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  1. Ur preaching to the choir. This has been a long going issue for many players. Odd thing is, I personally do not suffer from these random dc's, and know a few players that don't get it either. Buuut, I have seen many have this issue pretty much since the release of the game. if they didn;t fix it back then, I wouldn't hold ur breath.
  2. If you are out, then why are you still here? They prolly read the forum's with the same hope that many of us do, that this game will get fixed. Not really that much work to quickly browse the forum's. Though, I do not hold my breath. To the OP-Honostly it is entirely up to you, If you were satisfied, go for it, if not, run?
  3. it is simple you don't and can't the only thing you can do is use the item check thread but even that can not tell all the time the only safe way I'm sorry to say is to just not trade the banning and unbanning is at trendys discretion Pretty Much what they said. You may as well pretend that the Trading and AFK shop's do not exist, as this game has no "real" way of preventing other player's from hacking and if you're just a regular joe playing , and don't bother yourself from the mind numbing amount of reading it takes to "accurately" be able to recognize hacked gear, well, ya, it's a
  4. Looks cool. Is it by chance in reference to "MediEvil"?
  5. This game is just so badass...But I also had Torchlight 2 when it came out....decisions kill >.>
  6. Won't. The word is "won't", not "can't" I totally agree, I thought things were on the mend, but alas, it seem's this game is doomed. Trendy got their money, and now they be done with us. So lads and lasses, it is time to move on with the lessons learned. This game almost made it to my "buy my family so we can play together list". I however am just not that cruel to my family >.> Sorry Trendy, i will not be a future customer, hows that saying go...fool me once..
  7. I think, hosts should be able to lock their defenses. Then anyone will be able to summon, but people could only sell their own defenses. Ya...no, If people could only sell their own defenses, you would be stuck with people summoning towers that need not be where they were summoned...and you couldn't remove them? Plus it is alot easier to just have someone sell a tower they are near if you need to free up the DU then to waste time having whomever summoned it sell it. I could imagine a few scenarios where that would just, well, suck. I agree to disliking people sell (or move tower's now) when
  8. I don't play a huntress or ranger myself, but I can agree with this post, I shall bump it for the sake of them all.
  9. Bump this ****. Agreed, a yes from me as well.
  10. I think this would be awesome, I have many weapons that look cool enough, but you eventually have to be stuck with a rather tarded looking weapon because you need the stats, I am definitely in favor of being able to reskin them holmes. definitely!
  11. Definitely the first idea, would suit him very well.
  12. oh yea?!?! one time i got 4 bajillion upgrade junbao from moraggo and everyones all like: and then im all like: then everyone one starts chasing me down like: and i have to run away like :
  13. I like this idea. I'll kick it around a bit. ...And this is why I still play this game :) (Just don't kick it around so much that the idea get's bruised and broken...)
  14. I've concluded that your computer is possessed and there is a simple solution: Hire 2 priests, a short one and a fat one. Perform an Exorcism on it. If that doesn't work, Start offering small animals to the dark computer demons...
  15. Short of having some "must have" effect on the market, and the neat little knockback mentioned above, the cube is rather worthless tbh. Save it though, the market trade value of it, most likely will go up.
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