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  1. Since the off hands have been introduced I have been noticing that it is almost impossible to get one on Auto loot because they drop at such a different level to the weapons and armour. I think it would be good to have an Always include option like the one for accessories and pets so that I don't miss out on the hard to find Transcendent off hand when my filters are set to godly for everything else.
  2. I understand that certification for consoles means that quick updates can be a nightmare and I am glad to hear that there will be options for consoles players to earn unique rewards and hopefully provide meaningful feedback and maybe even be involved in testing new content, I just hope we won't be in a cycle constantly catching up to rewards that PC players have already had a chance to earn. I have been following along with episode update news constantly and now I feel in a horrible state of limbo until there is an actual release because the testing and feedback is away from us.
  3. So is there not going to be a consideration for console players who would absolutely love to test this out but have not been provided with a way? We are locked out of a reward through no fault of our own. I mean I have been playing since the game released on Xbox and have been following Episode 1 news avidly so I am disappointed to be left out here.
  4. I don't usually trade with other players and if I do I certainly haven't traded much at one particular time. Ok so today I was doing some token trades. I added the 6 in and went to add another just thinking you can. I noticed it didn't appear in the window for the trade but the item still had the in trade icon in my item box. I figured this was normal and the trade went ahead. The guy gave me my items and he totalled all of mine and me parted ways graciously. Later on I was trading with someone who was asking for 10 token. I put in mana and 7 items which totalled the equivalent of the to
  5. 'Dungeon Defender.exe has stopped working and will have to close' Well I have seen this come up a lot for me over my time playing the game but one that is now like clockwork is this.. When I play Assault on NM everything goes well. If we win... no problems, however if we get the you have 'run out of lives' message then I will get the error message and the game will close without fail. I would like to know how to prevent this issue from occurring in the future. Thanks for any help.
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