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  1. This thread reminds me of a pretty funny MEME:
  2. You know you've been playing too much Dungeon Defenders when/if... - You are barricading your main entrance to your house. I lol'd. :)
  3. Let me also say this: In my spare time I produce music, write C# code, and do school work (continuing ed.) The extra monitor helps a TON with the aforementioned. For gaming, especially if you play in full-screen modes, dual screens are not needed. If you want more screen real estate, I would suggest buying a monitor that supports a higher resolution.
  4. SyDiko


    Honestly? No, I owned a mac for several years before PC's came in with equivalent graphic and video producing abilities. Ugh, I can understand just using it for those things (back then,) but to-date why do people buy them for anything else? They are HATEFUL! EVIL! Demon-Spawn!
  5. I have dual screens - 2 19 wides @ 1440x900. If I had the desktop space, I would have 1 more.
  6. Secret of mana or Lufia II? Even better... Chrono Trigger!? Chrono Trigger's story is probably my favorite. I've played it on the SNES and DS, and every once in awhile I will have the itch to try for one of the other alternate endings.
  7. I got my refund. Are you on Inferno yet? Game loses it's fun rather quickly once you get to Inferno IMHO. Also, they are centering the game around AH (thus RMAH) so forget that. /rant I've been playing a few hours a week, for the last week and I'm on ACT III Hell difficulty. It is pretty boring, especially going through the same story for the 3rd time.
  8. SyDiko


    I hate them, and this hatred was further amplied after trying to troublshoot a wireless printer yesterday for a friend. Does anyone else hate these evil devices?
  9. Persistent character is a character that continues to exist outside a single game. Stats, armor, etc. Compare that to say Team Fortress 2 or Starcraft, once the game ends everything that matters starts over and everyone is equal. Persistent Character format should not be confused with Persistent World format (MMORPG) because the characters still can not exist outside the game since the game never ends. Gotcha, but I think your statement holds some untruth. Neverwinter Nights is an actual game that can utlize a persistant world with a persistant state character. Basically, a hack n' sla
  10. Also Dungeon Defenders' problems very closely resemble the same struggles Blizzard had with the original Diablo, especially Hacking and Duping. I dsagree, Trendy is not plagued with hackers or trainers like the original Diablo. Infact, in my entire Defending career, I've YET to see a hacker or hacked item. Whilst playing Diablo back in the day, hackers were knocking on every hosted game's door in some way, because it was extremely difficult to prevent it client-side. Also battle.net was in it's infancy stages anyway. IE: Drop item, run back a little, move forward, click to pick up! DUPED!
  11. I don't know why everyone must compare these 2 games. As it stands Diablo 3 is a Dungeon crawler and Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense. A better off-topic dicussion would be Diablo 3 vs Torchlight 2. HOWEVER! If you must compare them, compare each community. That said, Blizzard games are host to some of the most immature punks on the internet. Their watered down games breed some of the most nonsensical elitism that I've ever seen. I really don't know how you can be considered, 'hardcore' when they practically hand the 'high-end' gear out.
  12. Unfortunately, we do not have more information on that at this time. Hit, you sound like a spokesman for a major organization. :) /reporter This just in, Trendy Entertainment is now known as Trendy Inc..
  13. I don't know about that, I still think he's a little shy on the stats. I'm not saying he need 1k, but he probably needs at least 300 in each... ESPECIALLY tower health. Cymmina, pretty much said what I was going to say. However, stats in the 300s would be ideal, but I still believe his stats will get him through (at least) the first few waves of say Endless Spires. And by completing the first few waves, this should get him some upgrades via chest drops. Additionally, You have to remember he's doing the campaign and the nightmare mobbs are ridiclously easy. The only thing you really need
  14. I wasn't doing nightmare on my own until I had close to the 1k stat range. I think you're main problems is that your gear just isn't good enough. If you want I can run you through some nightmare levels. Just add me on steam and shoot me a message. steam profile is in sig His stats are fine for entry into nightmare, he just has to play a bit more on the strategy side, rather than brute forcing it with 1k stats from purchased gear. :)
  15. My towers of choice for dealing with Harpoons: 1) Explosive Traps - IMO, the most cost effective solution for Spiders and my favorite method of control. 2) Reverse Harpoons - AT 6 DU each, these can be pricey for only dealing with spiders. However, if you can angle them to have a 2nd job, it may make up the cost. 3) Bouncer Blockades - Cost Effective, but you have to put them directly on the spawn point. They also have a knock-back, which can spell disaster for other towers if the bouncer doesn't kill the spider. Anyone ideas on dealing with dijnn? Harpoons or Deadly Strikers can b
  16. Welcome back. I left DD ages ago Lol, the game isn't even a year old!
  17. Not me, but my buddy and I were farming for Djinletts and we finally reached wave 15. I picked up a very nice Trans, but was dewarded with a full negative, 1^ Djinnlett. I don't think I laughed so hard.
  18. Why does this happen. This has to be one of the most infuriating things EVER!!! I started Misty NMHC surv from the beginning, was on wave 28 when suddenly. Dungeon defenders disconnects me from trendy servers and starts to update. SERIOUSLY!!! This is dam ridiculous. It takes ages to setup and even longer to get there. At least let me finish what im up to before you make me update the game. basically 2 hours of my life wasted now. Cheers! You can now start over from any previous wave you've completed. Start from 27 and deal with it.
  19. Honestly, I'd rather have a game with great mechanics, insane replay value, passionate developers, nice community and medicore story. Instead of having a game with a great story and poor gameplay, bad community, and a deaf staff /cough Blizzard/Activision. :)
  20. Welcome to the PC club, the caviar is over yonder. :)
  21. The best items in the game are worth a lot more than 600 million and the prices the game puts on them means jack. You're missing the true intent of player made mana tokens. Which has very little to do with an item's worth. The true intent of these tokens are to exceed the in-game cap to combat the high cost of upgrade levels. Basically it comes down to not wanting to blow an entire run on a 20 or so upgrades. I believe it goes something like this: 1) Farm Supreme Items and gear up. 2) Farm Additional Supreme items to sell. 3) Sell Supreme Item for (X) amount of tokens. 4) Stash toke
  22. Then every player who just bought something prior to this happening would be kicking themselves for doing it and complaining on the forums about it. It would be a moderator nightmare. If that's what you're worried about, then I would happily volunteer my services to forum clean up. :)
  23. Apologies, I wasn't complaining at all -- any discount is generous, and this makes perfect sense as a marketing strategy. I merely had a selfish hope that I might be able to add some DLC to my base game :) As long as you're sorry! :)
  24. Base game 50% off, but no DLC on sale :( /slap Stop complaining
  25. This. There are so many better ways, but at this point, I doubt anything will change :( Did Trendy (as an entity) flat out say, 'no!?'
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