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  1. I agree with everything you said and I can say that I pretty much followed the path you described. I completed all of the campaigns up through insane and figured I was ready to tackle nightmare. Atleast I figured I could use the gear I had from making my way through insane to complete the first few stages of nightmare to get better gear. Just like I had on the rest of the levels. Didn't work out for me very well. It's just not obvious to go from insane campaign to insane survival without first stopping in the forums and reading other peoples posts about progression being broken.

    Here's a question for you: Are you playing with just 1 character's defenses or are you integrating all of them?

    *shrugs* Just my take on things. I think any player lost is a great shame and a failure of both community and game developer.

    I understand your points my friend, and I agree (to an extent,) however I'll also disagree, because I'm old school. I won't sway too much off topic, but I will say this: I think the PC gamer is becoming soft, due to the saturation of softcore players. Especially because of MMO titles, and such.

    But this is a topic for another thread, probably on another forum. :)
  2. I'm wondering if it's possible to:

    Play my steam account and my wife's steam account on the same computer in two seperate windows, to multi box without multipul computers.

    It may not be possible, but if it is, tell me how.

    Ugh, the MMO mind seeping into DD is incredible lol.

    If you want to play with 2 characters, just use a controller for your second.

    It doesn't make sense to have 2 instances of Steam or DD running.
  3. The last few patches changed somethings, that are more annoying and frustrating then fun for Players. As i started this game, it was fun to play. But with the last changes (and maybe upcoming), the game is going to be in a more and more frustrating direction, that let players not longer play this game like me.

    The biggest Problem seems to me, that die difficulty adjustment is failed. There are 5 difficulties in the game and the real difficulty is something like easy=10%, middle=15%, hard=20%, insane=25%, nightmare=150%. Same with Itemdrops. If i play W25 on SV on Insane, the Items will have not more then ~40-50 on a single stat. In Nightmare they go up to more then 200 points on more stats. That means, it is nearly impossible for a new Player, to get Equipment, to do Nightmare on deeper well.

    The reason why you're having difficulty is because your order of progression is wrong.

    1) Beat Campaign on all difficulties except nightmare.
    - I would start on Medium, and work your way towards Insane.

    2) Once you have bested the campaign, got a few levels, and are fimilar with the game, you should be moving onto Survival.
    Start on hard, if hard is too easy, bump up to insane.

    Insane Surivival Hardcore (Waves 20+) will give you the gear which will bring the nightmare difficulty down. You will see 100^ godlys, and 60^ Mythicals drop.

    This is the step people ignore before going into Nightmare. Instead, they'll hit 74, hit the shops, buy their Mythicals, and think they'll stand a chance in Nightmare. Most will fail.

    And try not to follow every single guide you get. Try coming up with your own layouts and strategies to beat maps (the only point of the game.) Play around with different pets and what not. The one thing I hate about some of the DD players, is that they're followers. They await for others to progress and leech off their success and builds. Then, when they have aquired the best gear and a new enemy is released, they don't have the skills to progress on their own and now say its impossible.

    Dont worry, we will have rational gear progression, accessibility and fun next week.

    Good, take all the whiners with you too. :)
  4. /light bulb

    You can erect (aura erection? lol? ...sorry...) many scaled electric auras in a row, and just put gigantic str drains/snares above them.

    Just need a map with LONG streets and narrow passage ways - here i come UMF! :squire:
  5. People have total right to rage about new monsters.

    In context, I don't believe you have the right to 'rage,' but you do have rights to an opinion. That is, so long as the forum admins allow you to keep that privilege.

    People that 'rage' are often ignored because the post goes something like this:

    Topic: Sharken suck
    Body: I can't afk on my Squire on Nightmare. I quit, I'll never buy another Trendy game. I'm leaving when Diablo III comes out.

    (Reality: No one really cares.)

    And 9 times out of 10, with the intro to a new enemy, you now have upwards of 20+ unconstructive threads, from newly created accounts. And, people get sick of it. Thankfully, the moderators and admins on this board are exceptional at their jobs. Otherwise this forum would end up like the Battlefield 3 community.
  6. I started a thread about this yesterday, for people being at your stats too. You will need an aura monk though, and/or a trapper (even lv 70 with low stats, this is not the key point), to go through nightmare magus quarter on survival. Don't want to make advertising, but this seems to feet your progression right now.

    Excellent guide.
  7. 500,500,500,700

    Those are perfect, just upgrade your tower Health and damage and you'll be fine.

    The reason tower rate is avoided is because most builders will use Huntress Guardians + Buff Beams, which takes care of the RoF, not to mention the dimishing returns/scaling on the stats at that point level is not worth the investment.

    As others have mentioned, go for Endless Spires, but you'll need a Huntress Guardian, monk auras and gas traps to beat it (without breaking a sweat that is.) By not utilizing the combined towers, the sharken and spiders will eventually wreck havoc on your defenses, no matter how good your stats are.

