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  1. So it doesnt matter if the boost goes over 40 do that include both rate of the increase and range of the guardian? How about the number of towers that can be boosted can it go over 4? Thanks for answering my questions :)
  2. The reason I thought ut may be hacked was the first two stats (67 and 65) and 98 levels of upgrades were way better then any other stats I've seen on a hunter. Oh well :p. BTW what are the top end stats that you can get on a hunter guardian. Thanks for the reply.
  3. As topic is this hunter guardian hacked? ,thxs
  4. I'm 99% it isn't hacked but just to make sure could guys tell me if this is legit? Also if it is fine what would you recommend to upgrade on it, I transferred my profile to open and spent all my 15 mill on attack (out of curiosity) and managed to get it to 200k (only got to level 80-90ish). Thanks.
  5. I'm new to this game and I bought this item (from a user called callmemike) for a monk that i was going to create, is it hack (more then likely i think it is :( )? ,thxs sorry about the link, forgot to resize the image http://i.imgur.com/upFeE.jpg
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