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  1. 1. 711 2. New Creature: Ghosts. Can pass through walls/blockades and over pits/lava. Erratic pathing (always in general direction of player or core... which target is pre-determined before spawn) ensures no choke points. 3. New Mode: X2 Difficulty. Double mana (at end of match, not during killing/build phase). Mobs are dual resist mobs (including normal melee on NM level to force thinking outside the box... no more "perfect setup" or "sit back and let your towers do the work" scenarios)
  2. It was my inspiration... I LOVED those guys!
  3. entry1. 427 2. Splitting Ogres: Moves slow, has med HP, when destroyed 2mobs spawn (1/2 size and varying HP pending difficulty). Think of this as the anti-AOE mob. Kill 5-10 of these at once and it can be a real problem. Single target the creature and they fall easy. 3. New Map mode/type: Nighttime. Small area around player is lit. Otherwise dark and map overlay is useless.
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