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  1. Lol truth, maybe 24 is a bit much. But on the lines of tavern and shops, I agree. They could still incorporate it into the finished product. Maybe have a street with shops and bars on it so you can walk up to them and it would give you a list of shops across all servers? Also the devs could add a housing option that would allow you to buy a tavern/house to decorate that others on a guest list could join. And when you want to open up shop you could make it accessible to others. What I want to see is an afk shop that you can leave up while you are out doing a level. That would be neat.
  2. I'm concerned about this OverWorld concept. The appeal of the tavern was that it was YOUR tavern. You could open it. You could close it. You could decorate it and it was easy to link up with friends. An OverWorld basically sounds like a graphical representation of the crystal map chooser. I don't want to have to run across a town to access a different map. I don't mind it so much if they still allow people to have a tavern/shop area of their own. But I would much rather keep the tavern if it comes down to a choice. I also hope that there aren't bosses that require groups of 24. It w
  3. What does crafting offer, then, that a change to the way upgrading items wouldn't? If we removed the levels cap on items and allowed players to continue dumping resources into an item (at ever-increasing costs) until that item's stat caps for its tier were hit, what would the downside be? What do you see crafting adding that the existing system doesn't/can't offer? Okay, I'll start with the unlimited item upgrading. This wouldn't be good for the game because it would make it pointless to pick up new items. Once you drop a very good item and start investing it's much easier and mor
  4. The idea, in my mind, is that any crafting/smithing system in the game ought to give the players a chance to improve their gear in a way that nudges them towards completion. If crafting is straight better than drops (Diablo III) or if drops are always better than crafting, there is little point. crafting/smithing should be a way to round out an item that is almost ideal, or help boost an item closer to perfection. :) They already had the item improvement via upgrading items. To avoid the scenario where either crafting or farming is clearly a better choice I suggested that one set of gear
  5. Well are you talking about socketing or crafting? those are two extremely different things. Crafting means you get loot drops replaced by cruddy raw materials that you then have to craft into makeshift, mediocre gear and to even get to something that MIGHT be worthwhile you have to craft for hours on end. Socketing it just getting gems, upgrading them, and putting them into gear that can hold them. I'm more for that... That's more like D2 and I love D2. I was playing it this whole past week. Lvl 18 barb, Lvl 7 necro, Lvl 35 Necro, Lvl 18 druid... that's what I made this last week... lol
  6. Stash tabs I don't like the sounds of. Maybe if you get the original 250 slots for items and then have to pay for more, that'd be cool but I would hate to only have like 2 tabs of 12 slots each and have to spend $15-$20 just to get 150 more slots. Yea that's not a bad idea. Oh Trendy would have to adapt it of course. They could set up your inventory to hold 200 items and let you pay to add increments of 100. Or they could start your shop with 20-30 item slots and let you pay to unlock more. This gives players who want to invest small advantages, but keeps the game mostly true to itself.
  7. How do they sell this stuff? pay shop in-game or is it on a website? You buy packs of points on the website or through amazon. Then you can purchase the effects or stash tabs in the game with they points you purchased. Works decently well enough.
  8. Trendy would be best off following the Path of Exile model. Path of Exile is a Diablo clone than allowed players to pay for the following... --stash tabs --cosmetic effects --dances --pets that have no buff to the player --T-shirts, stickers, key chains --in beta players could pay to design a unique item or a monster This is the best F2P model I have seen for an item grinder... I actually dumped a hundred dollars into it which is the most I've spent on any game other than Star Wars Galaxies. It requires a loyal core fan base, but seems to be doing very well with between 5-10k player
  9. nope, I don't like crafting. I have never seen any crafting system that gives more beneficial gear than compared to other gear you can get from just doing campaigns, quests, or just a simple grind. Diablo 2 had some decent crafting. Star Wars Galaxies had awesome crafting. This game could easily do armor sets like they did with the original and have one armor set be crafted only. This would be entirely separate from drops and would scale on how much you invested into the NPCs.
  10. A few posts in this thread suggested a subscription model for this game. The subscription model is currently dying in the gaming world. What was popular 10 years ago when WoW came out now seems like an absurd amount to pay... No one want's a game that they feel like they have to play every month to make it worth their money. The Free to Play genre of games has come into existence because companies realized a select few people would spend TONS of money on their game. The reason LoL is so HUGE is because it builds a player's attachment to a character, and allows that person to invest in th
  11. Dungeon Defenders One had crafting. However it was limited to upgrading your items. While this is a perfectly fine system and I enjoyed it immensely I feel there is room for a more detailed crafting system in the game. Rule #1: Don't make things too complicated. I think there should be 2-3 NPC's for this. One would create armor, one would create weapons, and one might train pets. They could make vendor only sets or they could make the same gear found throughout Etheria. I would personally vote for vendor only as it would add another aspect to the item hunt in the game. A vendor
  12. I'd love to have a little badge on each of our hero's with the letter C just like captains on sports teams have. You could even make it small enough that people would have to zoom in to see it. I can just imagine councilors running up to each other and zooming in to see if they were playing with fellow councilors.
  13. Squire and monk got used the most for me. They were pretty much required to complete anything. I bought the Jester but never really used him. Didn't like how he played and he didn't really compliment anything I did.
  14. You would want to subject yourself to half of the population in the game not supporting the company and mooching off of the players who do support the company? You would want to subject yourself to a large player based in which most of them will likely not understand basic game mechanics to play the game effectively cause they spend no time in the game? Now we are back to what is the definition of success. Success is: - Having the funds to pay its employees for their work - Having the funds to cover the cost of the equipment and services needed to run the game - Creating a quality game
  15. F2P Models that allow things to be purchased and have an effect on the gameplay are all about maximizing the profits for the wrong reasons. That is greed and nothing more. It isn't healthy for the company, the game, or us as players. It does no one any good. Would you rather have 10,000,000 play the game and spec an average of $5 or 1,000,000 play the game and purchase the game at $50? Same profit margin. Same game. Same company. Only difference is the method in which the company is paid. I would rather have the 1,000,000 players who paid for the game and likely enjoy the game more are suppo
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