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  1. Could I also get hooked up to this thread? I could also use help, or at least to learn an effective strategy (preferably not requiring huntress builders, those are so rare). IGN: Viryu EU PSN
  2. Are there any effective guides around? I kept trying it "live," but no one had any idea what to do, so I've never even saw the boss.
  3. Waaaaaay to much effort. Just use 5 harpoons and 1 ensnare aura. That won't last on insane though, harpoons won't manage to dish out enough damage to kill late wave ogres before they are all destroyed.
  4. Used only Squire and Monk towers and auras: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=27599 North-West: http://abload.net/images-i556bo7ui1.jpg (requires babysitting on insane) North-East: http://abload.net/images-i557bcjq3e.jpg (by putting it quite far behind, the harpoons can hit enemies behind more easily) East: http://abload.net/images-i558bqmhot.jpg South: http://abload.net/images-i559b0k9nn.jpg (out of the four paths, the safest positioning even for insane, slowest aura degradation) Wyverns: http://abload.net/images-i560bjact5.jpg (have to be positioned at an angle to
  5. If someone could help me with Mistymire Insane (normal mode or survival to wave 20), I'd be much obliged. I can't even get past wave 10 (normal)/12(survival) despite good stats >.< PS3: Viryu
  6. Any working strategies with using only tower squire and monk?
  7. That's awkward, I didn't see survival or pure strategy options for Mistymire on PS3... Any other maps to get it fast?
  8. I just tried Ramparts puer strategy on hard, and wave 12 had over 3k monsters. Is the number of monsters in a wave increased by difficulty? And yeah, could you link me to that strategy guide? For what difficulty was it?
  9. Could you link me to some layout that could work on Mistymire hard pure strategy?
  10. Is Quality of Giraffe dependant on the map you've obtained it on? Does it make a difference whether it's Deeper Well or Ramparts for example? And between normal mode and pure strategy for end pet stats? I'm about to do it, but with the amount of time it requires, the oh so often freezes on higher waves on PS3, I'd prefer the best option with minimal risk of wasting time.
  11. Well, I'm able to host it solo, but it doesn't really help to play it alone.
  12. After checking out the trial by a friend on a TV that doesn't handle NTSC well, well, it acted pretty much as if it were NTSC and not PAL, despite being downloaded from the EU PSN. Is the full version for PS3 in EU PAL or also NTSC like the trial?
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