    Another avenue and my method of progression was to farm Uber Monster Fest Insane Hardcore for Mana. Once I had the perfect build down, a complete clear (auto sell + looting) would net 30-50 million mana. Additionally, for completing all the waves you have a chance at some Mythical pets too, which can make things much easier. Use your earings to get your tower stats (mainly health and damage) above 6-700. Then I would move onto Shipwreck Monsterfest Nightmare Hardcore. Once you get Shipwreck down, it can net well over 200M per clear and yield 200+ upgrade Mythicals, and Transcedant rewards.
  8. This sort of. Were already seeing it happen now since the soft cap was increased from 200m to first 400m and now 600m. Things which sold for 20-50m are easily being priced near 100m. Just looking on the trading forums and things are already selling over 4 times the hard mana cap value (8b or 40 tokens).

    Now a token system "could" be useful but there has to be a heavy mana dump to it. Right now its what 20%-30 more expensive to make a mana token. If say a 200m token sold for 400m, it could be a way to drain out some of the high mana pools floating around. (Of course todays current tokens would have to be severely nerfed so that its worse then the 2 to 1 rate). Want to carry more mana above the max, well its going to cost ya.

    But frankly I'm not really a fan of a token system.

    I agree. :)
  9. To clarify, simply sticking your finger in your ears and going "caps solve inflation, caps solve inflation, caps solve inflation" doesn't actually solve inflation. It's obvious you already have a problem when things are selling in the trading forum for 75 tokens.

    No one has stated that the caps SOLVE anything, we're iterating their intended purpose and why you won't see a significant cap increase or token vendor implemented on ranked servers.

    mana tokens are a good thing, its a mana dump.

    I disagree, and upgrading your gear is the intended, 'mana dump.'

    This is why I don't bother with tokens, they are slowly opening the flood gates for a player driven inflation. Which is exactly what Trendy is trying to avoid. I will also say that any fixes for this is low on the priority list, but don't be surprised when Trendy eliminates the ability to trade items as tokens for profit.

    There is a better solution to the whole mana thing, and I'm sure the team at Trendy will come up with the best solution for everyone.
  10. Upgrades for one of my characters for sure... considering I try and rotate 10 characters lol
    The starts were good just all dead on 20 across (good for my character anyways)

    Least I know what level of Survival to farm out some Mythical!

    What are your primary builder stats? Perhaps we can recommend something even better.
  11. The mana cap is there to keep items from becoming super inflated.

    Thankyou at least some one is seeing abit of sense rather than going on about coding limits and the dd economy

    You're not seeing the bigger picture, and for the game's long-term survival, the economy within Dungeon Defenders is extremely important, especially for the new player. Think of it this way, who's going to buy your overly priced gear other than the 1% of the upper players?

    This will probably piss people off, but I actually hope that Trendy does away with the ability to create, 'mana tokens' or make it so that fully upgraded armor when traded loses 60-70% of it's vendor value. This will stop unintended user inflation over time.
  12. There is no 'best' pet, as each pet has it's situational use. However, having all of the listed pets is a good idea.

    I would also recommend that if you are a Huntress, to utilize a Genie instead of a Djinnlet at first.
  13. [c3;468262']i stopped caring about knockback a long time ago, and subsequently stopped using it because i was tired of it throwing mobs behind my defenses and right at my crystals.

    Lol, sucks to have an archer knocked behind your defense and 1-shot your crystal doesnt it? lol

    I had made it to a later wave on an insane map, months ago and had that happen to me. Deleted the pet with knockback immediately.
  14. The fundamental flaw in your argument is that your comparing 2 towers to each other and then saying it makes one of the hero's useless.

    This is invalid both from a mathematical (statistical) standpoint and from a common sense standpoint.

    Each hero has more than just one tower, therefore the value of said hero must be judged by all elements and towers they present not just a single tower.

    Sure the harpoon is great, but what about slice & dice, not so great and DU hogs, what about bowling balls, they sucked soon as Djinn came to play.

    If you keep the hero out for the big active hero bonus to towers the apprentice has range & speed. So he can stay behind defenses and hit airborne enemies like the djinn that the squire would have incredible trouble with. The utility of overcharge is amazing, I have had that skill single handedly save us many times for a clutch repair.

    By your logic we would be determining if Monk is better than Huntress based on Electric Aura vs Inferno Trap. Who ever has the better tower wins, Well inferno cost less DU and does a bit more DMG so Monk has no purpose. I guess the Huntress has Hero/Tower boost, Healing Auras, and Strength Drain?

    Lets move outside the video game world.

    I have a Dodge Viper and a Geo Metro. The Metro has 99% windshield coverage with its wiper blades and the Viper only has 95% therefore what is the point of owning a Viper? Nevermind the other stuff we are only comparing one statistic X & Y and then conclude that if X > Y then A > B

    The answer is not even wrong, its not possible to determine. Your logic is wrong though.

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