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  1. There are a ton of really cool looking models of items in the game. My favorite is the diamond though. Mesmerizing. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Greymere/
  2. Nice. So many great memories to choose from... and over such a long time. I would have to say it would be one of the events (can't even remember the name of it since it was back in 2013) that GOKUPP was our host and we barely beat it. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Greymere/
  3. Contrary to popular opinion, rumors of my demise are overstated. ;)
  4. Note that Frand() has a max of 0.9999 due to some inherent uhm quirks within the native subroutine that the unreal engine uses. And you don't change the values of anything once generated. That crosses the line into hacking and is generally frowned upon by the mobs as unfair to them.
  5. DDDK is based on an older version than the current ranked and any differences you note in probabilities are possibly accurate.
  6. FWIW... based on best rolls by RNG Misty (NMHCMM) wave 16+ Moraggo (NMHCMM) wave 15+ Never did get around to testing Aquanos or Sky but they should also be good... also note that about 6 waves or so past the earliest possible wave - the quality factors get too good and you will see more roll overs than not. I personally have gotten an ult (back when that was the top quality) on wave 20 of Misty. Also as mentioned any ult created gets a check to see if it gets promoted all the way up to ++. Good luck with that. And ymmv. ;)
  7. Huntress standing up through a sunroof of a car shooting her bow at the mob while the squire drives, the mage looks up directions on his gps, and the monk naps in the back seat?
  8. Hai Starfox. You could try drawing one of the DD heroes but with a realistic look instead of the cartoon style they are in game.
  9. The changes mentioned are possible - not sure about going through the DDDK since I use a text editor (code being C++). Making the changes and not breaking the game is another matter. As far as playing the TC, you will be able to by compiling and playing it through the DDDK. Sharing it will be another matter since you can't compile the TC to give another player for them to just play through the game menu. The 'broken' part is that TCs can only be played through the DDDK at this time. If you try to compile for your own run time through the game menu the textures do not get pulled in properly. Also note that the DDDK game files version does not match the current game files - so do not expect to the game to be the same since it is an older version. Other than that it is relatively simple to either copy the sample TC that comes with the DDDK or make a new one and start playing around. Last caveat is that some changes do break the game either from operating or by making it impossible to play. PS: both a new quality level for items and extending the level cap are not trivial projects. Though the level cap could probably be extended to 105 without much pain to players as is - but think of months for leveling at that point due to the scaling.
  10. United States (all but 4 states), Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad, Tobago, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany, and Equatorial Guinea. Mostly for work.
  11. It's all water under the bridge. Finally I've started with the guide 'Who's the best DPS hero on Nightmare?' today. I'm still looking for someone who can give me a 'Monk's Wrench' and a 'Bloodshot Staff' on Open. Both have to be Ultimate and preferably not upgraded. If you are missing a weapon yet then give me a shout. Please keep in mind that this guide will be huge as .... so don't expect a release very soon. First I need to talk about basics and this will take a while. The comparisons of the weapons will take a while as well. Once I've done those comparisons for two or three heroes I'll release it on Steam. Other heroes will added from time to time :) I'll see if I can't add you as a contact. I think I can help you out, but I need to look as I have not been on in a while.
  12. Ranked could never be offline. That would mean having the save file local. Local save file means super easy for hacker to hack and grant themselves all kinds of game breaking stuff which they could then wreck the market with.
  13. There have been quite a few request like that in this thread. I hope they decide to implement something like it for Survival/Pure Strategy at least. 4-6 hours is a long time to be stuck in a game. And then there is the problem of getting disconnected by Steam just when the drops start to get good. Talk about raging! Actually 4 to 6 hours is a lot shorter than what it used to be. Mob counts used to be twice as high and the waves too a lot longer. I remember running Talay all night long. The data security issues involved around a save feature means that it would have to be server side and would eat quite a bit of storage up in addition to some other problems. A long long time ago; in an effort to be helpful I made a suggestion regarding a work around for the save feature in survival (and pure strat). That suggestion was to keep the latest wave cleared as a variable and save it... allowing the player to start from that point with extra mana to compensate for the more difficult start. I had other comments about it that related to game play balancing and not much longer after that suggestion a patch was introduced that allowed players to start from the highest wave cleared. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. Anyway, it used to be that you had to start from wave 8 at the highest and go from there - each and every time you ran survival. The patch allowing you to start from the highest wave cleared is the fix for that without having to add server space and deal with other issues involving security and hacking. anotherengineer - Get someone to help you clear Tav Def on NM. Then run it on pure strat NM which is doable with 1.2k stats. Run from low level to about wave 20 - then rinse and repeat. After wave 20 the xp per minute becomes less attractive. EDIT: here is a listing of XP factors (not including Tinks since this guide predates that map) http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?98113-XP-Factors-by-Map-%2528the-bare-values%2529
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