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  1. Can someone please tell me when the backerkit players are due the rewards as as of yet i still have no rewards and have currently stopped playing the game as it feels like it is quite honestly going down hill but id still like to get the rewards for backing the game incase one day i come back to it. Is anyone else also waiting ? LAst i heard they were waiting for codes to be generated and that was maybe 2 months ago now yet some players (many that i see) have thier codes already.
  2. Thank you, hopefully they are finally sending them out, not had anything as of yet but will continue to wait.
  3. What code isthis ? Is it for being a kickstarter or backerkit player ? Im still waiting for the codes to get rift skin and they said there was a problem generating codes i mean this should be the most basic stuff to do yet this has been delayed and yet the KS players had dtheir codes way back so i feel your frustration but i am curious about this skin or DLC your talking about ?
  4. Been some time now i heard the there was a problem generating codes to give out to the backerkit supporters who paid $60 or so but as of yet i have had nothing and seen reports of other players who had nothing also. Its been quite a while since this was mentioned in the 1.0 update that it will be emailed out within a week but i think its been over a month maybe 6 weeks now and still nothing ?
  5. I heard from a player on reddit that it is delayed again but not sure how or why as the skins and items that we get are all in the game so it would be a simple batch email to all the players who purchased the packs ? The DEVs and community DEV are very quiet now the game has been released so guess they have either had some lay offs or they are just busy with other stuff to read the forums. Lets wait and see but this is pretty sad why we have to wait so long when we also supported the game.
  6. Purcchased the game off your website on Jan 21st 2020 and see in the 1.1 patch notes it states that "Exclusive Kickstarter & Pre-Order costumes*Codes will be sent out within a week of patch, either to BackerKit or via Email*" Please can you give your loyal players an update to this please aas to be quite honest it feels like a kick in the teeth that we paid way more that those on KS and yet we have had to sit in the dark and wait while the KS backers got there codes and skins around 2 months ago now ?
  7. Hi guys I am a vet player here from DD1 and now playing DD2. Have spent alot on this game so far but wanting to know if i can claim a refund due to the game completely not working for me ? I have a bug that will not go away and i ccan not play because of it. No matter what i try the game will not work since 3 weeks ago. I have posted about this on here and reddit but no reply from DEV's or anyone else known how to fix the issue. When i try to join games its telling me error timed out. The very rare occasion i can get in a mission but exiting from the mission i get the error timed out message. The game is not playable in any way for me atm and this issue is ongoing.
  8. Still having this problem as of today and the latest patch. Please can an official comment what is going on here ? I have spent a fair amount of cash already on this game but im unable to play it at the moment despite wanting to play. I'm already down on Wyvern coins and other players also along with not being able to play the carnival.
  9. Hi guys Is it possible to login / transfer my account to PS4 to get the "Grave Danger" costume pack and then take my account back to PC platform ? If not if i do buy the skins on PS4 on a new account would support then be able to transfer them to my PC account ?
  10. Thanks for the reply Smokey Hopefully they can do something about the lost Wyvern coins that could have been gained since the last update also. Shame that the affected players can not earn any at the moment.
  11. Hi all Is anyone else having problems this past week with time out errors ? I can not play this past week since the patch as I'm getting "sorry request times out" error message. The rare occasion i can get in a game but upon completion of the mission it will not take me back to the tavern. I am unable to do any daily quests and can not earn my wyvern tokens I'm working on collecting. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I'm talking about Campaign mode. We can not advance to do throne room as the quest is not completing that allows you to go talk to someone and then start the next mission.
  13. My parter is on the quest of Ramparts, we have completed it 4 times now but it is not completing the quest to progress in the campaign. Is this a known bug at the moment ?
  14. I'd be willing to spend out on this but too much fire and you can not even make out most of the accessories. Unless its changed to make the accessories more visible i will skip on this one.
  15. Damn you guys, every time i try back out you suck me right back in huh :) i read your points and yes are very valid, guess things will change down the road and make it better then i maybe will kick myself for not getting it now and have all that lovely cash stored by for the ingame items. Ok i guess will buy, you talked me into it, cya on the battlefield.
  16. Hi Gutu The social tavern in DDE was a mess, too much chat so many random things going on and so many trolls tbh so really don't like the idea of that. Can understand that they want socialism in the game ect so can see why they would want it in but not my type of thing. Also just reading reviews on steam and see there is no defence range on turrets etc also downscaling if you go to a lower level ... Will be skipping this for now but will keep a lookout for any changes in the near future but im sure some point even if i wait the whole year out until release will be playing this game, until then happy gaming :)
  17. Hi Gutu I don't like the idea of the social hub, was mess in DDE with this at the start so im going to wait and see if they change this so it can all be accessed private from the word go, seems a bit pointless going from 1 tavern to another to finally start a game. They had it perfect in DD1 select private tavern from menu and invite friends and then go to game. Well thank you very much for your answer, you saved me some cash :) Happy defending to those of you playing, hope it turns out good.
  18. Thanks for your answers punisher, will wait for more clarification for 1 & 2 before decide to buy. Hope you can have private tavern and private game mode with 1 friend and that your not forced to have like 3 or 4 player squad with random players.
  19. 1. Do you get your own private tavern or group tavern ? 2. Do you get choice to have open game and private game with say with 1 other friend like 2 player COOP but locked game mode. 3. Is the in game currency introduced yet ? 4. What is the ETA of this game being free to play ? I don't like the thought of spending out and in 2 - 3 weeks or a bit more its released as free to play. Much appreciated for any answers.
  20. Gutu have you ever thought about a job in the sales industry ? I think you would do very well lol :) In all seriousness though, yes i can see your point of view also and will have a long hard think after reading your post so thank you very much, maybe will leave it a day or 2 and see what other people think before finally make up my mind but you persuaded me a little :) Thank you.
  21. My past 10 years gaming history iv been in quite a few closed beta's and alpha's and they have been free. Lets face it here, DDE was bad at start and still has its problems, its like they never truely tested properly before release and it seems to me here they are milking every penny out of people before it goes free, i mean good on them if they can do but then respect gets lost. I dont mind paying for games at all as with my steam games list hitting almost 400 games im no tight fist but honestly you must be blind to see what they are doing here. Im not trying to start a flame war this is just my opinion and i will probably play the game only when its free and i know its not riddled with bugs and false promises and that we dont have to wait another full year before its out of early access like it was meant to be released over a year ago, those false promises and let downs have taught me a tough lesson. Just my 2 cents. Would love some feedback on the game when its out though and will probably check some streams of gameplay :)
  22. So "we" pay to beta test the game and report bugs back to them so they can fix it and we spend money to do this ... Any other game i know in Beta stage or even Alpha will run the game for free to get a large amount of players to report back on the bugs. Give me this choice before DDE came out i possibly would have taken it with the success of DD1 but its been a big sliding slope since and wont stick my hand in my pocket again for something that maybe delayed... I see them give a limited 1 time only DD Council only to give the option of getting it again then it becomes 2nd time only, and now pay to play early access ? Talk about milking the goat. Dont get me wrong here i loved DD1 i played over 2000 hours but something fell apart with this company a while ago. Will see you when its free to play :) Plenty of other games in the meantime to focus on.
  23. So we are paying for a game thats going to be free ? I dont get it, why ?
  24. Is it true that you have to pay for early access ? I mean like anyone cant play from today onwards right or am i wrong ?
  25. Thanks alot guys this will help me get back on track :) Much appreciated.
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