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  1. I don't have a problem with it but a lot of other people do. Me neither. :) If you so much as sneeze the wrong way, KICK!
  2. It doesn't, does it? Yet that is exactly what they've done here. Here is an optional hero for $3 if you like. BTW, we are making changes so that the new optional hero is required if you'd like to do anything past campaign, kthxbai. What you did there, I see it.
  3. Aside from being in complete disagreement with the topic of the thread; I have to chime in real quick. The message is obvious. TE is going to release a bunch of DLCs for money and make them highly desireable/REQUIRED to play their game. This is like selling you a car, and then later providing an optional Radio that by the way is required if you wish to travel more than 50 miles in said car. Providing an OPTIONAL radio, that is REQUIRED? That doesn't make much sense, but okay.
  4. /sings I kicked a guy and I liked it? (Sorry, I just can't help myself today lol) On a serious note, why is being kicked such a big deal? The host could kick you for any reason he/she wants, whenever he/she wants. If you have a problem with that, refer to my first post of the thread.
  5. I would go as far as to purchase a DD bong; for decorative purposes of course.
  6. What is so hard about understanding that you take the strength of all the heroes based on the situation you are faced with? Primary: Spike Blockades to Wall. Darkness Traps to strip immunities. Harpoons + Fireballs at chokes. Ensnares at Chokes Missle + Harpoon for Air. Situation Towers: Poison, Lightning Towers, Healing Aura etc etc. -------------------------------- Yes, pound for pound the Squire is better suited for all-around play, but that is not how the game was designed. No one is limited to just 1 character selection, this argument would be better fit if the game only all
  7. Stop treating this game as if there's just one character. You have a set of tools (characters) and you need to use them all. It may not be as direct, but this is what Trendy would tell you if they were to reply to this thread. (and, I whole-heartedly agree.)
  8. She blatantly shakes her booty when you select her at character selection. (I've never really noticed, but that's beside the point.) So that's making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? You need to lay off the DD for awhile or perhaps make a ranger so you no longer feel like a, 'pedo' watching animations! :) P.S. - I'm just messin' with you, if you haven't figured that out yet.
  9. /slight thread derail same story with dungeon siege 1 & 2 (not even mentioning 3, atrocious what they did with it) DS3 is absolutely horrendous, and not only that, but it's BOOOORRRINNNGGGG. I want to close my eyes and take a nap after the first 15 minutes of game play. I can't even imagine what 1 or 2 must have been like.
  10. Discussing the future of Dungeon Defenders is moot. Since the game will forever run without the need for a community (unlike an MMO, which solely relies on its community.) Basically, the future of the game is not dependant on how many players stay, therefore, as long as people buy it or try it, you'll always have someone to play with. Further, you can play alone and still finish the story. I believe a better question is this: How long will Trendy continue to develop content for the game when the player base dwindles to roughly 5,000 concurrent players?
  11. Why is everyone in such a ruch to get to 'max' level. Can't you people just play for the fun of it? And this is one of those times when Devs SHOULDN'T listen to their playerbase. What people think they want is sometimes different than what they really want. If I say to you "I want a dog" when what I really mean is that "I want an animal companion that fits my lifestyle." I could have been happier with a cat, a rabbit, or a parrot, but how would you know? TE would have gotten me the dog anyway, and I would have been stuck going up and down 16 floors in an elevator so it can go to the b
  12. Is 'EV' even an acronym? To me, it sounds like the name is similar to the character Evey, from V for Vendetta. After Evey introduces herself to V, he then iterates the letters, 'E' and then, 'V' pronouncing her name. I'm curious to know if that is what inspired the female Series EV.
  13. I'm just tired of feeling like a pedo when the huntress wiggles her butt. Wow, you see a 'wiggle' animation as she walks? That's a problem my friend.
  14. If you can shell out the cash for a usb 360 controller, do so, because the game is preconfigured for it. If you want to go the cheaper route, pick up a Logtech USB Gamepad, which works just as good.
  15. Here is how Unreal Engine works. When you change a piece of code it is part of a much larger code file, these files when cooked, to make them playable. Contain a ton of content in some cases textures/lightmaps get compressed into these files as well. A tiny piece of code can not be downloaded as just that line of code and replace the old line in what you have downloaded, because the files would not be cooked. As such every time a change happens, everything needs to be recooked so you have to download everything for the file that one piece of code is in. This is not Trendy's fault, it is th
  16. I have both the Barbarian and Huntress as my 'damage' dealers. I use my Huntress with a Genie at the beginning for mana. I use my Barbarbian with a Fairy for tighter areas and later in the maps.
  17. This isn't really a big deal, stop complaining!
  18. There are so many three letter abbreviations here that I don't understand half of the contents of this thread... They are just acronyms for the various maps and challanges. UMF = Uber Monster Fest http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Maps http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Challenges
  19. Why must you people try an ruin a good idea? or, Completely over think something which is just that, an idea. They'll obviously take AFK shop time into account when determining game played vs total time played. If it doesn't make sense or feel that it's not worth the effort - it'll be scratched off the list. I don't understand what the big deal is.
  20. Congratulations EN, and thank you! We'll look at adding a nice little in-game reward for those who reach 1000 hours (assuning we can query for that in the game, we'll check). I'll keep ya posted on it :) -Jer Ooooh, an incentive! :)
  21. people, stop trolling his gpu, a normal mac book pro 13'' can run crysis 2 on low settings to 15 fps with that intel hd 3000. The problem is somewhere else In my opinion, Crysis 2 is no benchmark for current GPUs. Especially considering that the CryEngine 3 is no where near as demanding as the CryEngine 2 was on computers. With that said, I can safely say that the Frostbite 2 engine is the new standard for measuing current PC graphics. As for the OP's GPU, it is an integrated chipset and it is not meant for gaming. I've stated that even my laptop's dedicated graphics card, the Radeon HD 6
  22. If you're having trouble breaking into Insane, what I would do is this: Run a few Hard mode surivival runs up to wave 17, 18, or as high as you can go. Basically, the higher the better, because of the higher chance for good gear to drop. Then you may want to do some solo hard rampart runs for mana to upgrade that gear and at least max each piece out. My buddies and I were in the same boat. When you're sub-74 in low-end godlys, the difference between hard and Insane Glitterhelm was extremely difficult. After a few pitiful defeats, we took a step back and did some hard survival runs an
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