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  1. Good evening everyone. I'm writting to you because tonight i take a huge decision. I'm exhausted with the endless waves, the Genies locked so high when they unsummon that you know you're fu***ed, death on the last wave because only Dark Elves and Mage are summoning in mix mode, playing a all night to hope for 1 good item, the sharks on low map so you can't get good enough item to farm new maps, telling myself that i don't have to wait for friends to finish this map because it's easier without them... Tonight i'm bored with all this. I'm asking me why am i still playing whereas after a l
  2. Why change a tower defense game into something that it is not?
  3. And this is what cheeses me off,as solo is the only way I want to play this game. According to TE this is a Multiplayer game. Get used to it:)
  4. Dont worry, we will have rational gear progression, accessibility and fun next week.
  5. People tend to forget that there are TWO auction houses in the game. Normal gold oriented and the RMAH. You can not even access the RMAH through the game, must log on through Bnet. Edit-Already scheduled off three days off from work for D3 awesomeness. Stocked up on plenty of Fritos, Hot Pockets, and Mt. Dew.
  6. Does anyone know if Trendy plans to keep adding more DLC after Shard 4 and the summoner? Or is that basically it? If i recall, this is it for the shard pack, then a whole new set of DLCs will come out. New theme. Other note, i notice ALOT of people who are moving onto D3 are saying they are stuck on progression in DD. I am in a similar boat, which is why D3 is looking very appetizing for reasonable character progression.
  7. Personally, i will be playing D3 for it has more character progression, solo ability, accessibility, funner play style, a more rationale difficulty curve, and PHAT LEWTZ! For DD, i loved the strategy of the game up through mid NM, then the time versus reward vs enjoyment drastically decreased. But it did seriously scratch the "Strategy" itch I have.
  8. I completely forgot about that. Yeah, the game might seem impossible unless you have at LEAST a squire or apprentice with a Monk or Huntress. OP, you gotta have at least 2 of them. In other words, you MUST have a tower squire. Apps are optional according to TE.
  9. Krey, I'm curious what maps you're doing this on and what stats you have, because I can only use lightning towers effectively if I can stack them all in one place like in alchemy labs. This is because they don't do a lot of damage and their arching is so random that many are necessary to actually kill sharken or hope that enough towers randomly hit them before they start charging. As an example, with my 1700 tower damage, 4 lightning towers aren't enough to kill sharken consistently even with gas traps at wave 11 on Misty. On another strategic note, a deadly strike/fireball tower combinati
  10. WRONG. 100% WRONG. This game is NOT about solo builds. It's about teamwork. There's a tooltip ingame that clearly states that it's better to combine different class towers for the best builds. Apprentice is not meant to solo. Sure, you can try. But it's not meant to have massive HP with the walls. If you think that using one class for the entire build is good, then you're doing it wrong. It takes high stats to solo-build with squire. And by then, that's not skill. That's cheap tactics. IT takes more skill making a working multi-class setup. Monk auras. Apprentice towers. Huntress traps. Squire
  11. Personally, i despise all of the boss fights. No reason why the fight should take more than 5 minutes. Not like we spent alot of time already just getting to the boss itself.
  12. Back to squire one demonstrating the unviability of Apps if you start suggesting squire towers.
  13. Yeah, and in the exact same gear an apprentice probably has ~40-50k hp... Trying to play this game solo (in nightmare) is laughable. Spend an hour building a defense, and 1 mob hits you and game over.... Remember, you can not play DD solo as an apprentice. Squire is the recommended choice.
  14. Personally i LOVED all of the maps up through Endless Spires (except Servants Quarters). I would gladly pay $$$ for a map pack containing similar maps as long as these maps provide good rewards.
  15. Another potential fix would be instead of having the barricades being moved, to have the barricades "Phased Out" for 5 or more seconds then re-appear. Essentially the same effect but may be easier on the coding.
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