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  1. My favorite memories were building all of the Quest DLC, sky city nearly gave me a heart attack. That and voicing the final boss in the middle of the programming room with my sock on the microphone.
  2. Really though, I can't wait to get my hands on the Alpha/Beta of the Co-op. I am going to visit the studio next week and take a peek behind the scenes if they let me. Knowing the guys behind the screens really helps in reassuring me that what they are building in those dark, sexy, talent-filled development rooms is everything I would want in DD2. For those who are on the fence, keep your head up, while the team has been knocked down before, they are stronger than ever and I believe in them. :monk:
  3. I might just be hanging out in a twitch channel somewhere talking about some stuffs...
  4. Negativ on a return. But you can find me if you look around.
  5. Who you calling "not the Tsuda you were looking for" Advertising is against the rules set upon this land by the lady cow Laura.
  6. *whoosh* Tsuda disappears into the wind.
  7. Tsuda has an artifical post count... subtract 10k from it... You rang?
  8. You can remove the water on the rocks if you want by modifying the material.
  9. Great communication. I know people complain here too bout changes, but TE has some of the best 2 way communication I have ever seen from Devs. When will these changes come in to effect? I can not say when the patch will hit as I do not control sending it through Steams backend. I do know that the patch notes should be updated soon if not already to reflect the new stuff and its possible a patch could be tonight.
  10. Could we possibly get another 40 - 60 seconds build time on each wave for the campaign? It just isn't enough the way it is. Sure.
  11. Ive lowered the levels difficulty in the next patch. Through raw data and my experience making tons of DunDef maps can tell you it was easier then Sky City. Still, I have lowered it even more. English fix
  12. * Fixed Enemy Difficulty Scaling on The King's Game, additionally slightly increased the reward quality as a result of the error. So based on this all I am reading here is... if not got x stats : player meet wall, wall meet dumb player falling for the same trendy tricks. Besides as it stands, even though CD is supposed to be easier then aquanos based on statistical evidence (mob hp etc, see statement of Tsuda)... the fact of the matter is that CD is way harder then Aqua. Never said anything about CD. I guess saying other shards maps you included that. I do not mean CD.
  13. Its a tile effect that can only happen once. +10 DU.
  14. Did you know that Sky City mobs are actually easier then Aquanos? Or that Arabia's mobs are harder then all other Shards maps? I know its hard to understand the comparison I am making to Sky City, but you have to trust me when I am only describing the difficulty of the mobs from a pure back end numbers stand point. The map will still be significantly easier than Sky City.
  15. can you PLEASE make it so when you drop something from the forge it doesn't fall of the edge? :( My friend dropped me a item and it fell right into the hole. :( It will land on the deck below :P How much harder will it be? I have gear I farmed mostly from Misty NM and just now am able to get into maybe low 20s into Aqua NM. A several hour run MIGHT give me an upgrade, or might not. Main stats on my characters are around 1500. I found survival a challenge. I had to be active from wave 20 on, and even 5 to 10 seconds of not paying attention to one crystal could be a disaster. I can understand how people with stats of 2500 or more would not find this a challenge, but for those of us who are still trying to crack Aqua wave 30, this map was a VERY nice stepping stone. I know it's hard to put numbers on game playability... but what sort of equipment do you expect people to need to defeat nightmare, and get to 30 survival in it? Right now that seems to be 1500-2000 at least for survival. With the fix it will be...? Thanks for sticking around to be grilled. :) It will have enemies that are nearly as hard as Sky City, however; the general layout of the map and available assists (tiles) will make the map a lot easier in reference to Sky City. I can not say exactly what I would expect people to have for Nightmare because player skill does play a large role in filling the number gap.
  16. Chances are if you are not seeing "anything" come from the box, its just mana being dropped. We have not been able to reproduce a present not yielding a reward/enemy.
  17. Oh, I wish I could hug you right now. I absolutely love this new map, and the drops that come with it. Though I do wish the Increased Jump Height would last a few seconds longer, as it stands now if you jump immediately after getting it you can get 2 high jumps in before it ends. Done. Made it twice as long.
  18. I would like to start off by apologizing on behalf of the team for several problems that arose with this latest bit of content. If you know who I am, I am blunt and to the point. The balance of The King's Game was not working as intended due to a bug in the maps enemy difficulty scaling. After reading through the 20 some odd pages of balance discussion, the thoughts of the community mostly reflected that of what we had intended. The King's Game is meant to be difficult, but not as difficult as the previous maps. Fundamentally, the map is easier even structurally. The rewards are intended to be quite good, but not a joke (no pun intended) to get. We want players who have had trouble clearing some of the previous maps (especially the shards maps) a chance to get that extra push in gear to put them over the hill. In the coming patch we will be increasing the enemy difficulty of the map, but for those having trouble on Nightmare as is, this should not be another brick wall. The quality of the rewards, although good as is, are being very slightly increased as a response to this mistake. Again, I apologize for a botched map difficulty, enjoy the rewards while they are easier to get. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will answer if possible. Please keep this thread civil. :summoner:
  19. Copters Connection Set is directly related to the Connection Set on the Drop-Off point. Set them to the same set and they will work accordingly. For reference I use this scheme: ConSet 0 - Wyvern ConSet 1 - Djinn ConSet 2 - Copter As for the Djinn, Instead of using a note to spawn the enemy, try spawning them on a FlightPathNode instead. Sometimes they have a hard time getting to the start of the network when they do not start literally on top of it. Make sure all FlightPathNodes for Djinn specifically (do not share ConnectionSets across enemy types) are all set to the same value, additionally, even though they do not attack cores, make sure those flight path grids are complex enough to reach all areas of the map including the crystals.
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