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  1. With the change to ES you can still solo with the Ogre, but with 2 or more people you will start getting Djinns. Yup and Djinn pathing is a nightmare on ES, no pun intended. :)
  2. Battlefield 3, Multiplayer only. :) Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3, story only. Skyrim Sonic Generations Civilization 5
  3. It would have to sound like you've acomplished victory, while also sounding pretty bad-***, and being the next level after supreme... I would say: Triumphant Victorious Dominant Paramount Hey Devs, can you host a poll for the next armor adjective?!?! Community involvement!! HINT HINT!
  4. Why does this combo work? Judging from the combined list of patch notes, their goal is to make the utilization of towers among characters much stronger, then just implementing a single character defense.
  5. That's barely tickling the low end of what the monkey can do per shot. However, decent djinnlet will be doing 1m per volley. As mentioned, with something like hero boost or bloodrage, you can push that higher, and for longer, thanks to the extra mana. Even a barbarian will benefit from the extra mana. Yup, this is the pet I'm going for and even the Insane HC version is pretty decent if you can complete the survival waves. :)
  6. You answered your own question there, they make them so people who aren't looking at shops see them anyway. I'm not saying that I condone this behavoir, but here is the theory behind it: If you can do it, and get away with it, then why not? I wouldn't be surprised to see 50% shops and 50% games in the regular server list in a few months. That is, if Trendy ignores the cluttering. :)
  7. [c3;439063']honestly dude, with those stats, if you get you a series EV and huntress up to 74 with similar tower stats you can farm mistymire campaign with no problem. i dont think you will be able to kill the boss, but you can still farm up to wave 12 for loot and mana. Truth. Series EV will make a HUGE difference.
  8. My favorite was MEW, because it had my initials. :)
  9. I love all types of music but I am currently listening to Tech N9ne ATM. Actually I have been listening to Tech N9ne since 2000 so about 12 years now. Just Tech N9ne? Why not all of Strange Music? Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Kalhoun, Big Scoob, !May Day!, Prozak, Stevie Stone, and Ces Cru all have tons of great material. :) Specifically Tech N9ne's new EP which is titled 'Kluster****.
  10. I got a really nice Huntress Guardian after completing UMF Insane Hardcore with a buddy. Apparently using the search function on this forum is forbidden to most people. While I fully condone the search function, I will play devil's advocate for several reasons: /slight derail The search feature can be a great ultility or an annoying nuisance. Its great because it can lead to a wealth of answers, but it can have negative effects because it could lead to dated information. Additionally, if this board were home to self-proclaimed 'forum police,' it would lead to a lot of 'dead-end' sea
  11. It's safe to say that there is no 'best' definitive pet, as all pets have their uses via circumstance. I think a better question would be: What is a good 'all-around' pet, that would work in many different situations? I won't bother answering, because Machiavell already did that.
  12. when I finally earn it. I'm guessing you'll be 2 eggs short by the last day. :) Are you will to miss work to farm eggs?
  13. The idea of Dungeon Defenders is to combine the abilities of ALL characters. If you're playing just the Squire or just the Apprentice, for towers, then you're sorely limiting yourself. Don't wish to purchase gear above what can be found. I am trying to take this char up through the game without being boosted or popping into someone else shop to up my gear. Admirable, and my buddies and I play the same way. But just don't limit yourself to solely the Apprentice for towers.
  14. Why can't the mana soft and hard cap just be the same? I believe a mod explained it best in an earlier thread, but its ultimately because greedy people would inflate the prices of shop gear and new players wouldn't be able to afford the items. Which in turn would cause an uncontrollable amount of inflation.
  15. Theoretically the host could just "migrate" to one of the other players. Don't all Xbox Live games have this ability? Sorry, I was speaking from a PC POV, I'm unfamilar with XBLA and their connections between consoles. I would assume there was an intermediary somewhere though, and it's probably Microsoft.
  16. Trendy would have to host the servers, and that would be extremely expensive. or, They would have to allow player hosted, dedicated servers that are certified legit. :)
  17. God, I love this forum. @Op, Well written! @Soma, As usual, and extremely effective counter arguement. :) /subscribed
  18. Decent results! Trendy you have to see now that we the console players arent one third of the population and deserve more attention!!! I don't think Trendy is ignoring the consoles, it just costs a tad bit more $$ to supply you guys with updates and content.
  19. I don't know how you console players can manage the precision with controllers. Its hard enough as it is with a mouse/keyboard. :)
  20. To keep it simple, I grouped the consoles and phones/tablets. And, you can also select multiple choices too.
  21. Everyone hated the 74-78 grind. Now we have to grind even further? Are you trying to drive us away? Because I don't know that I'll bother if this gets any worse. You don't have enough content to justify this ridiculous amount of XP grinding. I haven't even gotten half of my heroes to 78 yet and I play a LOT. Granted, I never bothered to actually focus on leveling them, but that's sort of my entire point. IT SUCKS! EVERYONE HATES IT! Why do you add more levels to the game when nobody wants them? It's so friggin pointless. If you're going to continue this, you need to add a different way of ga
  22. Just me being here means I win :) FUUUU, i'm the self-proclaimed winner of this contest. lol
  23. If you're at the level where u can do those end game maps on Nightmare, one would think you'd have the common sense to host it Private. If you don't have any friends? Make some. Takes what....no time at all actually. ^^ - I've stated this time and time again. Trendy and the DD community (as a whole) have provided several great resources to meet like-minded defenders. Just to name a few, 1) This Forum 2) IRC Channel 3) REDDIT and they are excellent communities! While I'm probably overstepping my boundaries by saying this, and I apologize, but there is no excuse for creating threa
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