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  1. I think I should leave this one to phyrex, I mean this is his shrine of enlightenment. Phyrex, pleae enlighten me. I'm ignorant!
  2. Hmm, what is this 'reddit' thing you guys are talking about? To me, the ignorant, it looks like a poorly designed, but well organized blog for common topics that are scattered across the interweb? Someone enlighten me please?
  3. SyDiko


    I'm not sure if this has been suggested or not, probably has, but I think this will solve a lot of the hacked items being dropped in Taverns by mysterious visitors. Allow logs for players, that can be exported to an image file for uploading to the forum report feature. 1) Log Tavern Guests - IP Address, Steam ID, and Character Name. 2) Log Tavern Guest Actions - IP Address, Steam ID, Character Name, and Item (with stats.) Obviously, the IP address should be semi-masked for privacy reasons, with the exception that only Trendy could view the full IP. This will allow GMs to identify and
  4. 2)I really love playing the hunter, if I wanted to play a squire or countess I would be playing them, I read a lot of the guides and most of them tell me to create a totally different char to level up a character I want to play.. sorry to be blunt but that sucks. Is this why 90% of the youtube vids etc have you logging on 3-4 different chars to powerlevel your main ?? I play for fun how is that actually fun ? Play how you want, but you're treating this game as if it were an MMO. This isn't a bad thing, but its not the way the game was designed. And, unless you're playing in a group - you w
  5. the user whats give me items is banned from steam ! i see today. Yoda plays Dungeon Defenders!!!
  6. It's the bane of the online gamer It has been this way for a long time now, but the problem is this: gaming computers are getting much cheaper and easier to maintain. Therefore, more people are starting to play PC games online. That said, when you have this new crowd that isn't fimilar with the invisible code of gaming etiquette, you get segregation (Noobs, Casuals, and Hardcore) which leads to elitism. This happens in any game where you have gear levels and content progression, regardless of genre. There are those of us that are hybrids though, because I'm hardcore in just about any game
  7. Seems like many people read the word, 'elitest' and stopped there. :) Should I put together another class, is there a more solo friendly class/build that can succeed in nightmare or just hope to one day log into a multiplayer game with people who play for fun. Advice needed. Ultimately, you'll want to max out every class: Monk, Huntress, Apprentice, and Squire! Having just 1 character will only limit your solo progression. Before you go any further with your Huntress (I'll explain why later,) let me encourage you to level a (Tower Based) Squire. Why? Because, right now, they are THE To
  8. Download the Demo and give it a shot! Have you tried it? On the chance you haven't, you should. My 4 year old Dell XPS M1330 (T7500 Core 2 Duo, 3 GB RAM, GeForce 8400M GS) can play enough of the game to get a feel for it on low settings. I wouldn't bother trying to run any game utilizing the U3 engine with integrated graphics, even with the new Intel & ATI lines.
  9. it's more on how Mages behave in game Only a Trendy Developer can correct this statement, but I think it's safe to say that: If the developers feel as though Magi are not 'working as intended,' then they would have fixed any discrepancies by now. Additionally, using the one-shotted arguement is invalid in my opinion, because thats the way the difficulty was designed. Furthermore, Nightmare HC Mode isn't impossible to finish, but it is extremely difficult and it seems that's what Trendy was going for. That is, even if you the player have to risk dying to kill a single Mage. A bit ext
  10. I'm in between the 'summoner' and the 'mad-chemist.' /votes summoner. I would love the ability to summon an Orge. :)
  11. Play Orcs Must Die and you'll see a Tower game of this type down totally right. I will agree, that game IS solid. However, it's hindrance from being perfect is a lack of multiplayer support. Unless, they've added multiplayer features since the last I've played?
  12. ^^ - World of Dungeon Defenders (or DungeonQuest [I'm about to trademark that sh*t right now],) is what you're looking for Bearthez. :) While all that IS nice to have, I just don't feel like a lot of it is nessecary for a Tower Defense game with RPG elements.
  13. My question still stands: does the game require long-term appeal? No one can answer that question for the general populus, because we all have different demands for the longevity of the game (or any game for that matter.) For me, the game's length and content amount is fine, but for Joe the Plumber, it may not be long enough.
  14. I love the Trendy community and I'll share a quick positive experience that I've had as well! My very first game on the ranked servers was an extremely memorable one. I believe I had joined a Hard - Magus Quarter survival map and it lasted about 3 hours. We were all noobs from what I could gather, but we all picked up the map fairly quickly. I remember someone worrying about the Orges and we all immediately planned accordingly. The first Orge was a surprise, because no one really knew what to expect, but after nearly losing all of our defenses, we were able to hold out and defeat it and last
  15. With the line that was quoted in the post that you quoted. If he wasn't playing Hardcore then he wouldn't have said "and when you happen to die you can't" because it is only in Hardcore that you do not respawn to deal with issues. Ahh, you are totally right! And I'm 100% wrong. I will correct my posts, in that sense. :)
  16. God forbid you ever play at a high level of survival where moving outside the base is insta-death. How I play is not the issue, as I'm fine with the Mage in nightmare (Hardcore) mode. Thanks. At high levels where leaving the base is a death-sentence, and Pure Strategy, those aren't options. Also, the correct word is, "Mages'." Magi has heavy reference to the Biblical Wise Men and Zoroastrianism The chance of dying if you step around your defenses isn't 100%, therefor you can survive if you proceed with caution and proper planning. But your innate fear of in-game death is not my probl
  17. I'd buy a Vita if DD was on it.
  18. Trendy, please change the mage's AI so they stop camping. They do nothing but camping and when you happen to die you can't finish that map anymore. How about assigning them a certain amount of skelettons and when they are depleated they attack the defenses themselves. Gawd forbid you actualy have to move outside your defenses to interact with enemies. Magi* are fine.
  19. Ideally, the devs have designed the game where you will need to utilize all Towers, Auras, and Traps. It's a good idea to use more than 1 character. :) My Choke points look like this: EnSnare Aura ----------------- Darkness Trap ----------------- Spike Tower ----------------- Missle | Fireball | Lightning ----------------- Harpoon | Harpoon anniliates everything. :)
  20. I think the point was to bring them all up to the same level ;) With that said, I prefer bone bows only because they attack fast and I can directly aim them!! I'm running my old Blasticus, and I would love to get my hands on a decent Bone bow. The piercing seems like it'll be beneficial in Nightmare difficulty. :)
  21. Aside from what everyone else says. (Which is great info by the way!) Firstly, please get out of the mind-set that this is an MMORPG, because it is not. If you play Dungeon Defenders like an MMO, you are going to have a ton of problems in the long run and I think thats where a lot of the issues are stemming. Simply, Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense with RPG elements, that's it. With that said, there is no rush to the 'end game.' Infact, there is no 'end game' persay. There are only various settings per stage for difficultly. Again, this isn't an MMO, it's a tower defense game. With
  22. I really don't see how, 'hackers' are such a big problem.
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