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  1. Good ideas, however...

    1) In game design we went over what makes gamers play games. What is there motivation? This being said the longer you play a game you should feel like you accomplish something. DD is terrible at this.

    This statement doesn't make any sense.

    How can you spend over 400 hours playing a game, say a game 'rules,' and NOT feel a sense of accomplishment? What do you think has kept you in the game for so long? I'll tell you, it's wanting to achieve even more each session you're defending your precious crystals! With that said, I disagree with your point whole-heartedly, because Trendy has persevered in an extremely diffcult genre. If you want to see a tower defense with no true feeling of accomplishment, give Sactum a go!
  2. everyone has their complaints and most of them seem trivial. overall TN has done a fantastic job with this game, it has gotten me hooked like no other game ive played in a while. my biggest complaint that makes this game so frustrating i want to quit is steam disconnects. i dont care if its steam or TN either way its affecting gameplay and therefor your business. there is a fix for every problem, need to find one for this. be it longer timeouts or auto save game or whatever. take this as the positive feedback it was meant to be and continue doing a good job TN team

    This is not a problem with Dungeon Defenders, its a problem with Steam. Therefore, your complaint should be directed at the Steam forums.
  3. I lost at around 800/1000, but I saw how much gas traps improved the build immediately. I think I'll be able to get to 30 today—thanks again, gents. I won't underestimate the usage of gas traps again.

    Unless you have a time limit (like on Monsterfests) gas traps are absolutely vital.
  4. I couldn't find recent builds for uber monster fest. Does anyone have an up-to-date one? Or is the harp frenzy in the NE still the way to go?

    NE Corner is still the best spot.

    Harpoons (6 facing each choke)
    Narrow Passage: 1 2 2 1
    Towards the Open Area: 2 rows of 3
    To Support them, Tower Buff Beams, Reflection Beams, Strength Drains, (Optional: 1 or 2 Healing Auras)
    At the choke points: Ensnare Auras, Explosive Traps

    My buddy and I were able to duo with this setup with stats around 600 and my builder had negatives in resistances lol.

    No need for Walls, the Sharken will charge them and push them out of the way.
  5. Just a quick update:

    My group and I saw a recent post giving a good setup for NMHC Magus Quarters Survival even at the stats we were working with, so we've run that a few times. The loot has been promising, but I haven't gotten anything that's changed my life yet, usually because of time constraints (we've had to stop after winning the pet because it was 1:30 in the morning and we have jobs) but I think that should get us the mana and eventually the gear we need to slowly start making progress in the Monster Fest levels and beating the rest of the campaign. I look forward to trying the things you guys suggested to see for myself all the ways to get gear.

    Nice man, I would suggest first trying the MonsterFests instead of survival.

    Even though you may progress further in survival, the amount of time vs mana earned is lacking in my opinion. If you can complete the first 2-3 waves on any NMHC Monsterfest, that'll net you around 40M (or more) at an 1/8 of the time.
  6. I didn't say you needed that, I'm just saying that it helps and people with 900 stats and negative resistance is something you really shouldn't have when going into a NM Survival game. Thank you for your input though. =)

    I'm going to agree with him, you are probably going to miss out on some potentially good players, because they don't meet your 2K+ stat mark.

    Good luck with building your group!
  7. Double plus good. Better love story then Twilight.

    Only thing I didn't like was the ending; it got really dark.

    A blank sheet of paper is a better love story than twilight. lol
  8. I just picked up the game yesterday out of sheer Sunday bordem.

    While it was downloading, I wanted to get some info on the classes and their mechanics, so I made my way to the forum. Would you believe that every other post, in every single class board was (and still is) a whine thread?

    The community was a turn off, so I found my info elsewhere, but there was one thread that really made me laugh and it was titled, 'The Wizard Sucks' and in the body was, 'I wasted $60.00 bucks and over 60 hours playing this game blickty blah blah blah.'

    I don't know about you, but I think I would have gotten my monies worth if I played a game for 60 hours in less than a week of it's release.

    P.S. - The game is great!
  9. I have had this issue in the past and I think it had something to do with my video drivers. When you're playing, and the game begins to lag, open task manager and check the size of your ddefenders.exe. I can remember the executable being over 1GB and the game would be unplayable.

    My Rig: i7 | 16GB DDR3 | GTX 570

    The problem went away after a few driver and game updates.
  10. i'm not coming up with this idea. I was simply replying to your idea. Would it be cool to have that tower? of course it would. I'm trying to take a look at this from a broader view though. And as it stands, apprentices aren't used terribly often. When they are used, its for their splash fireball towers.

    I disagree, Apprentice towers are extremely helpful to augment a defense. I stated earlier that 'I don't personally use them,' but my partner does incoperate them into our builds. More specifically, the Magic Missles, Fireballs, and Deadly Strikers.

    So to implement a ranged tower that replaces a melee one which in turn negates one of the good points of using an apprentice might not be such a good thing. I'm sorry if you feel that i'm derailing your idea, but if you post an idea here it is subject to criticism please dont take it personally

    Right now, in any situation, the only Squire tower that I (matter of opinion) find useful is the Harpoon. I can list several better alternatives to using the rest of the Squire's arsenal where other towers have far greater efficiency.

    You want to use a wall? Physical Beam or Blockade.
    - No need for Spike, Bouncer, or Slice n' Dice.

    You want to AoE packs that are snared or gassed? Strength Drain + Fireball or Strength Drain + Explosive Trap.
    - Bowling Balls are too unpredictable and cost too many defensive units. In addition, Harpoons are only more effective in if your enemies are in a straight line.

    Need to deal with spiders? 2 Magic Missles in certain situations can be better than 1 Harpoon. Or, you can use a gas trap + magic missle. Or you can use an explosive trap + magic missle.

    The list goes on, but this is why I've come to suggest a swap in squire towers.
  11. Let me stress this, you CANNOT rely on your towers to kill or take priority on certain enemy types. Especially for Djinn as their pathing can become unpredictable. While gas traps do work 80% of the time, I'll personally handle them just to make sure, because 1 desummoned aura or trap could spell diaster very quickly. It's a good idea to keep an eye on them once they spawn, just to be on the safe side.

    Do Ogres take priority over desummoning Djinni? Or is there some weird thing going on here that I'm completely missing?

    From what I can tell, the Harpoon targets whatever is closest to it.
  12. So I recently got a new computer, and after installing DunDef, I noticed all my data carried over from my last computer. A cool feature I guess, but I wanted to start fresh. Since it clearly isn't local files, will it work is I uninstall the game, turn off Steam Cloud, go into the properties of the game and disable updates and reinstall?

    When you say, 'starting fresh,' what exactly are you trying to do:

    Delete all of your characters?
    Not play Dungeon Defenders on the latest patch?

    Need more info!
  13. It better not replace any of the squires current towers... yea lets give them another useful tower with splash. so not only do they have piercing towers but splash towers as well. Why even have an apprentice? i mean most of the population feels this way already but would be even more so with that addition.

    I don't use the Apprentice in Nightmare mode, or at all for that matter. So I can't make suggestions on replacing those particular towers. However, judging by your post, you seem to understand their problems, so why don't you make a suggestions thread with new ideas, rather than derailing mine?! :)
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