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  1. That is pretty darn cute. Cuter than the cat by a long shot... but I don't like cats. So I can't judge objectively either. Actually, the above bunny has already been posted on Pg 2! But, here is my bunny submission, just to reclaim the crown of cuteness:
  2. Sorry SyDiko, but: I'm not sure if it really is cuter then the cat, because i HATE cats so i can't judge it objectively. DAMNIT, and the battle goes on. /le find cuter animal
  3. Start on wave 13 and you get pet :) Awesome to know, thank you! :)
  4. Buy a new hat. Upgrade the rest. I agree. Make sure that your next head piece has all 4 (positive) tower stats.
  5. Well now you can start from that wave Is that with the newest patch? /le search for p_notes /le found! 7.28 * Survival/Pure-Strategy Mode now lets you start on any Wave you have previously beaten (& you get correspondingly more Mana from the first-wave chests to utilize for Building) The sweetness! Now the question is: if you start on wave 14 and win, do you automatically get the pet? Or is that from 1-15?
  6. I'm about to win with this: lol /thread
  7. My buddy and I just got back into DD after hitting nightmare a few months ago. We hit a brick wall at the beginning of Nightmare, but that was minus the djinn. Now that we're at it again, we're upgrading as far/fast as we can and we're progressing. We farm UMF insane Hardcore for mana and upgrade as needed, until we succeed. Right now we're on the last wave of NMHC Endless Spires.
  8. You should't be able to kick near the end of a round. It would be nice to have, but it's tricky.
  9. I pretty much only host games now. My sister used to have sprees on joining games and instantly kicked. Hosting didn't make it a pain for me when i had a high chance of being kicked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Exactly, hosting your own public game solves all problems. :)
  10. The public/private system is fine the way it is and there are extremely easy solutions that people need to deal with and stop complaining. If you don't like being kicked, then you have 2 options. 1) Don't join public games. or 2) Host your own games. It's really THAT simple, and if you don't like those options - tough! Wherther or not you agree or disagree with Trendy's design is irrelevant. Their design allows for anyone to join any game, with the exception of the new level restriction the host can set.
  11. I have made the suggestion for a 'Particle Density' slider in the GFX menu, and I urge everyone to do the same. :)
  12. i joined a game the other day and the guy was on wave 19, after the round there was tons of them on the ground. all low level like 50-80 ups Oh wow, might have to check it out!
  13. If you can run Glitter on insane and call it 'easy,' then you should not have a problem with reaching Wave 20 on survival. However, I wasn't aware that Mythical dropped in the later survival waves of insane difficulty Glitter.
  14. I mean.. i can't just start on 30.. without anything 3 starred etc. You didn't read the patch notes: * Survival/Pure-Strategy Mode now lets you start on any Wave you have previously beaten (& you get correspondingly more Mana from the first-wave chests to utilize for Building) I'm sure they'll compenstate a start on wave 30 with enough mana to keep the towers alive. why not have a independent server? Dollars, my friend. And, it would take a lot of money to host their own servers. Those little DLCs that cost around $3 USD, wont cover the cost of keeping them running. They woul
  15. There's no simple solution to fixing the 'kick' happy players of DD. And your plan wouldn't work for 1 simple reasons: Games are hosted locally. Vote to kick is an MMO-instanced feature that works, because the games are hosted server-side. If trendy redesigned their infastructure and hosted the servers themselves, that would be a different story.
  16. Want to respec your armor, pets, or weapons - but can't?
  17. Genies and fairies do damage on the PC version?? They are the same for the consoles, they respectively heal or return mana.
  18. I'd love to see a group of four with Insane Glitter gear try to do NM Spire. NM Spire is easy, but not with four people in 20^ Godly gear. With their builder being an Apprentice, those blockades would probably take 2-3 hits from the first wave Ogres. My group of 4 friends successfully completed NM Deeper Wells in Godly gear. It was near impossible until we got kiting the 5 Orges on the final wave down. :)
  19. The moral of the story: Don't join random games, expecting not to be kicked? My only suggestion is to join the mIRC channel and make some friends. :)
  20. I have no idea x) Why not just play on Steam then? If 2 people behind NAT try to play together over Battle.net, they'll never be able to join each other's games because the server doesn't know how to connect them together. Yeah I remember that problem. But here is some food for thought, and perhaps this will help the OP! Battlle.net was initially designed (or so it seems) to work with <= 56k modems. ISDN and DSL users were okay, but with the introduction of consumer cable broadband and home networking, people just didn't know how to properly forward the proper ports. Which I belie
  21. umh, are you using a legal version? Actually no, we all have a 7.25 version. (But I do have also a legal version on my computer) What are the benefits of playing on GameSpy other than not having to be 'up-to-date?'
  22. SyDiko


    Good to be back :) Ahem, excuse me. You never told, those of us that have just joined; where exactly you went and why?
  23. EverQuest launched in 99' and is still going strong. I'm sure there are players in the game, that will have bested most records mentioned.
  24. This happens with all 'block' towers. What I've noticed, is that you have to completely seal off a lane to effectively stop an Orge from, 'warping' by the towers.
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