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  1. Yes, I do have this bug as well. My speed is over 30k and no one has higher range on my host. While other friends do have them. Trying to look up a fix, but doesn't seem I can find one.. I'll reply again if I've found something.
  2. I could be a little bug in the game. Did you close and end the game well? (Logging off first and then closing the game, instead of instant closing it)
  3. That's a wonderful guide you have created. Thanks a lot! I'll get more into your tactics. :)
  4. Depending on what kind of Hero you use, Towers are normally more useful to speed level. I have a Countess (level 70) and I use it for both. The hybrid way is something you want to start with, to get more along with the maps you are playing. When you get enough mana and a decent level, you can respec your Hero to put everything again into Tower Stats. In that way you can use a Tower Hero to level another character, which you could use for DPS. If you are playing offline only, then you'll have to try some stats. Because I do not have a lot of experience in soloing the campaign.. Good luck! ;)
  5. Looks great! Except the last picture. I cannot really see it that well, you'd better chose another background colour. ;) It's still awesome though. Keep it up!
  6. Hello everyone! :) I am Araquey. I just registered on the forums and I play a Countress level 70 on Dungeon Defenders. Music is my passion and I like to play a game when I have some spare time. If you want to play with me or just want to have a chat, just send me a message or add me on steam (profile name: Araquey). Ciao! ;)
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