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  1. and I just checked the website it says graphics 256MB but mine is 384MB dafuq? [quote] PC System Requirements Minimum: OS: Windows XP Processor: 1 Ghz Dual-Core CPU Memory: 1 GB RAM Hard Disk Space: 2GB Video Card: Graphics Card with Shader Model 3 support, 256 MB video memory DirectX: 9.0c Sound: DirectSound-compatible sound device Recommended: OS: Windows 7 Processor: 2Ghz Dual-Core CPU Memory: 2GB RAM Hard Disk Space: 2GB Video Card: Graphics Card with Shader Model
  2. I just want some action-rpg back in the game! Yeah, I get what you're saying. I honestly believe it may have something to do with Trendy's additional content approach. The way I would have released Dungeon Defenders is in finished expansions and THEN patch the game with tweaks and bug fixes. Trendy decided to take the 'open beta,' piece by piece approach, and it leaves the mid to hardcore player wanting more all the time. But Trendy is new at this sort of thing and this statement hits the nail on the head. Don't fret about end-game anything, b/c their is no purpose except bragging right
  3. So the things that have been advertised as core elements of the game are really just perks? I would certainly hope not. The core objective is defending your crystal(s). The Role Playing elements are there in order to help you defend said crystals better. I used the term perks, but I used it loosely. Back in the day, the very first Tower Defense games were just that, pure strategy, and they were fun as hell. Playing the first wave (no pun intended) in Warcraft/Starcraft, and then even better visual TDs in Warcraft III. Some even had hereos, much like in DD, to help out with lanes and what
  4. /ignores the MMO comments. I mean that Dungeon Defenders is increasingly becoming a TD that is 100% based on what gear you have (and whether or not you play squire, but that's a different matter). I'm going to agree, but also to disagree. Dungeon Defenders is first and foremost a Tower Defense, of course it's going to be one dimensional in some regards. You have to applaud Trendy though, because it's the second of it's kind (second to Sanctum) and in my opinion, it's leagues ahead! People expect a lot when they play Dungeon Defenders, because it has RPG elements, but those are just perks
  5. Nice, gratz on that! I didn't follow the recommend endless spires for my first nightmare completition. My buddies and I were determined to beat Deeper Wells, and we did! Was pretty exciting either way. :)
  6. Sorry, but your graphics card is all but useless for gaming. He could play games on: www.pogo.com :)
  7. Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB Should be able to run this game even in the highest setting :) You just solved your own problem. You're trying to run Dungeon Defenders on max settings, probably at max resolution, with an integrated graphics controller. I can't even do that on my laptop's dedicated Radeon HD 6470. What you need to do is this: A) Before you launch the game, go into the configuration menu: 1) Set your 'Graphic Quality' to Low 2) Turn off 'VSync' and any 'anti-aliasing.' B) While in game, go back into the options and gfx menu: 1) Turn off Post-Processing 2) Use eit
  8. Imagine how many players would buy a $1.99 addon to color stuff how you want. I wouldn't pay USD for that option, and quite frankly; it would be insulting if Trendy expected people to pay for the feature.
  9. I got this game for my mac but it doesn't even run properly.. not even the tech people can help me I feel like I'm scammed That's what you get for buying a mac, chump! The next time you're out looking for a new laptop; instead of going to the Granny 'Apple' store, take ur arse to Worst Buy. (Actually, Best Buy now sells Apple computers huh?) Hah, you're screwed either way! Lol. Just kidding of course, I hope you get everything sorted out. Feeling like you took a hard one is never good.:)
  10. Haha, thanks for this! I should've been clearer in my first post. :^) Lol, no problem! Just trying to avoid hair pulling, as I've lost several strands trying to find the option myself. :)
  11. Huntress + Genie, for sniping and mana dumps.
  12. I can play the SCII Ladder, but I can't succeed at a Tower Defense.... sense... this makes none... Tower Defense games were bread in the xCraft universe my friend, you should have no problem with the micro-management demand that this game brings. with that said, The Squire is actually the most powerful starting class that this game offers. When you get ur bearing you will leave your girlfriend's Huntress in the dust.
  13. Since nightmare is still in 'beta' mode, true progression is found by farming insane survival maps. A few of the people I play with have godly gear sporting 250 upgrades, that does rival some mid to high end mythical level gear.
  14. Reddit is a "social news network." Anyone can sign up and submit links and others get to vote on them. The front page of reddit shows the most popular ones and there's a subreddit for almost any subject you can think of. /enlightened
  15. Card name: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family Display Memory: 1309 MB Dedicated Memory: 64 MB <-- that seems bad lol, is it? To give you an idea of what will run: My laptop has the Radeon HD 6470 (1GB of DDR3 dedicated memory) and it can run the game on medium @ 1366x768, but it's iffy. When I turn Post-Processing off, the game is more managable, but that's still hugely dependant on the amount of enemies on the map. While on low settings, with post-processing off, the game runs very smooth and there's no lag. With your laptop, and specs, the game might run on low, bu
  16. It doesn't have one I don't think... or it's just a basic one... But my cpu is and intel core i3-2310M, both cpus clocked at 2.1 mhz I tried CYRI and it doesn't tell me either. 4gigs of ram and 650gigs of memory to boot. Hm, you're probably running the Intel HD 3000 integrated controller then (or ATI equiv.) I didn't think it was capable of running the Unreal3 Engine at max settings! Man, that it must be pretty beefy. If the laptop was purchased within the last year we can use the price to speculate on what the laptop may be running on. While that is true, speculation is just that
  17. To elloborate on what the others have said, It's recommend to start off with a tower builder (Squire or Apprentice) character first, because they have the ability to block and wall creatures and protect your (or your team's) towers from being destroyed. Both the Squire and Apprentice are also extremely versitale in COOP play as well - you may join a game that already has a good setup and dealing damage with either are acceptable. Additionally, if you do pick the Monk or Huntress first, they'll seem easy, but that's only because the first map has easy choke points to deal with and no Orges (d
  18. Price is irrelvant, we'll need you to post the model and specs of your laptop. Yeah, my sucky laptop can play it, even on max settings, so he should be fine. I'm kind of curious, and if you don't mind me asking... What mobile graphics card is your laptop running?
  19. Also remember that the game is best (by popular belief) played by combining the defenses of all the different characters. While it's not nessecary to combine ALL defenses, it does help to have at least 2 characters. I prefer, Squire / Monk. or Apprentice / Monk.
  20. I can't truthfully speak for the dev team, but I think you guys are getting a glimpse as to why, I believe, we've released Nightmare mode as a beta. We're introducing enemies that are changing the dynamics of how you play Dungeon Defenders, and we're incorporating player feedback to help improve the difficulty so that when it leaves beta, it will hopefully be a polished experience from the beginning. (Remember, not everyone bought the Complete Shards DLC.) Please don't take my initial post the wrong way. Personally, I love being able to beta test and provide feedback. It's just painful
  21. Nightmare is technically in Beta Simply, because of the endless claims of people being 'done.' I wish Trendy would just disable nightmare mode until it's finished. That way, people would have the chance to actually farm the proper godly gear from survival modes, instead of hopping right into 'entry level' Mythical and getting stuck.
  22. I know saving maybe tough with multi-player perhaps. But just save the map, the towers, the wave lvl, layout and such. I would love a save feature as well, but that is extremely tough to implement, especially if it's not already builtin.
  23. Comcast's Internet Service, is fine for hosting games, but as others have stated, if you're hosting games over wireless, that could be your issue. WiFi is crap for gaming WIFI is fine for gaming, but just not hosting games or servers.
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