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  1. Proposal: Implement a report game function accessible from the list of games. The report should automatically list the game name and the name of the host. It should 2 clicks total: 1 click to report, and 1 click to send a verification. Reason: All too often, there will be games that state something along the lines of "USD for mana or items," which is a clear violation. With the name of the game and the host name, an administrator should be able to determine if the game violates the rules per se (on its face), without checking the items or content of a game. The 2 click system is to redu
  2. Proposal: Disable the hero's shop in public games. By "public," I mean (i) non-private games and (ii) non-afk shop games. By "disable," I mean, do not allow people other than the host to see the items that the host have. Reason: Too often, when I join or look for a game, people are just putting their shops in the regular servers. I do not want to spend 5 minutes looking for a game because I keep joining games, which intend to have shops in them. Effects: This will improve the overall game experience for the average user. This will generally deter shops in public games, limiting the
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