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  1. apparently newer laptops use both onboard and a discrete gpu at the same time, they switch to the more powerful gpu when you start an application that demands more power and goes back to using onboard when not running such an app to save power. At a loss then still :( the stuttering makes it virtually unplayable.
  2. I hadn't even considered that - I checked and 2 display adapters are showing up Intel HD 630 GTX 1050 I went into the bios but was unable to locate any option to turn off the onboard (which was odd), I tried to disable it via Device Manager, it wouldn't default the use to the GTX 1050 then however. At a bit of a loss now.
  3. Basically stutters when i move on a character, fps etc all seem fine when standing still but the moment i start moving it just stutters none stop. No idea how to fix it, i did find some older threads saying change compatibility modes but that didn't seem to fix it, i've also tried running everything at low settings. Laptop specs are i7-7700HQ cpu 8GB ram GTX 1050 Windows 10 64 bit
  4. Aha, starting to see upgrades now that I understand it better :) thanks again.
  5. So I just returned after quite a while away from DD2 and the loot system has my head hurting. Basically, I've finished the campaign, finished most incursions and can do Chaos 1 pretty consistently but I'm having trouble finding loot upgrades, I did dig around here and Reddit and I read something about loot being auto rolled based on what you're currently wearing (the price of it? or stats?) Anyway, I tried to follow this... very vague guide and I'm still seeing no upgrades drop from Chaos 1, I've been running it for about 2 hours now since I found that guide and I'm still wearing what I starte
  6. noway in the world is that legit and the worse part is the guy is actually trying to hide the fact hes cheating by not capping resists out, utter fail.
  7. They dont farm it, people selling gear for RL cash are normally hackers that have just modded the stats on items.
  8. Squires are pretty useless right now both as DPSs and Tower builds. Their towers are expensive and for the most part ineffective compared to a lot of others, and as a melee DPS things like spiders will just eat you alive. Apprentices on the other hand are one of the best builders right now, and they can also get a lot of DPS up. A hybrid apprentice is one of the most powerful and versatile heroes to play. Of course, it depends what level of play you mean. If you're only talking about insane, its pretty much possible to solo as any hero of any build. If you want to play serious nightmare
  9. monk pet aswell :( meh, would have been better if it was squire or app pet, range on auras is nice but generally not an issue.
  10. Alot of people favour Apprentice on Nightmare, I prefer Squire personally due to harpoon range being absolutely insane/damage from harpoons when you're near them with an APP guardian is off the charts aswell. My harpoons hit for 70-80k every 0.31 when near with an app guardian - i'm sure people with better gear do alot better than that aswell :p even with that damage tho I still need a ranged dps to deal with bosses and some ogres when theres alot coming out.
  11. Endless Spires on nightmare is nice to start out (its what I did) I always used http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=11043 for the starting mana & http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=11042 afterwards (by no means perfect setup but it got me through the first 7 waves fairly easy when I started out **might be worth noting I did have an APP guardian at the top crystal which helped alot to drop Ogres quickly**) so was able to farm a fair amount of mythical gear/mana then I moved onto Misty NM HC (later waves in misty can net 18mil+ per wave and thats just from ve
  12. Hacked indeed, that first helmet is just so obvious. 1000% impossible to find an item with base stats like that. best legit item i've seen in the game so far (personally) doesnt even come close to those none upgraded stuff.
  13. Are monsters harder in this? or is it just the heroes/pets/items that are better?
  14. Ranged by far in nightmare, if you get caught in melee fighting an ogre or boss by a spiders web you'll be raped horribly OR you'll get away with a smidge of health. Something they need to address really, spiders sort of make melee the 2nd choice in nightmare.
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