mode which drops 700 ipwr gear, and even then that's only on the harder modes afaik. You can't have 700 ipwr before starting NM4. Taking this into account it is rather obvious why people below 700 are looking for groups to do NM4. My heroes are floating around 650-670 ipwr right now and I can build and win on liferoot and gates NM4, however it gets a lot easier if a few other people join to help dps ogres etc. You're right though, there are way too many people looking for groups above their gear level. Then again what do you expect with the way this game works? There is literally no point in progressing through the lower difficulties if you have the option to join someone in NM4. The only difference is you're going to spend even longer grinding those difficulties for gear before you even start collecting things you might keep for a while. That's a pretty serious design flaw going on right now, I did the same thing myself. I started out thinking I was gonna progress solo through everything like I did in DD1 but then I got to 50 and started doing insane mode until I couldn't get upgrades there any more, still couldn't do NM1 on my own. While I was leveling up more heroes to try and build up the necessary arsenal of stuff I got accepted into some NM4 runs and suddenly everything below NM4 was irrelevant to me. I couldn't improve my gear by playing NM3. I also couldn't solo NM4 so I ended up just jumping on other people's runs even more. Now it works but the way there kind of sucked.
  9. I started a thread like that for my own things here. Feel free to add things and I'll add them to the list in the OP.
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042417734/ You are really bad at reading comprehension. That's twice now you've tried to be pedantic about pointless crap and you've been wrong both times, how about next time you just assume you're wrong and go do something productive?
  11. I was unsure about whether to post this here or the bug forum because there are some bugs and there are some "features" I don't really like. There will also be some general feedback. I figured it's all technically feedback but feel free to move it if you want. I'm sure most of these have been reported already but I figure it's one point in a list, it'll take me more time to search for all of them than it will take for you to just skip it. The list: Hero swap bug - Obvious, I know you know. Hero Deck bug - A lot of the time my hero deck will be unavailable, even the filled slots will have the level requirement overlay thing on them. I can still swap heroes, but I can't add a new hero to the deck without some fiddling.Level upgrade wheel skip function is weird - Seems to work only some of the time. I've resorted to just spamming the mouse button and that works fine but this should be improved at some point if only as a polish.Auto-collect filter dropdown - The bottom options in the dropdown menu can't be used because when you move your mouse over the bag below the menu disappears. There are several filters I would love to use but can't atm. DPS gets blocked by other damage numbers on dummies - I literally don't know how much DPS my current bow does right now. I just can't see the DPS number because it gets drowned out by my hits. The dummies could be a really great and useful tool for testing things but they really need some work. Maybe a datasheet similar to the one you get when inspecting towers? At least make the DPS number get layered on top of everything else as soon as possible please. Some times the "Replay map" and "to Tavern" buttons don't work - At the end of a map I'll sometimes have to wait for the timer to run out because the two buttons just aren't clickable. This is especially annoying when farming harbinger easy.I'll be updating this post with more things later.
  12. I played Orcs Must Die a bit a a few years ago, didn't really like it a lot. Might have been more fun if I played with someone else though, can't remember if it had multiplayer.
  13. Well that orb also costs 60 tokens, but the electric aura/geyser suggestion is viable. I'll probably have to farm a good harbinger bow first though but that's fine I guess. I had a really good one but I accidentally sold it.
  14. Pretty much just the title. I'm trying to transition from NM3 to NM4 and I can't due to lane resistances. It's not really very motivating to farm for gear I'll replace as soon as I get the orb so aside from dailies is there anything I can do to get more tokens?
