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  1. Consoles are too restrictive for indie devs like Trendy. Blame MS/Sony. Stop crying about it here. Get the PC version ( Seriously, any PC in the last 4-5 years can run it better than consoles ), get access to DLC/patches day 1 ( Not to mention steam sales where many have bought DD for like $3-4 ) Done and done.
  2. ITT: Console gamers butthurt because their platform is run like a dictatorship while the PC platform is free.
  3. That is odd indeed.. I guess when it comes to item drops you can get 'odd' items with high stats like that. 'Normal' items are below the 360 cap for a stat.
  4. Wait.. there's hacks on xbox too? Interesting.. As for your server suggestion. Keep in mind trendy is an indie company. I doubt they have the funds for server(s) that handle 10's of thousands of players across all platforms.
  5. I've always suggested this but let's be realistic. As said above, trendy is an indie company. They do not have the resources to run x amount of servers to do all of this. The best way to avoid hackers is just play with friends and only use items you find yourself.
  6. The only way to stop it is if trendy re-writers how the client and server store information. As it stands, having items and character stats client side is so simple to hack. Having things controlled server side would make this near impossible. The only 'hack' that would be possible if this game was server-side would be duping ( If an exploit is found ), which in itself is better than people being able to edit any item they want freely.
  7. It's a bug. I think it happens when the price of the item is meant to be over 100m.
  8. all i want is some info thats all dont wanna feel like i wasted my money i dont have a gaming pc and i dont wanna go buy one just to play dungeon defenders -_-DD is not demanding at all.. From the store page: Recommended: OS: Windows 7 Processor: 2Ghz Dual-Core CPU Memory: 2GB RAM Hard Disk Space: 2GB Video Card: Graphics Card with Shader Model 3 support, 512 MB video memory DirectX: 9.0c Sound: DirectSound-compatible sound device What are you using to post here right now? If your PC doesn't even meet those specs then your PC is older than consoles. Just saying. I can tell you'
  9. How do you do insane glitter without towers? Curious how people are getting 2m+ exp in insane glitter while solo. Best I've done is 1.77m I think. That's without getting hit and the crystals taking no damage.
  10. Here's the thng: When you have an indie game that's not demanding and almost any pc can run, you buy the PC version. PERIOD. Why? Because consoles are controlled by MS and Sony. Patches for games have to be approved by them, and even then it probably costs money just to do it which is why consoles don't get many patches. On the PC? They can patch whenever they want. Point is, PC has freedom. Consoles don't. Hope you learned this valuable lesson about the platforms.
  11. Anyone capable of getting such a set wouldn't need mana. Just fyi.
  12. These threads are so silly. If you think it's hacked then sell it at the tavern. Second guessing yourself is already bad. Your best bet is to get everything on your own if you want to make sure it's legit. There's really no way of telling if anything is real anymore since the devs didn't put a simple check on servers to see if an items stats are possible or real.
  13. Seriously wtf? On NM HC they are ridiculously so ANNOYINGLY rage enducing. On many occasions I die when there's 3-5 mobs left before the wave ends, and it's ALWAYS spiders. But guess what? The spiders are always behind my towers, despite me placing towers BEHIND those towers to cover them, yet they are not being attacked. Then there's occasions where they fall out of nowhere and one shot me. No time to react. Honestly if you're going to make an annoying mechanic, atleast make it so they're not bugged where your towers don't freaking attack them even if my MM towers covering my lan
  14. still no one interested?150m. steamid: yvese
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