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  1. What I'm saying is, I don't necessarily agree that the gear inflation is what makes only one option available. What makes one option available is the developers choosing to put the best gear on one map and only one map. I don't see why the best gear can't come from multiple maps, especially if they still maintain that the best gear comes from late survival waves. I think Misty is 30 waves also? There is no reason that only one map needs to have extra survival waves and therefore another gear increase compared to other maps either. These are all choices the developers made, but I don't rea
  2. Not gonna quote posts since they're long. I appreciate that people are putting thought into their responses. @Lars I'm not really sure what you're driving at. Are you agreeing, disagreeing, not understanding? My point is that if stat increases between tiers are not huge, then it doesn't limit your options. It's not about I need the very best loot and only the very best loot, it's about having fun in the game. Part of having fun is variety because running one map endlessly gets old quickly. When differences aren't huge, you can go back to older content. When players go through the original
  3. I didn't see much in there about what you think is drastic other than a suggestion to raise the upgrade cap a little. I agree with most of your points about time sinks and loot being too random and not in enough places, but I don't really see the power level creep being as bad as you make it out. I agree with the level part too for the most part, although I think making the gear require level 75 would be fine or at the very least a decent compromise for whatever reason they are increasing the cap. Have you seen the stat increases going from godly -> super loot -> entry myth -> mis
  4. Actually, it usually is done for no legitimate reason. Final Fantasy XI went a hell of a long time (5-6 years?) without raising the level cap. The last level cap (75) coincided with the North American launch and their first expansion, Rise of the Zilart. During that time, they had 3 expansions (Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht-Urgan, Wings of the Goddess). With the release of their set of mini-expansions, they begain raising the level cap by 5 about every 3 months until they capped at 99. City of Heroes is a few years younger than FFXI and has had many expansions, but only 1 level
  5. What do you consider massive in terms of power gap? And are you talking about the gap between high end godly and low end myth? I think the upgrade system in general kind of favors having a certain amount of gap before people decide they want to spend mana on upgrading something. I think in WoW they talked about his a bit too. How they could make every tier 1 ilvl higher instead of 13 ilvls, but they didn't think most people would like it that way. It's explained in the OP. I also wish everyone would stop with comparisons to other games. The power gap between tiers is much much larger in
  6. Can we get back on topic please? I didn't write this so everyone could air all their grievances. There's nothing wrong with adding new gear, it's about not repeating the mistake of having a massive power gap between the newest tier and the previous. Second topic is max level and why it's pointless to raise it. Does anyone know why games periodically raise level cap? I'll give you a hint, it's not just "for something to do" and it's rarely done for no reason as TE seems to want to be doing.
  7. IMO bring on the new cap and gear. I prefer solo and can't get past level 25 on mm - would love to solo 30 Well, that's another subject really. I hear you, I've argued on several occasions that the tuning between solo/duo/trio/quad is just horribly off in literally every map. But handing you better gear isn't a solution to that problem. Then you'd just need new, better gear to finish the next map.
  8. @Soma2035, we're on just completely different wave lengths here in this discussion. Comparing this game to D2 is really far fetched. Spare me the talk of competition to be first, or just the satisfaction of completing a challenging grind. I get that and I respect that some people enjoy that, but it doesn't exist in DD so let's not pretend it does. Hitting max level in DD is neither rewarding or challenging. Nobody will know or care who is first. This game doesn't have the competitive aspect that many other games have. Leveling in DD is completely different from role playing games. You don't
  9. Level cap is fine, as long as gear doesn't require it. That way its a neat perk you work towards, not a necessity you have to grind out. The 32 stats aren't game breaking, its just a little boost that you can feel like you're making progress to if you're not getting drops. Well yes, the implicit assumption is that the new gear will require level 78. Perhaps that won't be the case, but I'm assuming in my comments that it will. What I don't want to happen for example is my first couple pieces being for my aura monk set, which isn't interchangeable with other tower characters, and being forced
  10. Information we currently have about 7.2 is somewhat vague, yet I'm already concerned. Why? It sounds like TE is about to repeat the mistakes they've already made multiple times. Maybe it's just paranoia (I hope) but I want to get this out there in the hopes of preventing this again. So what are these mistakes? 1. Raising the level cap - I'm begging you, please don't do this. Unless there is some technical requirement within the game system (to allow the new item types for example), this is utterly pointless. Leveling to 70 was a pretty fun and engaging process. Leveling from 70-74 was an a
  11. This is nothing to do with blockades. Just some small glitches in misty map. If you look carefuly enemis pass through a small high ground next to the blocks, NOT between them. For example , i put 2 blocks in south area (an erea that actually needs 3 blocks to be fully covered) and no enemis get passed. Now if you look at east lane, there is a cart laying next to the block spot.. Ogres tend yo jump that cart. same with west lane. THere is a fallen tree like thing that ogres love to pass it. But i dont see how that is an issue for you. An ogre never hits cores, they just hit other towers which i
  12. Clearly a lot of people are having multiple issues with spike blockades, and this isn't the only thread on the topic. Would love to at least see an acknowledgement of the issues from TE and word that they're being looked in to. Hey TE, spikes are broken. To make matters worse, we kinda need them now with mixed mode working. Magic blockades don't hold up to attacks from the ridiculously scaled mobs in late waves of mixed mode.
  13. Triple post! One way this could be accomplished is to be able to permanently tag an item as not for sale. The biggest problem I have is with pets. When swapping between pets like genie and guardians, the pets don't always lock when put in the item box. It would be great to permanently lock an item. Can't imagine that would be terribly difficult to implement.
  14. Or at the very least, could TE set up some sort of system to restore highly valuable items? I realize the system would probably be flooded with requests, but surely something can be done about accidental sale of valuable items. "Be more careful next time" isn't a very satisfying answer.
  15. Ugh, I just accidentally sold an incredibly rare item. Yeah yeah I know, I should have been more careful. Would it be difficult to give us a buy back feature? Surely it wouldn't. Players have been asking for this for a very long time. Is there some technical difficulty preventing TE from adding this? I can't imagine there is.
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