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  1. Strangely when i did an aqua run earlier (wasnt 93 yet, my 2 summoners were 91+92) i got d/c at wave 25 too. No noticable differance up to 25 tho
  2. I don't like correcting People but if you have 4 ppl teamed vs 100 enemies 1 person soloing would have about 30 This thread is 5+ months old
  3. It must have been the save then, because when i got back on it was negative 125. Is their a way i can put up a picture of it? Are you on console or pc?
  4. are you sure you're not high or something? hes not high, just playing on console. i always thought 125 was a safe number wheni was on console... sorry i cant help.
  5. ಠ_ಠ Sup/Ult pets are the hardest thing to get. In conclusion. Hardest = Pets > Armor > Weapons = Easiest Completely disagree... I got a superior genie from kings game yesterday. It wasnt even that good, its just that the "damage" started at 12k.
  6. (expect 2-3 sup armours per run) Really?.... Anyone got a good build for nm campaign then? I need to switch my farming map
  7. Its all rng.. last night i got trans armor on 14 of aqua, and an ult sword from chest wave 18. If you are looking for trans armor, just use summoners and wichever you feel is easier for you. This is just my opinion of course.
  8. I'd imagine they are all about the same.... All just depends on the RNG
  9. Charge rate would be my guess... The -43 charge can be a big damper in dps.... It should do more damage per fully charged shot, but less dps
  10. Have someone run you thru a survival. Ill probably be doing an aqua run tonight, you are welcome to tag along, i need to level some guys too, so maybe we will start on 1 instead of 18. I think you can get like 60-80mill xp for 1-30, depending on bonuses of course. My sid is in sig.
  11. Deleted?must not have baan a very good story?
  12. Sid= paintolar Saturday http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067883563
  13. Its not the best, but a pretty good trans (imo), and yes, myths/trans can despawn. I believe there would have to be lots of better gear for them to despawn tho. (Not exactly sure what qualifys as better tho, as the thumbs up/down system is very broken)
  14. Looking at those dates/times.... Did you just leave dd running for the past 6 months?
  15. Strange that those exact items were in the items were in the item check thread yesterdy, and you say you baught them today.... Id really hope people arent trading hacked stuff away after learning they are hacked. Makes me sad.
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