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  1. supporting this topic. Please fix it
  2. seems like pc player have to wait longer because Part2 has to manufractured for the consoles :(
  3. Still amazing :-D http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045452598/screenshot/523779070429781243 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045452598/screenshot/523779070429822924
  4. someone knows when the next big dlc is comming? Part2 i mean?
  5. Dmg is x15 from prepatch nm pet dmg. Not x15 non-nm dmg. U know?
  6. very creative, i like this post alot :) Very funny
  7. Why are you guys complaining. Its a nice dmg boost for us. :) Ty Trendy,really. Now we are not only using guardians in this game, we will use other pets as well. You made them vailible
  8. with godly armor from insane glitter you can easy to endless spire first 2 waves. Grab some myth, win :P
  9. iv found that there is more armor as of late. Now that mix mode functions higher upgrade armor is dropping earlier and the weapon quality is still very poor. This allows for a few pieces of armor per lane (misty) to remain. picked up 3 pages of armor from last nights misty run. 11 of them were 150 to 243^ These pieces were ONLY from the north lane and my 1 chest after each wave. it was a 4 man run. in my runs no one loots any lane except their own. North south east or west After wich wave 180+ armor starts to drop?
  10. are drops better on the map since 7.16? I would like to know it too
  11. Yep,same for me. Because the builder isnt there. Nothing special?!
  12. lol funny NO ONE beat queen solo legit, thats why maybe? but being cheaters like you prevent to know how the legit game works :D *facepalm* Alot people solo queen. Sachatten did it for example for me. I just watched while he did it completly solo. So please dude....go home
  13. Recently iam finding items with all the same stats here an examples Anyone finding them as well?Maybe with even higher stats? Iam just posting this because in te first post is written "All stats are the same (some items.can spawn like this but its very rare and usually the stats are lower)" So, very rare?Iam finding them like every 10 minutes. Here another one ive found a minute ago.
  14. And here it is Genie 91^ SOLD Bid here or buyout 600mil contact me on steam brainzucka
  15. We ha a perfect run yesterday. He is friendly, communicative and he knows what to do to take that damn spiderqueen down. Highly recommended!! brainzucka
  16. Hey guys i want to buy a bossrun on nm to unlock the surv mode. Iam willing to give my whole mana 1.2Bil. I can offer a repair squirle with high resists + app or hunterpet. I can repair and dodge spiders ;) You need -to be trusted (best would be a active forum member) -some kind of prove that you did it -to build the setup ofc Iam giving 600mil befor and 600mil after the run. Contact me in steam brainzucka
  17. I added you in steam(brainzucka). Cant take the boss down. Solo i can take him to 19 mil, but then he change the target and its over. I really would like your help so i can finally so some mm surv :)
  18. Hello Iam selling these pets. Bid or buyout for 400mil each. Feel free to add me in steam: brainzucka Archimedes App Guard SOLD Ty Xabk
  19. Yes survival, try getting a team together it adds hp to the boss but alone for the first time it isnt the easy. would you recommend that i do some surv on es or alchy or something in mm hc nm to gear up? my stats are 600 1500 500 1000 From which wave i can expect better armor then i have?
  20. Probably mistymire as its the only map where i seen forest cutter drop and only map where i seen items drop over the cap. I guess only surv yes?;) Still cant finish the queen. Drop her today to 19mil. Then she changed focus from my tank wall to the towers and it was over
  21. So alright. I've been farming for about 10 hours straight and found a godly forest cutter with 177^. Not really anything special there, right? Well, it has: +411 to health +473 to combat damage +417 to tower damage and -466 to tower range (other stats are within the typical range of +/- 150-300) The thing is, I thought the max any single bonus could be is somewhere in the 300's. After picking this up I realize I'm really not too sure what the max really is. Anyone care to enlighten me on what the max is, for each individual stat bonus on a piece of armor and/or a pet/weapon? w
  22. Great setup, thanks. I'm currently on wave 18 solo with only some very minor tweaks (removed a tower, changed a tower, added str drain + heal aura because I'm clumsy and always need heal aura in HC). My SE crystal is at 68hp tho so pretty sure it's gonna be over at wyvern wave but still good loot. Better than mistymire campain?Any examples?
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