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  1. congrats im half way there as of now!
  2. if you could get another computer and play on that while running the server on your original system that could work thats what most people do but getting another computer is the hard part
  3. or is anyone willing to give him the $$$$ to build another box :D and you should put it up so we can do some stuff on it and progress it
  4. whats the worst food you've ever eaten or were forced to eat?
  5. what is your favorite character in dd?
  6. why arent you hosting? ill tell you some other time
  7. it went pretty bad considering i wasn't there ;) jk hope you guys are doing well
  8. If it is (not) in the Steam store, it is (not) available, even if you did buy the Complete Pack. Blame Valve, not Trendy. i wasn't blaming anyone i was just asking no need to jump to conclusions
  9. Add me King, finally xbox and ps3 crossplatform... SID: BadJueJue ill get u a gun :) i sent a request
  10. sure but in a little bit, eating sorbet ice cream i aware your always eating something
  11. anything with higher SPS XD you should get on steam and hemp me find that
  12. ok so i got my huntress to 78 and i was looking for trans weapons for her and i found one but it only has 4 sps and i was wondering what weapons are the best trans weapons to look for?
  13. *cough* krayt *cough* *cough* soda *cough*
  14. One does not simply bottle mana... pssst thats not the point X-D
  15. i can't wait for crisis 3 or bioshock 3 crisis 2 and bioshock 2 were both great games i liked the multiplayer of crisis with its sort of a halo modern warfare mix
  16. what i do is have both people restart there ps3 then inv and join
  17. hey i was playing portal defense yesterday with a friend and i guess the portal glitched out because it didn't move from the starting position the entire game i was wondering if i just got lucky or has anyone had this happen to them
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