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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, this was exactly what I was looking for. I am glad that they put some mana tokens in the game, I was sick up upgrading weapons to use as my mana tokens. It is nice to hear that the barb is more useful now. When he came out all I can remember is people using him to farm retributions. I'll look into the other classes, maybe i'll get back to the point where I am rich enough that I can give stuff good items away again.
  2. I haven't played since the 2nd quest for the eternal shard came out (mostly because of Mass Effect and my re-discovery of going outside). I am a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what has changed, how are the new classes, etc. Currently, I have a squire, apprentice, hunter, monk, initiate, ranger, adept, and a countess all at level 74 all with decent stats (1000 to 1500 each) in the relevant areas. I have about 70mil mana and I heard that the portal gun is actually worth something now. Last time I played, I remember farming giraffes on hcmm pure strat, and just solo'in hcmm up to wave
  3. Items this close I wouldn't waste my mana upgrading it. I would just wait until I found something clearly better to upgrade.
  4. that happens alot to me and my friend while we use huntress guards, if it is your case, just debuf the harpoon and rebuff it. Yeah, I was playing duo with hunt and app guards. Thanks for the suggestion and i'll try it next time!
  5. It is still fun though. You can basically afk between waves, there is only 1 ogre per wave after wave 12 and there is a cap of 900 ish enemies so it only takes a few hours.
  6. I have done six mm pure strategy runs. The drops are horrible, I don't think that I have even seen a mythical item drop. But, you can get some nice giraffes and maybe some nice pets in the tavern. Though all of my tavern pets have been horrible. I use this guide: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?47144-SQUIRE-Misty-NM-Pure-Strategy&highlight=pure You can do this with significantly less stats. If I remember right, my stats on my first run was around 1000/1200/xxx/700 on my countess and I didn't have a wall squire. edit: There are no spiders too.
  7. They have a very fast attack rate, that is why. Try swinging them compared to a normal sword. They are even more expensive now that the demand is so high (a dps squire needs one, and the barb needs two).
  8. I don't know how this happened, but it did. The harpoons were shooting center mass of the ninja and not doing any damage. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011585640/screenshot/487751575575490558?tab=public http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011585640/screenshot/487751575575488423/?tab=public This happened several times during a pure strat run on mm, until the ninja broke everything and we lost. Even when the ninja was touching the harpoons the other two couldn't hit him. Has this happened to anybody else?
  9. Read the DunDef Digest: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?48436-DunDef-Digest-2-29-2012-Discussion-Thread It may be March 15th.
  10. yes. There are five types: plate, pristine, leather, chain, and mail.
  11. If they had interruptible attacks like the other mobs (except ogres) that would be nice. It is annoying when you are swinging away at a few spiders and they web you or when my defenses are hitting them and they still shoot a web.
  12. Thanks for DD Trendy, it is a great game! I just have two small suggestions: 1) It would be nice if the towers that your guardian boosted flashed (pink or something) on the mini map. There are some situations where I would like to be between two lanes and it would be easier to see if they were illuminated on the mini map. 2) A free camera after you die on hardcore. If I am playing solo it eventually goes to this weird camera angle that I can move in and out. It would be nice for a free roaming camera so I can check my tower alignment, etc. Thanks for reading! :archer: :santa: Ed
  13. I kept on finding swords with a block of 700% or higher that would re roll when I picked them up. I found two with a block of over 1000%.
  14. This is not fun at all. Getting one shotted on easy by monsters when i have a squire that has all resists at 90 and 30k hit points. I was hoping for a boxing match where it was hero vs monster and you work up to more difficult monsters. Just like mortal combat or something. This isn't fun.
  15. They fixed the bug where the same guardian on both players double boost the towers. If you have two hunt guards out there you can boost ten towers but I think that the players shouldn't be close to each other otherwise the hunt gaurds will boost the same tower. The guardians boost the five closest towers to that player.
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