  15. Yeah, it'd just be a tavern/game list rather than a server list. Pretty much the same thing as far as users are concerned, except one server can host more than one tavern/game I guess. Anyway it doesn't really matter how much work it is. The current system is really bad and I'm sure literally everyone who's taken a good look at it compared to the alternative we're discussing here would agree. The new system makes it VERY hard to find other players for specific things because you get into a lobby with like ~20 randomly selected players of all gear/skill/level groups. The odds of getting placed into a lobby with 1-3 people who are geared and willing to do the same mission you want to do are rather small, especially if you want a full group. Additionally, if you're just idling or doing things in the lobby you are susceptible to a mild form of griefing by players spamming invites on you, and often prevented from testing things on the dummies due to other players spamming towers and attacking the dummies etc. Lastly I personally don't see a point with the lobby at all. It's a nice looking outdoor area and it does have a good purpose with the event entrances and special NPCs you can't find in the tavern, although some if not all of those things are kind of forced as they could just as easily be accessible in the tavern as well if Trendy chose to do that. Personally, however, I don't really have any interest in the social part of it. The vast majority of players are completely uninteresting to me. I can't trade with them and if I could we'd be back to the problem with a limited amount of players so it'd be very unlikely that I'd find someone with something I was interested in. If I try to talk to them I'll rarely even get an answer, and if they try to talk I usually don't bother answering. There just aren't enough people to spark conversations properly very often. Unless Trendy have some huge changes planned for the way this works they really should just change it to the old server list format. It worked well and everyone got what they wanted. If they want to make it really great, add a filter so you can limit who's allowed to join based on iPWR and level, and bring back the leader and kick function. Also the ability to change from public to private whenever. Probably some more stuff I can't think of right now.
  16. LOL I remember that picture. I don't remember the pet though, was it OP or something? Anyway yeah, I kind of get why he was asked to resign. Still though, it's not often you see rule 34 content from the original creators!
  17. I personally think the non-compete sounds a bit unreasonable. I don't remember what the Stieglitz' job was at Trendy, but I'd imagine getting a job in a different field can be rather challenging for a lot of people who work in game development. Especially if game development is their passion. However if he signed an agreement then he doesn't really have anyone but himself to blame. A contract is a contract, going behind people's backs and breaking a legal agreement is not something to be taken lightly and should have consequences. Edit: Accidentally wrote "the Stieglitz". I'm keeping it.
  18. FYI I have more hours in DD1 than you have in both games combined. I have 114 hours in DD2, roughly half of which was accumulated this week iirc. The rest was back when max level was 25. I am currently capable of doing NM2 with 3 heroes at 50. I don't say that to brag, I'm saying it because you seem to think I'm some new player as opposed to you being "hardcore". I'm not. I own DD1 with all DLCs on two separate steam accounts, as well as Eternity which I never really played. I also paid for access to DD2. I didn't get anything for free. I am not making this post to harass Trendy, I am making it to let them know what I think of the game and the direction it's heading. If I don't let Trendy know that I don't appreciate the direction they're taking the game I can't very well expect them to change anything now can I? As an aside I might have unintentionally been a bit more crass than I should have, for that I am sorry, however I stand by it even though it was written in a very annoyed state. Thank you for taking the time to reply and clarify, I'm not a programmer by a long shot and even though I know a bit about programming it's entirely possible that I've made unreasonable assumptions about how these things work under the hood leading to the assumption that it should be an easy fix. Knowing you're working on it is great, I hope you get it fixed soon because it's incredibly infuriating when I'm trying to rebuild quickly between harbinger waves and the bug happens three times in a row. Especially when it happens on the last second swap, leaving me playing an ability-less mutation of a hero through the wave. I heard some talk about enabling swapping heroes during waves, perhaps they'll be able to sort it while working on that? Would seem like a logical time to address the issue.
  19. Easily fixed by allowing people to see what's currently being played like in DD1. As it is right now you have to join a lobby which I assume is just one of many online lobbies and hope that the players willing and capable of doing the thing you want to do are in the same one, then ask around for people yada yada. It's really bad and I hope they change it quickly. The whole outdoors town hub thing is pointless and makes it infinitely harder to find people for specific things, or anything at all for that matter. You also can't see people's levels unless you're in a party and if you're in a party you can't see the names of people in your party, there's a lot of things that need work here. I understand that it's Early Access but this feels like something that should have been finished when they made the party/hub thing. It seems like such a trivial task, a few days of work at most, though I'd assume a skilled programmer could sort all of it out in a day if he knew the game code from before and just worked at it.
  20. You got it right in the edit, I was talking about the upvotes/downvotes on the reviews, not the actual amounts of reviews. I'm not sure if there was a point to that part of my post, if there was I'll gladly concede that it was probably a bad one. I just looked at the reviews which popped up first, it wasn't intended to be a thorough statistical analysis of DD2's steam reviews. It doesn't even matter, you can ignore that part of my post if you want because it really doesn't have anything to do with the issue I'm addressing.
