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  1. Hardcore DD1 player on ps3. Was terrific and spent many hours playing. also HAD THE SICKEST MAGE U EVER SAW HAHAHHAAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!!
  2. I do miss the ability o remove people from the room. I.E. Afk'ers, trolls, loud and rude people, etc. I also REALLY miss the ability to sell others towers. I have had a few rooms that I have hosted where they joined, popped a chest and legit build in a corner that provide literally 0 use. I'm not sure exactly why this is becoming a thing, but now im forced to not have units and every bit helps while grinding. Not sure how the rest of the community feels about this but I would like to see the return of this feature
  3. omg a remastered summit would be amazing!!!
  4. So I officially decided to take the plunge into chaos 3 today after grinding away into 2 for a bit and i'm as excited as I can be. Then I get throw into this dark door facing me unlike any I have seen before. Thinking I maybe missed this somewhere along the campaign, I didnt think to much of it other then this eerie sense of death just everywhere I looked from around spawn. Then I get to the bridge and it hit me.... ITS THE REMASTERED VERSION OF GLITTERHELM FROM DD1!!! I nearly lost my flip flop as I literally ran around the map just looking at its new glory. DD1 had like an upmost triumphan
  5. And it made less impact then if people really earned it. Theres just alot of problems that can be created through trading and I dont really mind if that feature is gone. Its just to easily abusable.
  6. Oh no worries. I'm not blaming Trendy at all on this. I was very hyped to add another Trendy plat to my list and realized it didnt have one. When u plat dd1, you got a really awesome pet known as the chicken and it was great. Needless to say, I am still very satisfied with the game! Thanks for the information!
  7. Means no chicken. I'm secretly crying on the inside :(
  8. Check your storage space on the ps4. If its close to max, it wont dl
  9. Hello defenders, My name is Courtjeaster010 on psn but please call me Court. I'm really excited about playing DD2 tomorrow night and cannot begin to describe my excitement. From being a DD1 veteran to putting hundreds of hours into a $15 game, I know i'll put many more countless hours here as well and I would like to help anyone try to love this game as much as I know I will. This next week I plan on playing quite a bit and if you would like to join me, please feel free to add me on psn to mess around with builds, strats, random things of life, and anything and everything. Just include a messa
  10. I'm not sure. DD1 wasnt so i'm gonna base my opinion that it probably will not be liked too your pc account. I could however bee wrong on this but I'm truly looking forward to playing it on the ps4. Ive always been kinda a console guy though xD
  11. Hello guys and gals!!! I know a few of us are excited for the PS4 beta. This beta is scheduled to come out before years end and I kinda wanted to see who all would want to be in this? Note im not part of Trendy but perhaps we can give them a helping hand by showing the amount of interest there is for it. We could use this as maybe part of a list to start! So lets just post our ign's and see where we can go from there!!! PS4 ign: Courtjeaster010 xD See you all soon for countless waves of defending!!!
  12. Could maybe get a tour of the studio where all the magic happens! I would really enjoy that!
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