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  1. Ugh. I hate this way of thinking. It's simply wrong. Any map in this game (except Talay and possibly Jungle) can be completed with 2k stats, a good monk, no summons AND the right build. You can drop those stats to 1800 if you add a summoner with 600 stats or better. I'm not including mix, just so we're clear. But any map to survival completion. I know, because with the exception of Moraggo, I'd done it on all of them with 2k or sub 2k stats. so you say my line of thinking is wrong and then go on to demonstrate how it's correct? yes, that's what I am saying. you can beat every map with sub
  2. EDIT: Oh, and lightning tower hitting on a sharken that is winding up for a charge stuns it. oh, yeah, I keep forgetting this still though, 7 DU is pretty costly
  3. The build is EXTREMELY solid. [...] We had ~3400 stats on the builders every build is solid when you have 3k+ stats, especially now with summoners essentially doubling the amount of dead you can throw at enemies
  4. try swapping your proximity traps for either electric auras or inferno traps, and don't use anything aside from fireball towers from your apprentice (don't even bother with magic missiles unless you need to shoot things that won't be in strength drains). you should also be using buff beams to help out (and I assume you are); make sure you upgrade those before everything else. you need to have done enough damage to the sharken with your elec auras before they reach the walls so that your fireball towers can do the rest of the damage via splash even if an ogre is in the way. if you are still h
  5. with gas traps being so popular, fireball towers are very strong in conjunction with strength drain auras. since mobs cluster up horizontally rather than vertically (if you take my meaning), fireballs are often able to hit an entire wave of mobs whereas the harpoon is limited to iirc 4 pierces before it breaks. you will notice that in a lot of builds now, fireball towers are getting more and more use for this very reason. harpoons are reliable damage sources, fireballs are good junk mob clearers.
  6. Just FYI, with minions, you can certainly finish misty, and possibly finish aqua with sub 2000 stats. a friend and I finished aqua mix hc with sub 1500, so yes
  7. Issue: Simultaneous Monk Tower boost skills are applied such that the weakest of two or more simultaneous boosts is used, and then when the weakest boost is deactivated, the stronger one does not take effect. Expected: Simultaneous Monk Tower boosts should prioritise the strongest boost and update correctly when one is deactivated/moves out of range. Repro: 1. Summon a tower of some sort in the tavern. 2. Bring out two or more Monks with access to the Tower Boost skill, with differing skill points. 3. Activate the strongest tower boost skill. 4. Activate the next strongest tower boost
  8. Then how did people finish it before EV was released? they used guardians
  9. just used this layout to great effect. used 2-4 heroes the entire way through. only lost minions when they decided to walk off cliffs. builder stats: squire: x/1600/600/1000 EV: 1300/900/x/x Summoner: 400/800/400/400 monk: 800/800 boosts, 500/800/500/x
  10. Yeah but if you r thinking for the noobs then it is not fair for who spent +1000 hours on this game that noobs can just beat the game oh please "not fair"? you mean like how people who farmed for two hundred hours to get perfect loot were slapped in the **** when super loot came out? or how the first two times the level cap was increased, the xp requirement was increased two days later? or how every time something major comes out, there's a day 1 patch that fixes stuff fast enough that endgamers and only endgamers could possibly have taken advantage of whatever oversights there may have be
  11. without having read the entire thread as thoroughly as I normally would, I will say that just calling for nerfs is generally a bad idea. we already have serious issues with item progression, which are not helped by the fact that trendy is gearing the new content toward mid and endgame players. this is fair enough, but the problem is that by nerfing things, it's harder for up and coming players to get into the good stuff. instead of nerfing the squire, why not buff the apprentice's towers and barb's dps (which they are already doing)? it might make it easier for endgamers, but if that's the c
  12. Boost beam is useless for me. It takes up DU when you can just use guardians. a boost beam is basically like having all four guardians active at once, and I'm pretty sure it stacks anyway.
  13. they're actually not bothered about fixing long standing issues it appears & would rather spend time churning out more DLC to fleece their loyal customers while they're still loyal. well aren't we cynical this is the first time I've heard of this issue. remember that the dev team is something like 8 people. if the issue hasn't been plastered all over the forums, they may have missed it.
  14. I'm pretty sure Trendy has no control over the time that the patch is released. Not sure what you're complaining here for.
  15. Got some buddies to go along with me on taking your example. Looking forward to comparing notes!
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