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  1. Aside from the obvious crotch vunerability, I actually like my Squire pantless.
  2. I don't want to sound rude, but what are you trying to accomplish by posting a thread like this? Basically, what I'm trying to say is this: there are enurmous reasons why your client failed to connect to Trendy. And often times, the issues are on the user's end.
  3. Not everyone only plays with a steady group of friends. I shouldn't have to cut out a big chunk of the game and play solo just because friends don't happen to be on. How many friends or how much time you have is not Trendy's problem. In-fact, they've done most of the leg work for you in order to find other legitamate players relatively quickly. A) You have this forum. (Which you are on.) B) You have an active IRC channel. (See stickie) C) You can venture over to co-optimus (google it) and join their steam group and make friends. Stop making excuses, the time spent writing your respons
  4. Moral of the story: Do not trust low paid employees of game companies to always do what they are susposed to when dealing with actionable issues in game. I understand, and I'm sorry to hear about your wife's misfortune. That particular experience would put anyone off and certainly make them think twice about a company's customer service repuation. Blizzard should have given you a free month for the stress that they've caused with their error. Lets just hope that Trendy admins are little more competent than that. And, I'm sure if Trendy made the same mistake, they would hook people up with
  5. Suckers, steam was offering Dungeon Defenders and ALL DLCS for like 75% off during the Winter sale. I think I paid < $20 bucks for everything.
  6. If the admin who looks at the ticket follows the "letter of the law" ie. players with hacked items are auto banned, then yes it does. It all depends on if the admin bothers: ~ To look at where the item came from... ~ Bothers to read the notes attached to the problem ticket... ~ Believes the OP's story that the item was "just dropped off in the shop" rather than something he traded for that he realized he can't use. Ultimately going that route puts you at the whim or mood of the admin who investigates the ticket. Not worth it IMO. I mean no disrespect and I understand where you are
  7. I don't understand how this game is ruined for Ranked. If you play with friends in private games, stay away from shady people in public games, and don't buy your armor from AFK shops then you'll be alienated from any 'hacking' that's going on.
  8. I like the part where you completely miss what I actually said, build an epic strawman argument of epicness & use it to continue spewing your nerd rage/gamer entitlement all over yet another thread. I don't even know why you bother, the key point Trendy made is stated in your signature. They also spunk'd it on our screen each time we logged in.
  9. So they nerfed apprentice and buffed squire. And now squires with similar stats get much further with their towers than apprentice. What's the point? Are they going to nerf squire towers now? I guess I'm just frustrated since my apprentice seems generally worthless in every situation. Can't do assault, can't dps, isn't the tower builder, can't even sit in the map and be a repair bot since he dies so fast. I'm fine with adapting and all, but won't they just nerf the next set of towers that can get far? /sigh The idea is to utilize all towers, auras, and traps.
  10. You guys should learn to respect others and their opinions. Blaming me for expressing my opinion in a public forum makes you guys look like a bunch of fanboys that will do anything just to defend Trendy. This has gone way off-topic, this is my last post for this topic. First of all, if you can't take constructive critism, especially if you give it, without getting your panties tied up in a knot; then perhaps a forum is not the right place for you. Secondly, how are any of these posts going, 'off topic?' Insane IS this thread and over half the posts within it. P.S. - Good riddance! So y
  11. What I would suggest is this, don't stick to just 1 class because your friends are covering the others. They might not be built properly for a certain style of gameplay. Granted you can respec at anytime, but that's besides the Point as your gear might not be upgraded to support a new role. Furthermore, when your apprentice is => 40, start power leveling the other classes of your choice. Just keep in mind, once your defenses are setup, you can shelve your Apprentice, that is, unless you want to reach 74, one at a time. Anywho, here's what my selection screen looks like: 73.9 Huntress (R
  12. Problem with that is.. asking Steam to help with an issue with a hacked item is just asking for trouble. The person who looks at it ~might~ understand that it was dropped there by someone else and just delete it or they ~might~ just look at it and decide to ban the account in questions for having a hacked item period. Going that route you are basically at the mercy of the mood of the admin who catches your problem ticket. That makes no sense, if you aren't guilty then you should have nothing to worry about.
