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  1. ive been wanting to play on pc but idk if my computer can run it

    Please, post your system specs.

    If you don't know how, follow the steps below.

    1) Click the Start Button

    If Windows XP:
    2a) Click run. (Ignore 2b)

    If Windows Vista or 7:
    2b) type run in the box and hit enter.

    3) Type, dxdiag in the box.
    - You should get a window, with some information about your system

    4) On the bottom, click 'save all information'
    - This will create a log summary of your PC.

    5) Save the log file to your desktop

    6) Open the File

    7) Reply to this thread with a copy & paste of just the System Information and Display Information
    Note: For the display information, we just need the first line (IE: Card Name)
  2. Having Auras, Traps, Buffs, and Reflection beams is the difference between a map that seems impossible and a map that is doable.

    If you are only playing with your Squire towers, then you are severly hindering yourself.
  3. If you have the stats, but are losing on nightmade difficulty, you need to adjust something.

    Many have mentioned different characters, which is a no brainer, but I'd also suggest having multiple pets.

    Currently, I roll with:

    A Huntress Guardians for my Squire/Apprentice Builder.

    I have an awesome Trans Genie (for tower upgrades) and Mythical Djinnlett (keeps invis/ps going) for the later waves for my Huntress.

    Those will make all the difference, trust me.
  4. I don't know what all the fuss is about.

    Sharken are very easy when you learn their pathing, and we have the tools to deal with them effortlessly.

    Additionally, not only do Sharken pause and start an animation before charging, but while in a charge we have Gas Traps, Shock Beams, and Ensare Auras which stop them in their tracks.

    My buddy and I mercilessly laugh in the face of our fishy new foe.
  5. Polls are better suited for titles of the same genre, for example:

    FPS War Sims - Modern Warfare 3 vs BattleField3. :)
    MMO - EverQuest vs World of Warcraft
    Sports - NBA 2k12 vs NBA Live 2012
    Racing - Forza vs Gran Torismo

    Etc etc, get the jyst?

    I will be playing both, probably at the same time lol.
  6. *citation needed

    This is stated anytime a Trendy employee represents a thread, it's usually along the lines of:

    " The harder the game, the better quality of loot. "

    A mere search would valid the statement.

  7. Thanks for the replies, gents, but I was hoping for something a bit more... concrete.

    I honestly don't know what you were looking for in terms of a 'concrete' response. I say this, because this very topic has been debated time and time again. That said, everyone has come to accept that Squire towers, while more expensive, just work better situationally then the Apprentice towers. Therefore, it is wise to have a Squire as your primary builder for maximum efficiency.

    I've come to the conclusion that Apps are pretty useless.

    That's your opinion, which you are entitled to, but others may not stand by your point.
  8. With the introduction to Sharken, the easiest way IMO to obtain gear is to farm Uber MonsterFest on either Hard or Insane. Once you can last on either difficulty without dying, go for hardcore mode. Additionally, You will need a monk and series-ev to comfortable beat the levels with your Squire.

    For easy leveling and early mana for upgrades?

    1) Ramparts Hard Hardcore to about level 60ish. (500-600k mana per run.)

    If it's too easy,

    2) Ramparts Insane Hardcore until about level 71ish. (900K-1M mana per run.)

    When this becomes too easy,

    Glitterhelm Insane Hardcore can be done until 83. (3-6M mana a run, if you dont loot?)
    Note: This is the absolutely best method aside from Nightmare Hardcore for leveling. With all the bonuses it can yield like 2.5 million XP in about 15 minutes when your towers can handle the enemies without needing upgrades.
  9. Just curious... what modes do people play to get weapons that drop 500+ dmg and 50ish stats??

    Are you guys playing survival? hardcore?

    Does it depend on the level you are? Do you have to play in a group or is some of it soloable?

    Also are accessories dropping on all maps or just the DLC expansions?

    To better recommend some maps, please tell us the gear type that you're currently wearing?
  10. I find myself waiting 40-60+ secs per build phase just for the timer to run down when I was already ready to start the wave. I don't get why if everyone click's ready up we can't start the wave early. It can easily work like some other levels where the timer does not go down if people ready up, but if all click it it starts the game.

    /end rant from a high lvl player.

    I believe the reason why 'G' or activate Crystal doesn't work in any MonsterFest (until the end) is because there is no crystal. That is, until you have completed all the waves, where a crystal spawns, and you can press 'G' to move on.

    Now, regardless of the difficulty, which really doesn't make anyone, any special. I will agree that **all** difficulty levels of MonsterFest should be considered for an 'Activate Crystal' button!
  11. Yes you will get extra loot I do it on omf and usually get 2 extra items, both usually rubbish and worth only about a million mana
    But the main advantage is 1 extra player does not add too many more monsters and you can equip them with app/hunt guard + I use an extra controller with my ev with a fully upgraded ret ,point her into the direction of the monsters and use a hair band to hold the button down

    That's awesome info, thank you. :)

    I wanted to give it a try, but didnt want the extra monster count for the same 2 extra items at the end. :)
  12. It never fails.

    When Trendy introduces a new enemy type to keep the game fresh, the forum trolls seem to follow.

    " Thanks for ruining the game. "
    " The game is impossible with just my Squire."
    " I just wasted X amount of dollars. "
    " Thanks for taking the fun out of the game. "
    " I can't wait for Y game to come out, so I can be done with Dungeon Defenders. "

    And not a week later, when someone figures out an AFK method to handle the new enemies; they're right back to saying how easy it is.
  13. I think the OP brings up a big problem with progression in the game. When I first started I could play through the game starting at medium and play through the campaign collecting better gear as I progressed. The gear I collected was enough to get me started on which yielded better gear to continue on and eventually play through insane all with gear found progressing through the levels.

    When you get to nightmare you can't do that. Instead you have to hope to get lucky and find decent gear before you are destroyed by the ogres and spiders, then they added djinn which made progression even harder and now they are adding the sharks or whatever.

    Basically I think it would be nice if nightmare followed the same progression path that the easy through insane campaign followed. Other than that I love the game :) /rant

    Remember, nightmare is/was technically in beta mode. Therefore, the correct path for progression after the campaign insane maps would be insane hardcore survivals. Specifically the later waves (20+) which can yield some really good starter gear for progressing in nightmare mode.

    The problem most people have is the lack of tactical skill because they literally buy their way into the nightmare difficulty.
  14. You'll need lots of mana for upgrades as well.

    So far, soloing Ubermonster Fest insane hardcore is the best mana per hour for me. I can net roughly 30 million after completion, some really good starter godly/mythicals, and the chance at decent pets when I duo with a buddy.
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