  21. I don't know what happened in the instance you're talking about in this thread, but I'm getting that error CONSTANTLY, both when starting maps and when trying to leave a map. Happens all the time, like without exaggerating roughly 40-50% of the times I try to start a map.
  22. I just left a negative review on Steam as part of the process of leaving this game after having played it for like 4 days, and I went to take a look at other reviews for the game. All the "Most helpful" reviews are negative and they're all floating around 80% helpful votes. 4 out of 5 people agree that your game is garbage. Let that sink in for a bit. You guys have(had?) a goldmine on your hands. The original Dungeon Defenders was amazing. It had some of the best gameplay I've experienced in a long time, and despite some flaws like crappy inventory management and the mana cap it was an awesome game with amazing artwork. Creating a successful sequel should have been the easiest task in the world. Just take the same concept, add new maps and some lore, avoid making the same mistakes from the first one and sure, add some new things. Some of these things you did fine with. The artwork in the game for one, looks AMAZING. This game looks so amazingly beautiful, kudos to all you graphics designers. Give yourselves a pat on the back, you're awesome. The towers in and of themselves are fine as well. Pretty much all of them have unique and cool concepts, however they're horribly unbalanced and it seems you don't care. The game is still allegedly in Early Access, yet you ignore obvious well-known and seemingly easy-to-fix bugs like hero swap merging two heroes together in favor of developing new crap for your broken game. This whole Early Access thing is a blatant lie on your part, you're merely using it as an excuse. "Hey everyone, come pay for all our crap! Never mind the bugs and crappy gameplay, we're in Early Access, it's expected! Here, we made some new crap you have to pay for!" The worst part is it has so much potential. This game could be amazing and you're driving it into the ground like I've never seen before. It really saddens me, I would love to spend countless hours grinding for gear and throwing some money your way for the trouble but not like this. If you some day start prioritizing the actual gameplay and making things make sense I might come around but I'm not exactly holding my breath. Good luck to you.
  23. I realize that this post is overdue and the vote is over, but maybe the devs will see this or something. Basically, the way I've understood the explanations, enhancer is basically the same system we currently have. You take an item and increase one of the stats it already has. Crafter is when you get an item and it has 2 out of 3 stats you need on it, so you basically take another item with the last stat you want and sacrifice that to replace a useless stat on your item with the useful stat from the sacrificed item. Crafter, if this is indeed how Trendy envisions it, is a nonsensical approach. Effectively what this does is it makes near-perfect items the same as perfect items. This in turn will either, given no change in current drop rates, make it MUCH easier to complete a full set of perfect items, and thereby the game, or Trendy will have to compensate for it by making near-perfect items as rare as perfect ones currently are which in turn will not be any different from how it already is. I'm getting the impression that casuals are voting for Crafter because they want to be able to get the best gear with less playtime, but what they don't understand is that this will never happen because then the more hardcore players would be done with the game in a week and move on to other games. Trendy wants people to keep playing their game, they're not going to balance the top-tier progression for casuals who play two hours a week. The only way Crafter can be reasonably and realistically implemented is if you have the ability to add a stat which the item didn't already have without sacrificing any of the stats already on it. That way a non-perfect drop will still be a non-perfect drop with potential for improvement and the game's progression speed won't be multiplied. It'll just be a slightly different way of upgrading items and personally even though I voted for Enhancer I'd prefer this version of Crafter. It'd be a fun change to the way it's always been.
  24. Having scalar multipliers added to damage does not change the calculations for stat maximizing. Oh, sorry. Disregard that bit.
  25. I don't mean to criticize but it seems to me that it would be very easy to just have the dummy calculate the average dps of the past x seconds and still show that every y seconds. OR you could just have the dps counter constantly visible and live updating over the dummy's head. Also, to the OP: I'm noticing that nobody's talking about boosts. Everyone uses boosts for higher tier play, you should test dps with boost rather than without it. I'm not sure the results would be different but considering the fact that the boost only multiplies one stat (tower damage) and leaves the other stat untouched that could create some differences compared to testing without boost. Or it could not matter, I don't know.
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