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  1. Torch Light, in it's current form is near perfection. It's only drawback is it's lack of CO-OP support. I'll probably pick up Torch Light 2 when it launches, because Diablo 3 is starting to wear thin and having experienced Inferno difficulty, it has nothing more to offer.
  2. Also, buy a beard so that you can stroke it from time to time. Best advice evah! Screw DLC, buy a beard! :)
  3. I'll answer my own question for giggles. Call me shallow, but HELL NO! You could be one of the sexiest girl on the planet and I still wouldn't date you during pregnancy. Hell, I have trouble understanding how people without kids, can date someone with kids.
  4. I wouldnt look to a video game full of pre-teens and youngsters for advice. With all do respect, this is an off-topic forum, not a video game. Your statement would obviously hold true if this was posted in the general section. :) And, I'm not looking for advice, I was clearly asking a question (I thought I made that clear.) Furthermore, I would like to think that this community is home to not only very respectable young adults, but also adults as well. (That statement is of course debatable.) This so is your situation.... Clearly too obvious... I would say write to a magazine and wwai
  5. Males: Would you date a lady that was pregnant with another man's child? Ladies: Would you date a guy that has a child on the way with an ex-girlfriend? Now this can be a loaded question, and there are a ton of variables that can sway your answer, but allow me to issue some food for thought. The Guy/Lady is seperated from the other parent, and it's been a few months since their seperation. The Guy/Lady is expecting in the next 4 months. The Guy/Lady is someone that you've connected with in the past few years, hit it off really well, but the timing was just wrong. Basically all of the
  6. Honestly, Heath carried the 2nd movie, and without him it would have been subpar. Also, I'm not really a fan of Christian "Grumble" Bale as Batman either. That said, I will probably see it when it hits the secondary threatres.
  7. I like Dungeon Defenders, because 1) I enjoy playing strategy games with RPG elements. 2) I enjoy COOP games. 3) my friends enjoy COOP games. 4) Its a great gaming value aka replay value. (Hours of fun at a reasonable price.) 5) Its not sugar-coated or watered down. and those are just off the top, I can probably list 20 more reasons with some thought. :)
  8. This! And I believe to know that virtual machines don't support graphic intensive operations such as games very well. It's like trying to run a game over RDP, it's pretty much unplayable. You'll be able to run 2 steam accounts, but you won't be able to play the games.
  9. The answer is no, you cannot run 2 steam accounts on the same machine. Virtualization and Sandboxing are for the person that won't accept no for an answer. An unsupported work around if you will. Just keep in mind that neither methods are meant for gaming, and nor are they supported.
  10. You knuckleheads have to remember the fine print! " until your Inventory is filled up, " I'm going to assume that you can cap out on these tokens as well!
  11. Cool info! I'm just glad Trendy is finally taking a stance on this. I hate working around the system designed by the Dev's. I've never made a mana token. I never cared about tokens, as I don't deal with AFK shops. I'm glad that they were finally able to implement something that will work for everyone though. :)
  12. If you're only using Apprentice Towers, then I can imagine Sharken being a thorn up your bum. In order to effectively clear enemies + Orges, Harpoon + Fireball towers are needed. You essentially have Splash + Pierce working in tandum for massive coverage. You'll also want ensare auras instead of gas traps, and Proxitmity mines. The idea is to slow Sharken down so they come into range and get massacred by the traps. You can sub electric auras, but then you'll need a strength drain incase of immunity. The setup won't stop sharken 100% of the time, but Ensnare Auras + Proxitimity mines are
  13. Just focus on completing Shipwreck Ruins on NMHC, once you can do that your money-making career will begin. Truth. A full run of Shipwreck got me around 400m which doesn't seem better than Magus to me? Time to complete the 14 waves is far better at < 45 minutes per run. However, with Shipwreck the mana doesnt really start to ramp up until wave 11.
  14. The only tokens people will use in about 2 weeks time are 200m tokens. Can you explain why? ( For us uninformed folk! :) )
  15. @Trendy Particle Designer (lol,) I shouldn'I have to wear polarized sunglasses during gameplay to avoid retina meltage.
  16. Hmm, I guess so. I'm going to wait for the 660 to come out and see if that is good in SLI. Then I'm gunna be working my a** off to get my gaming setup done. With 2x660 in SLI, your rig will be a beast - they should outperform a single 680! I know having 2 560Tis in SLI are equivilent to an OC'd 580.
  17. save your personal crusades. First off, saying that its what Trendy intended or didn't intend is really ridiculous. I'm sure they intend their code to be bug free, but it frequently isn't. So what they intend and don't intend is up to debate. All sorts of people make claims about what they intended after the fact to cover things up. You/We can't always verify these claims. You're not going to persuade anyone to think your way, and it's not going to change regardless of what "Trendy intended". I'm sure if their caps of 2 billion and 600 million mana were different, we'd just find anot
  18. Things are getting deleted from your AFK shop? That another story, I thought we were talking about the floor. We are, see below... I came back from an AFK shop session only to find my shop unlocked and all my floor items missing.
  19. And what do you do when you run out of storage in those places? Just stop picking items up forever? NPC good items someone else could make use out of?. If you use the space as intended (not storing items as potental tokens,) you would realize that you have more than enough slots to keep what you need and/or want. You're trying to argue ill-intent, and it won't work. :)
  20. This may not even be happening guys, no need to get your boxers in a bundle. :) I'm referring to the laying of items on the floor in the first place. If you put items on the ground and lock, there shouldn't be an inherent risk of them getting stolen. We get your point, but your point is irrelivant, because of YOUR use of 'the floor.' You're not just dropping and item to pick it up a moment later. You're using the ground to sell/store items beyond the means that you were alotted. You're trying to beat the system, and therefor you are taking a risk in doing so. You have a desginated place
  21. There are a ton of factors that can go into frame rate loss, especially if you have a pretty beefy GPU. A major problematic player can be your hard drive, especially a low RPM drive. These new 'eco-friendly' disks are suspect too, they're probably not designed for gaming. What type of hard drives are you guys using that are having these frame rate problems? (Make/Model?) It's definately on par with a 680 once OC'd. Actually take a look at this segment from Tom's Hardware review of the 670: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-670-review,3200-15.html (Based on that review,) t
  22. I feel no sympathy at all, if this is truly happening. And, perhaps this is the push needed to get players to keep items at the allowed cost. Well the floor IS frequently used for sales, for people who want to sell items that they feel are worth more than 600 million. Lol, Trendy doesn't support selling items by tokens... You take the risk by doing so. :)
  23. Lol, really? I get no FPS drops on a ATI 4250M with stacks of auras. Odd. A 7970 is an option too. Absolutely! That is the direct competition to the 670. :)
  24. I paid $60 for Diablo 3 and I miss every penny. It's got a terrible story that they shovel in your face, all the characters are stupid, and there's like 6 hours of content padded out ad nauseum. Oh, and the graphics are pitiful. I look at D3 as a game for a rainy day, especially when you're board with all your other games.
  25. Desktop - GTX 570 (Never Lags) - Thinking about selling this card and hop into a 670 reference model, to install a better GPU cooler. Laptop - GT 555M (Never Lags) Old Laptop - HD 6470M (Lagged on low.)
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