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  1. Under options there is a setting to disable multi-core rendering for machines that don't handle it properly. Make sure that box is NOT ticked off :) Ok thank you, now it seem's to be better, every core are used. Sadly as i can see, crossfire is useless there. In "temple o love" map, if i build 3 aura at the same spot, and looking at them, my graphic card usage go from 70% to 100% and fps from 60 to 40-50. If i activate the crossfire it's the same (2x70% to 2x100% and 60fps to 40-50). So i have two solutions, decrease resolution (from 2560x1440 to 1920*1080 for example) or decrease q
  2. Hi, I have low fps with low GPU usage and high CPU usage on one core only. GPU Usage : (i desactivated the crossfire) Cpu usage : So i think game is slow because a CPU core is fully used. Maybe this is also a reason for game being laggy for other players. Can i do something on my side ? My cpu : i5 2500 GPu : 6870 (enabling the second 6870 doesn't change anything)
  3. Hi, Just to tell you, in french it's the same. With friends, sometimes we were not far from death by laughing so much. Some word doesn't exit ! ^^. Sometimes words look latin : "viva remanente" or maybe spanish. (in real french it's "vies restantes", in english it's "live remaining"). Personally i swithed back to english, because sometimes, i didn't understand :). Example, for a pet you can see that : "This pet throws barrels on his opponents" in translated language it can be like that (in english to let you understand how it can be) : "Barril death turning animal". So it's
  4. sadly this^ I'm still hoping one day in the future they will release a large dlc pack with all of the characters and maybe even the holiday maps for the console. As of now i have quit playing until they do release a new character, the map per dlc just isn't enough to warrant a $4 purchase for this game that only costed like $15 the ratio of content there isn't even 1:12 except for pc it is a bit more than that because they get new characters. I know i got more than my money's worth so don't flame me, but the cost ratio is just way to far off for me to bother with. The deceipt and such was/
  5. But how do you this ? Spawn faster ? This will lead to more mobs on the map -> decrease FPS. This game is made to run very well on low PC, i don't this they will approve this idea. But, if the option was available, for sure i would use it... :)
  6. [QUOTE]Optimisation says that int32 is sufficient for the needs of this aspect of the game.[/QUOTE] It depend ;) For you yes, but for me, i prefer loosing 1 FPS and be able to carry as many mana as i want.
  7. Ok, so start to edit your post, and add this : NM : Nightmare difficulty HC : Hardcore mode UMF : Uber Monster Fest OP : Original posters alt : Extra characters It's all i have from my small knowledge. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  8. Ok, but lets image that with a long it will be 100 times longer to calculate : 0.00001 ms * 100 = 0.001. Still ok... Honestly, this is not the thing that will take too much calculation time. And for the physic calculation, how do you think this work ? Everything is calculated in real time, you have lot's of mana on the floor, and 3 position (XYZ) per gem. And for a resolution like 1920*1200 (2304000 pixels), don't you think the rasterisation process cost lots of time compared to a simple mana counter ? and this to a rate of more than 60 per sec ? If you still think i'm wrong, so use a 32 bit
  9. Ok so just use long instead of integer. 64bits will not decrease anything. It's like saying : "I set my resolution to 1920*1899 instead of 1920*1900, it's really faster !" I think, the real problem is that : At the beginning an integer for mana was enought, but now, with mystical weapon, it's not. So they have to pass from 32bits to a 64bits value, but maybe it's not a simple refactor, and they need time.
  10. Actually we can invest on our pet or equipment. But it could be good to be able to invest on towers. Usually before launching the wave, i would like to fully spend my mana. Investing it in a tower could be good. It would also be possible to increase the number of tower levels. For example, next level is at 2000, invest 1500, then 500 and ok, tower upgraded.
  11. Another possibility is to make some different sort of mana : Blue mana (current mana) and gold mana. 1 gold mana equal 1 billion blue mana. So automatically, when you reach more than 2 billion blue mana, it subtract 1 billion blue mana from your inventory and give you 1 gold mana. An upgrade can cost for example 1 gold mana + 520000 blue mana. So at the end you could have 200 billion gold mana + 1 billion blue mana that would represent currently 200,000,001,000,000 mana. Simply, like the money in wow...
  12. [QUOTE]But yes, it will still make a huge amount of query to trendy servers...[/QUOTE] This sentence implied many things :)
  13. Every time i have a disconnection, it's the fault of steam, not trendy. But i agree, for instance, it's nothing compared to the ressources needed if this thing was made.
  14. Because we can't believe the client side, each new items (when dropped on the floor) should be generated by trendy servers, with a key (a unique identifier, like CD key, but a player don't have to see it). So in order : - A player kill a creature. - On the client side, the item is instantly dropped on the floor, the skin is generated by the host (not trendy servers) - The host ask trendy servers for new items stats. On trendy side, in the database is added a new entry, composed of a unique key and the item stats. Everything is send to the host (then to all the players). With that, w
  15. I agree DozenMarks, play with your friends, if you have. Also, don't forget that on every games there are cheaters, and i'm sure there are (or there will be) in the h&s that you showed us. To conclude, just to know, a friend of me (i play only with friends) gave me a staff that have 240 lvl, is this a cheated weapon ? (he got it by another player). How can you really know if a weapon is cheated ? Some days ago, weapons with 100 lvl seems hacked to me, now i know how to have these, but for this one, can we have it on UMF nightmare ?
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