  13. So I guess you're a part of the beta team and feel offended, otherwise everything you said is speculated and therefore - by your logic - just as meaningless. Don't act like you were predestined to protect the forum from criticism, I bet you have better things to do with your time. Again someone who assumes that nobody beside him has any kind of knowledge. I'm a part-time programmer and web developer. I agree that hackers are ruining the game, but Trendy refuses to fix the cause. Third-party anti-cheat solutions can be bypassed and VAC is inefficient because of the delayed bans. But by stor
  14. 2 Problem Solving solutions for you. 1) Join games within your level range. If you're just starting out, you should be playing in your own private games anyway. At least, until you manage to hit level 10 or so. By then you should have a basic grasp and you'll be eligable to join others for some co-op fun. P.S. - My own etiquette is to stay within at least 10-20 levels of the host. My highest character is Lv73, and I wouldn't bother joining a 74 NM game, because I don't have anything, except upgrading to contribute. 2) Make your own games.
  15. No one here knows what goes on inside the beta team unless you're in it. Fact!
  16. On Insane Glitterhelm, every single Orge spawn point should consist of at least: Strength Drain + Ensnare Auras | 1 or 2 Blockades (A must to negate resists) | Fireball Tower x 1, Lightning Tower x 1, and Missle Tower x 1. The key to soloing glitterhelm, as many have pointed out, is by having strength drain auras. Having said auras will mean Orges are stopped (and killed) in their tracks; rather then them mauling their way to your precious crystals virtually unscathed. Addtionally, if you have the building units to spare, double up on fireball towers.
  17. Off all the communities I've been a part off this is by far the most entitled one. Its embarrassing. Actually, the World of Warcraft forum is worse, but that might be because there are more people.
  18. Twenty bucks spent leads to Entitlement, which is clearly evident here. While I agree that some people go a bit overboard with patch rage... A bit? In terms of this forum, that's kind of an understatement.
  19. sorry ..........haha You should be!
  20. Reference this thread: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?45232-Is-this-sword-legit Use your noodle to determine what's hacked and what's legit. If it's too good to be true, then its probably hacked.
  21. I bet if I run a search on more then half the people in this thread complaining about the newly aquired difficulty of nightmare modes; I'll find that all of you, in your defending careers, have stated, 'NM is easy.' And now, when Trendy makes the game slightly challenging, you gripe and complain, now that you actually have to play the game. As stated above, adapt or die! Also, not everyone have a group of friend that can play together. Just like me, i solo most of the time. Why don't you make some friends to play with then? Trendy has provided 2 great community resouces (forum &
  22. I guess well agree to disagree. I understand your POV but most average players dont regularly visit game forums...For a good portion of my library i dont even know if there is a forum. My point is most average players wouldnt even know if the stats are legit or not (barring crazy high stats) and shouldnt. If you look through the forum there are some hacked items that border legit (1 stat off enough to call shenanigans)....how would a regular non forum goer know this and why should anyone have to concern themselves worrying about in game features?then to add bans on top of that............ Th
  23. Not everyone goes to a games official forum to find all this info out. Most people rightfully assume that IN GAME shop/items are legit It doesn't matter, common sense should be used regardless. If you have the mana to buy from shops, then you should know what is legit and what is not just from playing up to said level. There are obvious exceptions to what I've said, but there is really no excuse for ignorance. (again, if you feel that you are wrongfully banned, because you did not know. Refer to section D of my initial post. :) )
  24. I don't understand why so many people are having a hard time with Trendy's rules. A. You're better off farming your own gear. - If you purchased your gear from other players to progress, then shame on you. B. If you buy gear, know exactly what you're buying, or don't bother purchasing it. - If you don't know what hacked items look like, do some research. C. If you wear hacked items or sell hacked items, you are on the sh*tlist. - Self explanitory. D. If you believe that you were wrongfully banned, get with the Community Manager. Whats so hard about that?
  25. I'm sorry, but this is a really minute thread. And I can't believe that there are people that complain about one class' abilities over another. This isn't an MMO, it's a Tower D with RPG elements. The solution to this and most complaints is to level another character with your already high level characters and get the challange done. If you don't have a high level character, level an Apprentice to 60 and go from there.
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