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  1. I wait until trendy says ok. Its no legit to use marcos. Just read the Eula.
  2. I run at the right at the top crystal. 3 too kill most enemys in range. If you fail with spiders, you die
  3. you dou map 2? we got some probs at the 2th aura. cause spider rapes us while we jump in. map1 is now farm status for me. you can just ran beside the most enemys cause they dont run with you.
  4. You never ever going to solo part2. I tried it and time running out after the 2th crystal. No way to win this alone cause of the ensnare
  5. Their is probably a bug on map3. You can walk throw a wall at the beginning. Its reported now, hope this get fixxed
  6. You guys talking ****. It is possible with 4 players. Map1 is possible to solo btw. Map 2 not Map 3 never 2 tanks 2dps gg
  7. We finished it with 4 guys. 2 Squirre based on hp to tank the hits. 2 hundress raping the rest. npnp I think part2 is impossible ever to beat solo cause of the auras
  8. I could cry so hard. I lost my DT and my new hundress weapon. so hard
  9. Wrong it is possible Ok dont know how they do it in 5sec o 2mins is np
  10. My friend has a smelter equiped (pet) I droppt my weapon, that he can look what dps he deals. after that he droppt it again. Now the scary thing. It get switched. It was a DT^253 upgrades and after his dropp it was a Smelter with 31k dmg. We tested this with other stuff too. Sometimes we get a smelter, sometimes we get something like a Leather helmet, without resis, but with the stats from the weapon.
  11. Hundress 1,6khealth 2,3k dmg This weapon is from nightmare assault level 1
  12. Then its my fault sry, but i still love this weapon. 1900 base dmg wtf
  13. Rly? in all mm survival runs nerver saw that. With that high stats
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