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  1. it would be the exact same thing with a different name. what is the point?
  2. I don't see how anything could possibly go wrong
  3. 1. The ability to create and edit a 'blacklist' that will prevent players from joining your games. 2. An interface for keeping track of which players you have removed and allowing them to reenter the game. 3. A 'simplified' damage numbers mode that only displays damage done in user-specified intervals. Example; user sets damage reports to 1 second= all damage done during that second is added and displayed as one number. (removes clutter) 4. Spell/tower effects slider (again, removes clutter) 5. A clickable grid that lists all user constructs and their DU cost. Towers in the grid that a
  4. My experience is that the equipment necessary to clear a challenge is usually better than the reward unless you get some crazy RNG love.
  5. this isn't even a game-breaking glitch. anything beyond 200,000 mana and you will be reset to zero
  6. Surely no one has level 0 mana mules, since you know, you're capped at 2 billion and all and that's almost impossible to get. >_____________________________> stop talking sense
  7. ....they are the numbers between 70 and 74. what is the point of levels 34-37?
  8. What if you're trying to do an insane/nightmare run and someone keeps joining with a level 1 character? You keep kicking him but he keeps coming back. Or some guy is selling all your towers to be an a-hole. You kick him but he keeps coming back. See the problem with that? I guess they could give the host the ability to invite someone back in but it would require work that isn't needed. Like the mod sai I never said, nor implied that the ban should automatically go away. I said that the host should have the power to unban a player. And what are you talking about 'work that isn't needed'?
  9. He bought like 10 staffs, 8 boots, 6 chest pieces, etc... Why would anyone spend 50+ million mana on a bunch of the same stuff unless they're just trying to distribute hacked mana. You have no problem with someone hacking themselves mana and buying out everyones shops just for the fun of it? Of course it could be legit but I doubt it.... Why would somebody hack mana for the sole purpose of distributing it? "Oh yeah oh yeah, I'm gonna hack a ton of mana and eat a VAC ban just so that I can give it all away; eat that, Trendy"
  10. I'm not sure I understand the problem. Do people seriously go around and report people for every little thing that looks even mildly suspicious? Maybe he had just created a new character? Maybe his mana was legit? Maybe people need to stop reporting every little thing like this so that Trendy can focus on fixing real problems. Also, why would cheat and give themselves mana to spend on equipment when they could just as easily create their own superior gear?
  11. for those of you who have trouble comprehending, TC is saying that there should be a way to allow a player back into the room after you have accidentally banned him. For instance, you may ban a lv 70 from your game and then get a steam message saying that he just needed to switch chars to his geared 74. You should be able to let him back into the game, no? Of course, you could just be more careful, but the point is that a ban shouldn't be irreversible.
  12. there is no way that trendy will ban you for using that item. Hell, I doubt very seriously that you would get banned for using a hacked item. there are simply too many floating around where they can get into an unsuspecting players hands, plus the fact that misty items are as bugged as they are.
  13. it seems that most people capable of running nm games do so in private rooms
  14. This would be pretty cool. Create a thread in the suggestions forum
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