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  1. In regards to shadows post , i just grinded out onslaught rds for mine free play hard . Played liferoot freeplay hard on reg boards . Did ogres on nm1 dead road u get 6 , hope that helps . Its a grind though lol
  2. Nm1 Dead road drops 6 ogres total went fast to 80 all ballista build . 1 on wave 2 , 2 on wave 5 , and 3 on final wave
  3. Just got mine and disappointed in cool down of 120 sec , thats just enough time to use it once in a round. Also dps on ability is not high on first evo , but may get better ? Would this be good as squire dps pet , as on any other character may not work with . Thoughts?
  4. Aura placement is key guys . Dont have them to where groups of enemies can bunch up and they dont go down as fast . You can upgrade them fully it doesnt affect how fast they deplete like you would think .
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