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  1. Will add them into initial post but would take single cap (TDam) at 8 and double cap (Dam/Hp) at 15. Thanks Cheddah
  2. Free ticket too please SID: Hawsomeic (I think its in sig as well, but not sure)
  3. Picked up my first Ult++ armor the other night and decided I will be auctioning it. End time will be Saturday 2/22 at 6 pm EST. No new bidders will be allowed in the last hour of the auction, and any new bid in the last hour extends it by 30 minutes. If any bid comes in during the added 30 minutes it will extend 30 more minutes to prevent sniping. Buyout = 60 added and completed, sold to rcdm462 Cube = 6 Coal New Event Lamp = 20 Cubes Single Cap TDam Diam = 8 Cubes Double Cap Diam TDam Hp = 15 Possible would take some similar armor in plate or chain as a trade, but not sure. It was IC
  4. No biggy Omm, just need to apparently crack the whip on knocking more lab out. Haha, also bumped.
  5. [[282,hashtags]] Whats invisible and smells like carrots? Rabbit farts. I skipped to 43 too so mkjo can edit his to 42.
  6. Minimum on all to start it off, 22 total if my math is right?
  7. Gonna go ahead and stop this for the time, will try and wade thru what is already in over the weekend.
  8. Making a new post since I am copying Ernie's queue idea - since I was finding it impossible to keep up with all the people requesting. I will take the first name in the queue if they are available, if not will move to second person. All payments will be made prior to starting the runs, if you need references for me upholding this deal I can surely provide some. 1 Cube / 6 Coal = 10 Runs with 4 afk chars For larger orders it will be one extra coal per 10 addition runs, i.e. 20 runs 2 cubes 1 coal, 50 runs 5 cubes 4 coal etc. I am able to keep up with about 100 a day and remain sane it see
  9. Will be running lab all day, have someone lined up for 50 but should be free after about 6 pm EST for more.
  10. S1 : 1 coal Edit: Crap, past end time, does it matter since I wasnt aiming to snipe someone, just poor timing?
  11. Steam ID = Hawsomeic Link = http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055861755
  12. Doing a few atm but I should be able to do another 20 or 30 over the course of the evening. Will add you.
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