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  1. i would say ramparts, but maybe add a boss so we can make good use of those harpoons :p
  2. it was a load of fun! thanks for the invite, and the host was great!
  3. My childhood friends Liam Neeson and the guy who was Bane from TDKR are here to help! its ok infinite i still got my army lol
  4. but i ran out of bacon :(... its time to call some people since you are being so stingy >: ( ...
  5. that was amazing... can you teach me how to play careless whisper? lol
  6. i came up with mine when i first got my ps3 when i was 12. i got world at war and i was trying to decide what online name i should have, and i was trying to think of a name that i can troll with. and i was like omg i can name it no one or nobody, so when i kill someone they will be like wtf? i died by no one? but then people started taking my name wrong and started singing me no one by alicia keys. which made me lool :D... and i love it when people say my name, and someone in the background is like, why are you calling your friend no one XD ahhhh good times :)
  7. everyones pictures looks amazing... but some look too good lol keep up the good work selah!
  8. having people sing me the pokemon theme song lol :D
  9. lol when it is fully upgraded it has 12006 base damage that is huge that is more than 45000 damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats crazy! now only if i could equip it lol :(
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