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  1. WARNING when trading for buster swords be careful of fakes we have already found out about people faking them and they will be reported soon if we find out about a character faking the swords they will be reported immediately please do not fake the swords because that ruins the fun of trading for them. Please just do the right thing and trade for them instead of faking them it just ruins the fun. -KING_of_NoThInG2
  2. Calm down people they are doing a good thing by starting up the ps3 console events. we should be happy and they are voulnteering there time to help us get event items. Its only about having fun and besides just think how it would feel to be sitting there for 4 hrs getting spammed with invites they did the best they could. Was only the first event and they will only improve. thank you very much this is exactly what i was saying
  3. You know what guys i'm sorry i'll be more profesional next week i was really just trying to have a good time, but i guess i went out of hand. sorry. no need for apologizing
  4. emptyclipz007 no ps plus those r zeros ik ill invite you soon
  5. Thanks skater for the input another person who hates playing with little kids who are dum, and the witness is not bribed lol, Im done sounds to me like we have 3 friends in real life who all no each other and proble are sitting next to each other now trying to think of little excuses so I no what happened and so dose alien if he wants to grow a pair and man up to his mistakes i give him props if not then keep your stuff and have fun... Brib a witness lol how dum would that be over a video game lol. Go to school guys get good grades, and get a good job to support your family in 20 years... t
  6. you said it didnt not happen right? I say it did right? My word agenst yours right? WRONG I have witnesses that were in the game that alien can confirm they were in the same game as me and they will tell you it did happen... all of us that helped set up this event will vouch for alien being a good person and not doing this all of our friends will say alien is a good person your "witness" could probably be bribed into lying so all of your accusations are false and many others that played with alien will say they had a good time
  7. So from what some of my friends are saying, the end weapon isn't even worth it right? the end weapon is a pakal sword its a trendy event weapon and its really cool its definitely worth it
  8. Like posted in my other thread I dont care about the event weapon, or the 1-6 ask alien I gave my only weapon away free no questions asked, here is post from other thread... here is tbrosen First, you were not supposed to be in the event twice. Second, your mad over him not allowing you to trade in weapons? Lastly, what witnesses? And what do you mean I don't know who him? He goes to my school lol. here is my response First. If i was not supposed to be in the event twice why did he allow it? Second. Im not mad i didnt get the wepon I wanted I just think if your hosting events you shou
  9. ya dredd tbrosen is out of invites I'm extending my open time to 9 because i have so many
  10. dredd tbrosen is out of town and me and aiien have been farming and were doing pretty good we just hit about 100 or more
  11. are you selling any of the giraffes if so what do u want for them?
  12. im interested in the 39 upgrade giraffe if you have not already sold it
  13. i have a tavern full f cool and interesting items if you are interested please send a message-KING_of_NoThInG2 things won't be very expensive because like i said they are cool looking but don't always have the best stats
  14. ya id be willing to do that are you on right now? or will you be on tomorrow?
  15. will take giraffes with 38 upgrades or other console events or kairi the braves with 34 upgrades and also animi worth at least 60 mil send me a message if your interested on here or on ps3-KING_of_NoThInG2
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