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  1. I had 1750 and I had issues even with buff beams and ensnares.. Even with good stats you need a good strategy
  2. Not required, as ev buff beams scale horribly Scales horribly?
  3. How do u know if a trans or surprm got dropped? Trans=Purple dot on the map Supreme=Golden dot on the map
  4. HC, because if you cannot beat a boss on NM hc he is defenitly not balanced well. Why hc?And whats your stats?Maybe its not possible with yours, but thats not the problem of the kraken,its your problem
  5. does ramp surv even drops items that will improve his stats?
  6. Yes. all 3 fit on a 5 DU beam plus are out of reach from ogres.. its sort tough to place them. Harpoon goes as close to the corner as possible yet far enough from the blockade ogres wont attack Fireball goes against the wall behind the harpoon MM goes between the fireball and crystal. Its a very tight fit. How should one mm handle the left airunits? And you dont have problems with sharks from north?They crushed us
  7. well,lets see when its implemented :)
  8. Completed waves 13 to 30 post shark invasion. Had 0 items pushed or desummoned with the latest build. with alternate build or the overall?
  9. "Reduced the number of enemies on Survival Waves to about Mistymire Forest levels on ALL maps"
  10. Yea loot went down few patches ago ( guess it was the sqirle nerf/fix patch)
  11. Ok I hit wave 30 of Misty and thought why not get my son's account on for extra loot and an extra Giraffe. These have to be the best I have ever seen.. My Giraffe: 245 upgrades Hero: 157 hp, 245 atk, -44 run, 266 cast spd Tower: -69 hp, 273 atk, 274 rng, 291 spd My Son's Giraffe: 168 upgrades Hero: -88 hp, 178 atk, -67 run, 96 cast spd Tower: 263 hp, 292 atk, 208 rng, 312 spd Also picked up some Transcendent Gloves with 320 upgrades and tower stats of 221 / 323 / 322 / 310.. Hit the jackpot tonight. Mixed mode?
  12. Doesn't even have to be pure strat. But its the easy way.
  13. We got killed because spiders webbed the east fireball and harpoon and the airmobs just flew over them and killed the crystal. Any suggestions kandar?
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