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  1. idk but the event of today was awesome i was having a blast whit the host xxBIGBABOIxx and with the other 2 guys keep up the good work tredy and guys
  2. Im still on so invite me please! yea me too when u have a achance
  3. nothing yet omg 20 mins left and still no inv i am getting nervous now i dont wanna miss this opportunity to do the event
  4. still waiting for my inv i am on the list of late friday and nothing have come up yet ! :/
  5. PSN: Bobo_Rex i originally signed up for late friday but things came up.. can i do late saturday ?
  6. the event was cancel ??? or is going as planned ?
  7. the time for ast is 8 pm - 4 am right ?
  8. plzhaaaa i want to participate my bro got a inv and i still haven't my psn: buldozer_pr been waithing like 5 to 6 hours :/
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